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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


First off, I just wanna say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little sister, Madi!!! She's 24 today!!! Love ya, sis, and hope your day is FANTABULOUS! Make that hubby of yours take you out to dinner or something! You deserve it!!!

I went walking yesterday morning! Woohoo for me :) What a great way to start my monday - ha! After the girls and I got back, I needed to go to the thrift store and the mall. I talked Andrea and Laurie into coming with me. Because, you know, it's always more fun to go shopping with the girls then by yourself. hehehe.

At the thrift store, I found a Metallica (fan of) shirt for Jake for fifty cents, a shirt for Eme for a dollar, a dress for her for a dollar also, a shirt for me for $3.00, a quarter Wiggle VHS for Jimmy, and a car for him. I spent under six bucks. Not bad :) I just LOVE thrift stores in general. I'm always looking for a deal.

Next, we drove to the mall. Captain America needed his special vitamins. And I don't know why he doesn't like GNC. He's gotta have Vitamin World. Probably because there's a GNC on post in the PX, and that would be WAY too easy - LOL! I love you, though, honey, and I'll drive across town for you!

Andrea had decided to sit in the car and wait with the kids while Laurie and I quickly ran to the vitamin store. SO, when we were done, we got Chick-Fil-A for Andrea as a surprise. I got McDonalds for my kids too. Me? I got myself a large soda.

We hurried home, because i had a dentist appointment at 1:00pm. We got home at 12;45pm. I was cutting it close, but made it to the dentist on time.

The guy cleaned my teeth, and gave me a polish and a fluoride treatment. I'm so embarassed to admit that it's been 3-5 years since I've had my teeth cleaned. Actually, he said that my plaque build up wasn't bad at all. Amazing. I wonder if it's the yogurt (plain, fat free) that I eat EVERY day for breakfast. I heard that yogurt is good on your teeth. huh?

Anyway, I sat forever after that waiting for the dentist to come in. I seriously thought that I was gonna have an accident I had to go to the bathroom so bad. After waiting for 20 minutes, someone came in the room to get something, and I asked where the bathroom was. After that the wait was just fine - LOL I had my Dan Brown book, and was perfectly content to wait.

The dentist checked out my teeth, and sent someone else in to explain what needed to be done. OMGosh, I had SO many cavities. Seriously, like 8 or 9 of them. And, technically, my insurance pays for silver fillings in the back. BUT, most dentists won't do the silver fillings anymore. They wanna do the white ones. SO, my insurance makes me pay the difference. That's $26 out of pocket. Not bad if you have 1 or 2 fillings. But 8 or 9. Dang, that adds up. THEN, I need 2 crowns. That's about $350 out of pocket. A few other things, and my total cost would be $1096. Part of the reason it was so high is because at some point, my yearly cap will run out. I only get $1200 a year in payouts.

I think what I'm gonna do is get the one crown that REALLY needs done, and maybe a few of the fillings. Maybe. Then, I'll wait until the insurance resets in February, and get some more done. I only set aside $35 a month for the dentist. I'm thinking that I'm gonna need to reevaluate that. Sigh. I really don't wanna tap into my small savings that I have. It's taken me SO long to get it..... But then, I don't want all my teeth to rot out of my head either . hehehe.

I got home from the dentist at 2:45ish, and helped Jake with his math. Jimmy was watching Scooby Doo - Pirates Ahoy. He just LOVES that show. Since we moved the TV stand back to the living room, I've set back up the DVD player. They were trashing all the DVD's in the little boys' room, but now that it's in the living room, the DVD player is back.

I made hash browns, eggs, and sausage for dinner, and read 2 more chapters of the Hunger Games to the kids. Only one more chapter left to go! OK girls, who's gonna borrow it first - LOL! It's SUCH a good read. I really like it! We did chores, and did homework, then had free time for a while. I cleaned my bathroom (Captain America about had a heart attack when he walked in because the sinks were cleared of clutter - LOL) too.

Did you know that Muse has a new album? It's REALLY good. I so like them, and didn't realize that they had a new album out. People really oughta tell me these things - hehehe.

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More of Mom's Special Moments said...

Wow look at this, your mother is first! Whats wrong here?? :) I did know that Muse had a new album out, they are Glenn Becks FAVORITE new group! Go figure. . and I blogged about Madi too! HA, great minds. . can't wait to see eveyone soon. . and eat a Chick a flic thing. .