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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Breeze

Hey peeps! GUESS WHAT???? Captain America is home for R&R!!! 2 weeks of marital bliss!!!! hehe :) Anyway, let me get to my day :)

I woke up at 5:20am, because Jake told me last night that we were late for Seminary, and we needed to get going sooner. OK, Jake! Will do :) So we got up a little earlier, left 10 minutes earlier, went and got gas, then headed to church. And he made it with 1 minute to spare.

And I played on facebook for a little while on my phone, then I napped the rest of the time. hehe. I was sleepy.

We headed back to post at 6:40am, and there was a wreck on the way, so traffic was moving very slowly. But we made it home eventually. We said family prayer, and got Tom off to the bus. I helped Joe and Jim get ready, then Eme and Joe and Jim and I headed to the bus stop. Jake was still at home getting ready.

I hung with Amanda and Crystal, then headed back home after the bus left. Jake got on the bus at 8am, and I hopped in the shower. And spent a TON of time fixing my hair afterwords. I wanted it to be FABULOuS for Captain America. hehe. It took FOREVER, but I got it all straightened, and I liked how it looked!

Kari and I were texting back and forth all morning, and she told me about a SUPER rude woman at the bus stop that stormed on the bus and demaned to know which parent belonged to Leo. And how Leo had slapped her son, and what was Kari gonna do about it. Sigh. Leo is not one to start fights unprovoked.

Anyway, she explained how rude the woman was, and how unreasonable she was being. Like there was anything Kari could do about it while Leo was off at school, anyway. She'd need to talk with him and get his side of the story. But the woman kept going on and on about how Leo slapped her son, and what was Kari gonna do about it. Sorry, Kari! We'll "get" her for ya! hehe.

Anyway, at 9:15ish, I headed out to the doctor. I was gonna go ask about migraine meds today. I'd done a little research online for Topomax, and the side effects didn't sound too good. I didn't wanna lose all of my hair! Or being in a daze all day. I've got attention issues as it is! hehe.

I needed a fix before the doctor. hehe.

I got the the doctors office, and my phone freaked out and died. It was fully charged, but it died, and I couldn't get it to turn on. Freakin' phone! NOT what I needed today! Anyway, I eventually got called back for my turn, and I absolutely LOVED the doctor. She was pretty cool.

You know, I always thought that I was shy. I know I've told you this before. Well, I'm not now. Not at all. And I like to hear myself talk, I think. And I wanna share with EVERYONE everything. hehe. I found myself talking over the doctor, just to get a story out. ROFL! I have problems. hehe. She was cool, though, and laughed at my jokes. So I'll keep her :)

She explained that different people react differently to Topomax, and that it probably wouldn't have the weight loss side effect for me. And the other side effects negatively outweighed the benefits. She thought that if I upped my dose of prozac, that my migraines would go down. And what about the weight gain? She said to just stop eating so much. ROFL! I don't know why I thought it was so funny at the time. LOL!

Anyway, I asked if she'd send all the prescriptions (Imitrex, Prozac, and a refill of Ambien) to the TMC pharmacy, and she said that they were supposed to go to the main post PX. I asked if she'd try it anyway, just so I'd save a stop. hehe. So she did.

I finished up with her, then headed out to the main desk. And I was next in line for meds. HOLY CRAP! That never happens. Seriously. hehe. I got all my meds, plus a few over the counter things (for free), and I headed back towards the neighborhood.

And of course, since my phone wasn't working, I had no way to get ahold of my peeps. So I just stopped by Amanda's house. She got ready, and she and I headed to Verizon. Because not having a phone today was NOT acceptable!

I drove, and we headed over to Verizon. I put my name on the waiting list, and the dude asked me real fast what my problem was. I said that my iPhone shut off and I couldn't get it on, so he held the top lock button, and the home button, for about 15 seconds, and it started back up! I knew there was a trick to it, but I couldn't remember what it was. And it was as easy as that. Phone fixed. I didn't even have to wait in line. Sa-weet!!!

We decided to drive a few blocks over and check Office Depot and see if they had any spiral bound notebooks (I know, I know...), but they were out. The manager there said that they wouldn't get anymore, either. Sigh. I guess we can get off of the spiral bound notebook kick. If you don't get them 3 weeks before school starts, then you don't get any...

And we went to Big Lots, right next door. Cause I love Big Lots. Check out this cool table set there. It was big enough to comfortably set 5-6 at. IT was a BIG round table with a lazy susan in the middle.

We grabbed some snacks, and I found some clerance hair gel for Jake, and we paid, and headed home. We didn't really need anything, we were just out and about, you know. We stopped at Howdys on the way home, and grabbed a 52 oz soda (they discontinued the 64 oz-er...), and back to post we headed.

I dropped Amanda off at her house, and went home to clean up a bit. I decided that I could either wear myself out cleaning today, or do the minimum, and still have energy to be happy when Captain America got home. I went for the minimal cleaning. hehe.

Terra stopped by on the way home from the gym, and found these flowers on my doorstep! My husband rocks, you know!

I straightened up in the kitchen, swept really good, rearranged in the living room a little bit, and called it good. It looked passable. I loaded up in my car, and headed to Amandas house. We were gonna meet the girls at Cattle Baron for lunch!

Here's me, singing all the way to Amandas house (yeah, she's like 4 blocks away...)

Amanda and Kari and Terra and Maggie and Hannah and I all went to Cattle Baron. I was SO nervous/excited/anxious for Captain America to come, that I didn't wanna eat real lunch. They have a GREAT salad bar, but I didn't think I could handle it. So I just ordered dessert. Rofl!
Isn't Maggie GORGEOUS!
Hannah. She and Maggie got a Mud Pie to share.
Amanda and I. Yeah, I SO needed my man to come home. hehe. Hey, you can see my nose bump in this picture, huh Maddie! hehe ;)
Kari and Terra trying to hide from the picture...
I decided to stick with water today :)
We were done eating about 3pm, and loaded up, and headed back to post. We dropped Kari off at her house, and her neighbors had their moving truck there. And were putting this AWESOME fan out in the trash. Whaaaat? I said I wanted it, and Kari went and asked if I could have it. And they said yes! So we put it in Amandas car, and off we went. Sweet! Kari's neighbors trash is my treasure!!!

We dropped the fan off at my house, and I had to test it out. yeah, it's one powerful fan!
We went back to Amandas house, and waited for time to go to the bus. I drove my car there, and we went to retrieve the kids. The 2 buses showed up at the same time this time, thankfully! I gathered my kids, and we headed home. And they thought the fan was awesome too!

We had about 30 minutes before it was time to get Captain America from the airport. I helped the kids figure out what chores they needed to do, and get a snack, and then I headed out. I left them with directions, and I headed out to the airport.

I got there, and found what flight was his, and started to wait in the waiting area. Then I remembered that my friends said that I could get a pass to the gate. So I asked at information, and they said that I needed to talk to the airlines. So I went to American Airlines, and asked about it. They took my Military ID, checked for Captain America on the flight, and issued me a pass! