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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Well, the day was so long today, it kinda feels like it's been 2 days since I blogged. hehehe.

Started off bright and early when my alarm went off at 7am. Good thing I went to bed and midnight last night, and not later. Cause less than 7 hours, and it's not good.

Not that 7 hours felt all that great. Maybe it's just that for all of spring break, I've been getting up at 8:30-10am. So 7 felt REALLY early. I know, I'm spoiled. But hey, it took a LOT of years to get kids old enough to fend on their own in the mornings. Believe me!

SO, I was up at 7am, got breakfast ready, got ready enough for grocery shopping, and got the kids up. Yeah, it was a total shame to have to wake them up. Jim and Joe were still sound asleep. Eme was at least just dozing in her bed. Not sound asleep.

As a protest against having to go shopping with all my kids, I decided to go in my jammies. hehehe. I had on a blue boy scout camp tshirt, my white zip up hoodie, a tan bandana, no make up, my old navy jammie pants, white socks, and flip flops. Oh yea, I was hot. With the 3 kids in tow, it just completed the look :) hehehe.

Cause remember, Jake was at a Boy Scout winter campout, and Tom was spending the night at Grants house. So I had Eme and Joe and Jim. Oh the joy!

We got there, got the cash we needed (Joe was SO impressed with the pile of $20's that came out of the ATM - hehehe. It's takes a TON of money to feed my family for the week. I always take out $200 on shopping day. That's what I have to spend. Today's total bill was $199.36. Can't get much closer than that :)

The kids did ok on the trip. Joe and Jim were in the cart with the "car" and the steering wheel. I was pulling that one, and pushing my regular cart with the groceries. Eme was either helping push or pull. It was a madhouse.

The bagger I got wasn't the best. When loading the truck, he put the bread in the back. I saved 2 of the bags, but missed a 3rd one. It was squished under all the other groceries. Most of the time, though, they do a great job......

So we drove home, and it was just a bit before 9am. The little kids helped me carry in all the groceries (I'm missing Jacob more and more each day....), and I put everything away.

At around 10am, Danielle called and asked if we wanted to come over and play. We'd talked about it yesterday, so the kids threw on some shoes, and we headed over. We walked down to their neighborhood park, and played for a few hours. She's a fun friend!

At 12:50pm, we headed home. Rushed. Jimmy had an appointment for his rash at 1:20pm, but we needed to be there early.

So we went home, went to the bathroom, put underware on Jim (because the child keeps forgetting/purposefully leaving them off, when he gets dressed. Just the sweats. Sigh. I'm NOT bringing my child to the doctor without underware....again. hehehe.

We got to the appointment 1 minute before it started, but we were good. They looked at the rash on Jimmys arm, and perscribed him some creams. An antifungal, and a steriod of sorts. They said come back in 3 weeks if nothing has changed. Okeydokey.

Also, I had them look at the wart on his finger. It took FOREVER to find the liquid nitrogen, but then they came back and froze it off. He screamed. Apparently, it's just supposed to be cold, but Jimmy didn't get the memo. Poor baby. Luckily I had a bandaid in my purse, because, you know, bandaids make EVERYTHING feel better...

So when the doctor was back in, I asked him about the plantar warts on my feet, and how the appointment line wouldn't get me an appointment. So he filled out a little card for me, and told me to take it back up to the front desk, an said that they'd give me one. Sweet!

SO, we went to the pharmacy, then to the front, and I got an appointment for beginning of April. Better than nothing, right. My poor feet....

We came home, and relaxed for a little while. About 10 minutes later, Joe's friend Daniel came over to play. His big brother had walked him over to see if Joe was busy. The 3 little boys, Joe, Daniel, and Jim, too turns playing on the Wii. They took turns. 2 would play for 10 minutes, then they'd switch out. So each kid got to play for 20 minutes, then 10 minutes out. It worked pretty good.

