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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Wow, what a whirl wind of a day! It started off at 8am, what I considered at "sleep in" day almost. Jimmy came in and got me up, but the other kids stayed asleep. I'd made extra pancake the night before for dinner, so there was leftover pancakes for breakfast. See, I was thinking ahead - hehehe.

I spent the morning showering (I know, miracle of miracles!), straightening up a bit, and getting Jake's homeschool paperwork in order. I just needed 2 more pieces. A withdrawal form from his old school, and his last report card. I dug around in my papers pile, and found the report card, and went to the school at around 11:15am to get the withdrawal papers. It took forever, because they were in the process of registration, and the computers were bogging down. But, I was home by 11:50am.

We were going over to Andreas house for lunch before the movies. I was bringing the stuff to make Pizzawiches (bread, pasta sauce, shredded cheese & peporroni in the George Forman grill), and super stiff hair gel for Andreas Hair. I wanted to see what it would look like super curly.

Anyway, I got back from the school, and Jimmy was just wailing. He kept crying and saying that he'd got hurt. Jake said that he'd thrown a toy at Eme, so Jacob put him in timeout. It was between 2 barstools. Jim was screwing around, tipped over the barstools, and one landed on his finger. It was a little swollen, but looked fine. As I was gathering up all the stuff I needed for lunch, I put some ice in a baggie and gave it to him to carry around.

We had a lot of fun at Andreas. The kids like the food, the moms at the diet food (Andrea and Katy and Laurie are all doing my diet now), and I super curled Andreas hair. Actually, I just put in the gel and dried it with the hair dryer. It was SO stinkin' cute! I should have taken a picture.

We noticed that Jimmy's finger was swelling a little bit, but not too bad. He was just not touching/moving it too much. Still didn't think much of it. I went over to Katy's (she lives directly behind Andreas - whe jumped the fence) and faxed in our Virtual Academy application. She saved me some serious money. Have you faxed anything recently at a business? They charge you an arm and a leg!!

We left for the movies at 2:00pm, and got there in plenty of time to get a good seat. Ben and Joe sat by each other, Sam and Tom sat by each other, the Mom's sat by each other, and Eric sat by himself - LOL. Jimmy was with us. It's kinda nice to see a movie "without kids". LOL . We saw Night at the Museum II. It was pretty funny. The mom's had all seen it before, but my kids and Andrea's kids hadn't seen it yet. Lots of laughing.

During the movie, Jimmy came and sat on my lap and said that he thought his finger was gonna pop. What? I felt it, and OMGosh it was nasty. He's right. It felt SO full, that I thought it was gonna pop. And it was starting to bruise up. Turning purple. Nasty.

On the way home from the movies, I called Tele-Nurse (and Jim fell asleep) and asked what to do. After 40 minutes on the phone, they said to sleep on it, and call the doctor in the morning. They probably woudn't have an appointment for me (after calling at 6am and waiting on the phone for a LONG time) so I'd have to call back Tele-Nurse (and probably wait on the phone for a LONG time), then they'd send me to the ER. Nice. Not much of a choice.

So, as we started to get home, Jimmy woke up and was screaming. He said it hurt so bad. Right then, I knew I'd be taking him to the ER that night. My poor baby was in pain, and I wanted to rule out fracture. Poor thing!

My boys (Tom, Jake, and Joe) had already set up a sleepover with Andrea's kids, so they stayed, and Eme and Jim and I headed for home. Captain America was there, and after we all had dinner, we went to the ER. Someone had told me that if you wear your military uniform, they see you faster. I don't know that that worked. It still felt like it took forever.

When we first got there, they called us back, took his height, weight, and assessed him. They gave him an ice pack, and told us to wait. It was about an hour before we got called back to our room. A very LONG hour. Captain America was starting to regret coming with us - hehehe.

We were in the room for about 15 minutes, when someone came and got us to take us for xrays. I went with Jimmy, and Captain America stayed in the room with Eme. The guy sat Jimmy down and was getting him situated, when he said "James, you need to hold your hand like this". Jim was SO surprised. "Mom, how does he know my name???!!!" he wanted to know. "It's on your arm band", I tell him. Silly kid.

It was another hour or so after the xrays when the doctor came back in. Maybe even an hour and a half. Captain America slept in the chair most of that time, waking up occassionally to tell the kids that they were being too noisy. He was SO tired after a long day of class. He really needed to be home resting. Not sitting in the ER. Heck, I didn't need to be sitting in the ER either :) I just kept telling myself, "at least you only have 2 kids with you". That kinda helped.

As I was killing time in the room, Jimmy stuck out his tongue at me. I was looking at it, then looked at Eme's. She has a Geographic Tongue like Captain America. I took a pic of my tongue, and of hers. Can you see the pattern on the side of hers? Weird, eh? I wonder which of Captain Americas parents have it too? They say that it runs in families, and more in people who are affected by their environment (allergies, asthma), and 3 times more likey in girls. Anyway, I thought it was interesting.

Yes, I know your life is full now. You've seen a close up of my tongue - ROFL!

When the doctor finally came in, he checked out the finger, said that the xrays looked fine, and prescribed us some Motrin. Army joke - they prescribe Motrin for EVERYTHING! If I hadn't been waiting for 3 hours, I would have found it comical. So, we left, and were home by 10pm-ish. Jimmy and Eme went right to bed, and I sat down to design. I was pretty tired, but managed to get something out.

Well, in light of the evening I had at the ER, I thought that this WordArt would be appropriate. I know it wasn't broke, but I thought it was for a while there. Poor little guy. Click HERE to go to Scraporchard to download the zip file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!


xashee's corner said...

i am sooooooooo GLAD his finger is not broke!! what a scare he had with it!
Thank you so much for sharing your FUN wordart!!
Have a WONDERFUL day! :D

tzigane said...

thanks for the word art! love your work!

my son has geographic tongue too! however i don't have any good pictures of it (have tried SO many times!) but that is mainly beacuse he is only 1 and not too good at taking direction yet!

jmutchler said...

Oh...I want in on your diet! Tell me...tell me what you are doing.

I'm so glad that nothing serious was wrong with Jimmy's finger!!!

BTW...we went through David Ramsey's plan and we got out of $51,000 of debt (not including our house) in less than a year and it was wonderful! Keep up the good work.

Lois B said...

Er is not my favourite place to go either. Happy his finger wasn't broken though.

What font is that you used for Break?

Neat the way it is broken.

a said...

Hey girl! Just so you know, I always include the name of the fonts inside the WordArt Wednesday download :) The font for Break is Landspeed Record. I just happen to know that one off the top of my head. Pathetic, I know - hehehe