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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Licks of Love

Hey girls! I'm making sure that I set this to prepublish at the right time this time. No more evening posts for me - hehehe. I WILL get this right - LOL!

So, another busy day in the Harty family. I'm beginning to think that that's the only kind of days that we have - hehehe. I was up and going at 7am. Printing off my shopping list, checking it against the food in the cupboards/fridge, dressing myself and kids, and out the door by 8:20ish. We went to the commissary, got out this weeks grocery money in cash (it's a motivation to only buy whats on the list if you go with a set amount of money), and started shopping. Emeline pushed the food cart, and I pushed the cart with the little boys. Tom was old enough to stay home by himself, so he stayed and played computer.

I was so proud of myself at the checkout! We were $15 under budget! 2 weeks in a row - woohoo!!! We hustled home, put the groceries away, changed for the sprinkler park, and headed out again. We got there at about 10:20am. The girls were already there. I tried to be on time - LOL! Just too busy.

The kids played on the bouncy castle things (and water bouncy castle things) until 11am, then got free lunch. Ham/Cheese hoagie sandwiches, watermellon, pork n beans, and milk. Nice, nutritious lunch :) And I didn't even have to cook!

After lunch, we headed off the grass, and into the real sprinkler park. I think that the water park at Biggs field (the one with the shallow pool) ruined this sprinkler park for the kids. They only lasted about 20 minutes before wanting to go home.

Katy and I made plans to go to Goodwill and Walmart when we left, so we loaded the kids up, and headed home. We quickly changed clothes, and headed out again. I talked Katy into driving, since my rig has no AC, and it's over 100. Dang, that's hot!

We went to Goodwill, and I found some SUPER cute shirts. I ended up getting 6. 6 for $24.00 isn't too shabby! I used the rest of our clothing allotment for the month, and $5.00 of my own spending money. I absolutely love them. I'm gonna take pics of me in all of them, and post them for ya tomorrow. Maybe I can think of some clever way to give away a few WordArt packs, too. I'm sure I can think of some way to tie it all in. You know me. Miss clever - hehehe.

Katy got some shorts and a swim suit for her daughter (she's going to camp here pretty soon), and we headed out again. Walmart, this time. I needed some toiletries for Captain America. Dang, that man uses more accessories than a woman - hehehe. Foot powder, nose spray, body wash, floss..... silly boy :)

We loaded back up, and headed home for the final time. Jim and Joe and Eme were in HOG heaven in her van, because it had a DVD player built in. Super fancy for us - hehehe. I could really get used to that. It'd make trips MUCH more enjoyable. Last time we moved cross country as a family (from Oregon to Chicago, I think), we hooked up at TV/VCR combo to the lighter, stuck it inbetween the front 2 seats, and watched Lord of the Rings all across country. Real redneck, I know. That's just how we roll :)

So, got home, designed for a few hours (but REALLY wanted to nap), cooked dinner, did some dishes, checked Facebook, and saw that Adela wanted to do a Girls Night tonight. Woohoo!!! We decided to meet at Katy's house, and play board games. It's now 8:26pm, and as soon as I get this pre-published, I'm heading on over. The little kids are in bed, and Tom is finishing up a movie. Captain America has some work to do tonight, so he's fine on his own. Woohoo for playing ALL DAY LONG! Gotta love that :)

Welp, I have another WordArt Collab with Jen of Graham Like the Cracker, and this time Charmaine, of Wyld Web Designs joined in too! Their kit is called "Lil Fella", and is SO cute! We have a 3 way WordArt blog give away today.

And yes, I'm aware that it's an animal kit. Dogs, to be more specific. hehehe. Did I do ok, considering I'm not a dog (or animal) person??? LOL!

Click HERE to go to Char's blog to pick up her WordArt part.

Click HERE to go to Jen's blog to pick up her WordArt part.

And click on the link below to go to my account to download the ZIP file to get my WordArt :) And remember, leave some love if you like my work!



C1 said...

Very very cute hun!!!!!

Angeljet said...

This is cute and awesome!
You should consider doing this for cats too! Lol, I'm more a cat-lover.

By the way: I love your bloghead!

Carol said...

Love, your work, Bethany - and-d-d I don't know how you squeeze in the time to do this. I'll use this WA for my grandpuppies. I'm waiting for some cat word art now, too! :0)

BriannasScrapper said...

this is sooo cute! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Summer Theme post on Jul. 09, 2009. Thanks again.

xashee's corner said...

CUTE!! Thank you so much for sharing!! :) KUDOS on keeping below your grocery budget too! Have a GREAT evening!

jmutchler said...

Bethany, you are a hoot. So glad that you found Dave Ramsey. You need to get Gizelle intense!!! We were in $51,000 in debt...not including our house and we were able to dig out and be debt free in less than a year.

It is so freeing to know that with my husband getting laid off in a few weeks that we'll be OK for a minimum of a year without him working...hope it doesn't take that long...or he'll be working at McDonald's if he has to!!!

Joy said...

I love dogs.. so cute.. thank you.

Rose said...

I love your new blog header! You are so beautiful in that picture, I love it! And I wish I could stretch a dollar the way you do! 6 shirts for $24?! The last time I bought 6 shirts I'm pretty sure it was over $100! Love the wa too btw :)

Pattycakes said...

Thank you!! :)

Unknown said...

Love your work, Bethany & I love to read about your family adventures. I just wanted to say that I am so proud of you for doing the Dave Ramsey! Hubby & I are on it & it does work.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I feel like I won the lottery finding your website! Love the word art work. Coming from a family of dogs lovers ( I have three) I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. You made my day! Diane

Unknown said...

Thanks for your wonderful work Bethany. I will used it on my pages about Mocka my labrador. sure those kisses are something else hehe

grammadiane said...

I LOVE all your wordart Dear...thank You soooo Much 4 sharing

Kelley said...

Thank you for sharing your talent.

Unknown said...

Love your stuff!

Unknown said...

So cute, love your stuff!

Unknown said...

Love your stuff, so cute. Hard to find dog stuff.