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Friday, August 28, 2009

Little Smart Mouth

Woohoo!!! New stuff for the week! Click HERE to go to Scraporchard to pick up my new stuff this week. AND, next week, I have a special treat for you all! Another Grab Bag!! I just know you'll LOVE it :) At least, please pretend that you do. I don't know if I could take your rejection - sniff. sniff. You love me, right???

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Well, it was only day 4 of the homeschooling thing, and DANG it was a hard one. 2 1/2 hours to do a math lesson. That child. I really wish I knew how to help him "get" it. Know what I mean. He needed help on every question. Sigh. Hopefully Friday will be a better day. Pray for me :) hehehe.

We did math, then English, then Science. Then, we headed off to the pool. Jake, Jim, and I had the whole pool to ourselves. There were only a few other people there. Jim was SO sad that there was no one to play with. We only stayed for an hour, but Jake got to count it as PE. So it was all good.

When we got back, Jake worked on Art, and Jimmy and I went in his room and watched a movie. Well, I designed. I got 2 WordArt packs for my Grab Bag, and most of a 2010 Calendar pack designed. It's all coming together nicely.

At 3, I headed up to the school to pick up my 3 kids, and 2 other kids who I was gonna babysit for an hour. Their dad is in Iraq, and their mom had a Dr.'s appointment. I was more than happy to help.

Joe and Eme figured out how to meet me in the back by the Ft. Bliss gate, but Tom couldn't figure it out. They all 3 got the same note, but Tom swears his was different. Um, yeah, no. I photocopied the note and gave them each one. It said meet your siblings by the back gate. Not by the tree in the front of the school. That was where they were supposed to meet the first few days, before I found a better place to meet. Oh well. We were only 15 minutes late getting back home.

I made Mac N Cheese with cut up Hot Dogs (I know, I'm gourmet) for the kids for dinner/snack, and let them play for a bit.

The mom, Kayley, came to pick up the kids at 4:30pm ish, and Captain America got home at around 5pm. Early for him! We quickly ate dinner, and headed up to the school for Open House. We talked with Joe's teacher, and asked what we could do to help him out in 1st Grade. He's a bit behind. Poor guy.

Then, we went to Tom's teachers room, and she was already talking to the group of parents about the 4th grade class. He should do fine in class. He's such a smart kid :)

Next, it was Eme's turn. Her teacher only had such positive things to say about her. She said that she needed to bring something to do in class, because she's SO far ahead. Like crossword puzzles, word finds, a book, something entertaining to do. Good job, Eme!

Next, we hustled away from the school, and to the Ft. Bliss movie theater. Harry Potter #6 was playing, and it's only $0.99 a person. The kids were SO excited. Jake and Tom have read the books, and we've all seen all the movies.

As we were coming into the theater, we say Andrea and her family. They came to see Harry Potter too! What are the odds.

When you purchase movie tickets, you can get a little card punched, and when it's filled, you get free popcorn and a drink. The way I counted, with the 6 tickets purchased, I should be 1 shy of a free popcorn/soda. WELL, it was double points day, so we got a card filled, and 1/2 of another one. SWEET! My kids were totally excited.

During the previews, a friend from Captain Americas Army school came in and sat near us. All kinds of friends at the movies - hehehe.

Jimmy fell asleep after about 30 minutes. On my lap. I was freezing, so I just LOVED to snuggle with the little heater, but OMGosh. I forgot that the child snores. LOUD. So loud that the guys 3 seats away looked over and started laughing. I didn't notice it as bad during the action scenes, but during the quiet scenes. How embarassing - LOL!

My butt was SO sore by the time the movie was over. See, I have a dumb tailbone. Ask my friends. They've felt it. It sticks out WAY more than any normal person. Seriously. It's kinda gross. I need a donut, I think. Ha! Anyway, with me sitting in the theater seat for 2 plus hours, then add a 50 lb child to the mix. Dang! It's still not feeling terribly well :) I'm just a freak , i guess - ROFL!

We got home at almost 10pm, and I hurried the kids off to bed. They're gonna be TIRED tomorrow. Oh well. We don't do that often, and they'll remember the time that Mom and Dad both took them all out to see Harry Potter. We were creating memories :) At least that's what I'm telling myself - hehehe.

Jim and Joe were out within 3 minutes of being put to bed. I went in my room to design/blog, Captain America went to his office, and I started watching My Fair Lady. I'd seen it once before, but it had been a VERY long time. What a nice movie. I got to the part where the dad was signing "With a Little Bit of Luck". Now it's gonna be stuck in my head all night long - hehehe. I thought it was funny how she kept saying "I'm a good girl, I am". ROFL! Hopefully I get to finish it here soon. I had to turn it off when Captain America came to bed. Early riser, that one - hehehe. Such is the life of a soldier :)

Captain Americas really excited about getting done with class. It's officially over on September 18th. But there's only like 9 more classes left. Not that he's counting or anything. We also found out that we get 10 days off between class and his assignment to get settled. We're gonna try and take some of that time and go to Sea World. Apparently you can get free military tickets. My friend Laurie went during the summer. I'll have to ask her all the details. It sounds like a lot of fun. I think it's in the San Antonio area. Any of you live near there???

And finally, one of my blog readers made up some Twilight Bookmarks, and used a few of my WordArts in them. She's giving them away on her blog, if you wanna check them out. They're pretty cool :) Click HERE to go to her blog and see :)

So, my mom sent this saying to me, without a lot of explanation. I was like, "What the heck??". Then I realized what it was. It was a saying by "The Pioneer Woman". You all know who she is, right? My mom blog stalks her. I've seen her site before, and thought it was wonderful. She takes fabulous photos, has fun stories, and good recipes. Anyway, apparently this is a quote from her. And, because it was my mom asking, here it is. Not sure what I think of the quote, but I thought that the WordArt was darling - hehehe.

Click HERE to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!


Gail said...

Hey girl! Great wordart this week, but...popsicle is misspelled. Maybe you caught it before you put it i your shop, but just in case...

Mari said...

I took advantage of that great SeaWorld deal in San Antonio last year. It was so much fun. If you want to get the kids a small souvenier, we went to one of their fast food areas and the kids meal came in this awesome Shamu case. My son uses that case all the time and his little friends at daycare were so jealous. :) Have fun!

Kim said...

Love it - perfect for my youngest son!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Page 9 post on Aug. 28, 2009. Thanks again.

Bethany said...

Hey Gail! Thanks for the good eyes :) Everyone else (all 14 of my CT girls) somehow managed to miss it... Dang! Thanks for catching it before I'd sold too many :) You're a lifesaver!

Binty said...

thanks for mentioning the bookmarks. :).. u are awesome. hopefully some more twi-fans will come and check it out :).
today's WA is really cool, love it :) thanks for sharing :)

Rose said...

OMGosh I love Pioneer Woman! Her posts are poignant, and funny and I love her photography. Her sense of humour is awesome. Thanks for the WA, I love it!

Missy's Moments said...

First of all....I love the new header picture! You guys look great! Second...the quote today could be used for all the men in my family! My hubby and I use "butthead" affectionately for each other...=) Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 28 Aug [LA 07:00pm, NY 09:00pm] - 29 Aug [UK 02:00am, OZ 12:00pm] ).

Pattycakes said...

Love this wordart........Thank you!! :)