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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Joys of the Season

So we were up bright and early on Tuesday, getting ready to take Jacob to another round of GT (Gifted/Talented) testing. This time, he was supposed to go and do a classroom setting thingy. He needed to be at Burgess High School @ 8:30am, with a pencil and colored pens/pencils/crayons. He took the markers. Boy, was that kid tired. He has problems falling/staying asleep at night, and he sure didn't want to get up and go do school stuff. It'll be a rude awakening when Fall rolls around again - hehehe.

The kids and I came back home and relaxed for a little while. I got a WordArt pack designed, and was just about to lay down and take a 30 minute nap when Jake called, and said they were done. Sigh. It just wasn't my day for a nap. We left the house at 10:10am, and were back home by 10:35am. We had a few minutes to change clothes, grab towels, and load up in the truck.

Ayden (11 yrs old) from church was having his b-day party at the pool. It was a good time. Check out little Joe in this pic. He found a poor little butterfly in the water, and tried to save it. He thought it was cute that it would sit on his finger, and not leave. Poor thing coudln't fly, because it was SO wet.

He sat on the bench holding the little butterfly for about 10 minutes.

Towards the end, it started to flex it's wings, and then few away. I was amazed. I thought the little thing was a goner for sure. Way to go, Joe! You saved the little butterfly!!!

Here's Tom, all wet and happy!

And Jimmy in the little pool. The little pool was quite nasty yesterday. Check out the difference in color between the big pool and the kiddy pool. Nasty - hehehe. It didn't stop Jimmy, though!

Eme in the big pool.

Jake in the big pool. He kept going under when I went to find him - hehehe.

And, the mommies went down the slide today. It was pretty fun! Here's Andrea.

And Laurie

And Andrea and I - aren't we cute - LOL

Us in the pool during pool break. Jake had her son and was keeping and eye on Jimmy, so we were able to play for abou 15 minutes. Thanks, Jake!!! Aren't we dorks - LOL!

And me - it's the 2nd time down, cause they didn't get me in the pic the first time - ha!

We left the pool at 1:20pm, and got home at 1:30pm. We had about 25 minutes to change clothes, throw on some shoes, and head out the door to the movie theater. Busy, busy, busy!

Here's Tom in the truck. No A/C, by the way. Dang, it's hot. We just hope we don't have to stop at traffic lights.



Joe - Dang, he's got the BEST eyes!

And me. Oops, my gray is showing - I think it's time to dye it again - ha!

The movie was REALLY good. Definitely going on my BUYING list. X-Men Origins : Wolverine. I really enjoyed it. Eme and Emily (Katy's daughter) went to Hanana Montanna instead. hehehe. I'm glad I picked Wolverine - LOL! I'm a big sci/fi / action movie person. No so much with the tweeny movies - hehehe.

We stopped at Fallas, a discount store, after the movies. It was in the same shopping center. I ended up spending some of my own spending money, and got 2 new shirts. After my 10% military discount, my total was $5.50 or something like that. Not too bad for 2 shirts. One is black/white, and one is red/white. SO cute! I'll have to take pics when I wear them.

By the time I got home, I had a migraine (or the beginnings of one), so I put hot dogs on the inside grill for the kids, and put Jake/Tom in charge of cooking them, took a pill, and went to lay down. Captain America was already home, and was already laying down. He'd eaten too much ruffage (salad - green peppers, to be exact) for lunch, and his stomach was KILLING him. He can't eat raw veggies. Well, raw veggies of any size, that is. One time, he ate a cucumber (without slicing or peeling it), and he thought he was gonna die. Poor thing. Ever since his spleenectomy, when they cut him open, took out his guts, removed the spleen, and pushed it all back inside, things haven't been the same. Food gets caught ALL the time. Poor guy!

I took a little nap, and got up at around 6:20pm. I made dinner, got the kids all situated with activities, and decided to work on my designing for a little while. All in all, it was a GREAT summer day :)

I went looking for a good WordArt saying/quote for WordArt wednesday, and ran across this one. I know what you're thinking. Christmas in July??? No, season doesn't just mean Christmas, silly! Right now, I'm in summer season. And I even made a layout to go with it - ha!

Click HERE to go to scraporchard to download the zip file, and remember, leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Kit: Graham Like the Cracker


Kim said...

That's a beautiful word art today! Thanks for sharing.

Kim said...

The link isn't working to download on scraporchard?

Dawn said...

awww, sweet about Joe and the butterfly!! that grey and growing "old" is the pits hon!! LOL

The Redhead Riter said...

Fun day!!!!

Halfway there...Happy Wednesday!

Ashley said...

Beautiful wordart, Bethany! Thank yu for sharing your WA and your daily stories. You always have me laughing. :)

Lorraine said...

that butterfly story was the sweetest. thanks for sharing that and the wa...I hope you scrap about the butterfly story.