He stayed for about an hour, and his brother came to get him. I sat down and watched a few episodes of Lost, finally getting all caught up again. The internet is a lovely thing. Thank you, stations, for putting your programing online. You make me happy :)

Kayley (Leighs daughter) asked Eme to come and spend the night next door, and Tom came home from Grants house (he had a FABULOUS time). I stood outside and chatted with Becky (Grants mom), and Leigh, for about 30 minutes when Becky dropped Tom off. I'm missing girl interaction, I think.

After Becky left, Leigh and I took the kids and went to the park. Andrea even came down and met us there for a few minutes. Seriously, I though she'd dropped off the face of the earth - hehehe. Baby was there, and had the most DARLING hair cut! And her father in law was there too. They're visiting for the month.

So we chatted until the wind started to blow SO hard that the kids started to shiver. So we walked home. Andrea wanted to borrow a movie, so she came to my house, and we chatted outside on the front step for a while longer. But then even more wind came, and started blowing TONS of dirt on us, so she went home - LOL!

I watched another episode of Lost, and then noticed that Joe and Jim had BOTH fallen asleep on the floor watching a movie. Tom and I carried them to bed (it was about 8:30pm), and then I had Tom go to bed.

I watched a movie in my room, and then got a call around 10:20pm from the Scout leader saying that they troop had decided to come home a day early, because bad weather was setting in. SO, I needed to go and pick up Jake. Across town.

So I went and got him from the leaders house, and hurried home. He'd had a TON of fun on the trip. But may have sprained his ankle. So it would have been more fun if that hadn't happened. I helped him unload his gear, got him his toiletry bag, and sent him to shower, and straight to bed. It was 11:30pm before he was in bed.

Oh yeah, I hadn't seen Captain America since lunchtime, because he had to work late, then was on "Bar Duty", or something like that. Apparently, the officers have to take turns going to the bars on Friday nights, and making sure their soldiers are behaving. Or something like that. He had to go, starting at 9am, and ending at 2pm. So much for hanging with the hubby. Good thing we went out on Thursday night, eh?

So anyway, since my babysitter was back, and since my husband was gone, and everyone was asleep, I decided to go with my friend to Walmart at midnight to get the New Moon DVD! Hilary from church, and her friend Julie from her husbands unit. SUCH fun girls.

We walked in the store, and there was a line at the front of the store. And it went ALL the way to the back of the store, then went to the middle of the store (layaway). Yeah, we were there FOREVER, but it was fun to chat with the girls. It was slow moving, because you had to pay for it, not just grab it and take it to the front.

But we chatted about army posts, and kids, and husbands, and church, and friends, and EVERYTHING. It really was a fun time.

We finally got to the front of the line about 2am. Then we still had to go to the front of the store and pay for Julies stuff. So another line to wait in. But that just meant more chatting...

I was back on post at 2:40am, and sat down to blog. Captain America was already home and snoring. hehehe. I noticed that Andrea was online (yeah, WHY was she up - hehehe), so we facebooked chatted for a while. And here it is, 3:21, and I'm about done blogging, but still need a freebee for tomorrow.

If it had a TON of errors, you know why. Because my day was WAY too long..... WAY.....

Seriously? I know, it's supposed to be a "Second Chance Saturday" thing. But you know what? It's 3:30ish. And this is only 1 word, and spell check said it was right. So I'm gonna quit while I'm ahead. Cause you ALL know what happens when I design after midnight...

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

box.net - Link now the right file - hehehe - sorry :)
See the new packaging? You like? Gives me a lot more space to work with, right???


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave.com in the DigiFree category today [20 Mar 12:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 7 post on Mar. 20, 2010. Thanks again.

Sharon-shutterbug said...

Thanks for the freebie. I have to say, I don't like the new packaging as much. I'm missing those apples, especially - they really brightened up the whole thing, especially since your word art is usually just black/white.

a said...

I know, I liked the old packaging too. BUT, it looks fantabulous with everyone elses products.....

Anonymous said...

Oh no .. miss the apples.. liked the older package .. like waaaay better. lol ;)


Katherine said...

Download is image on page, not just wordart.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!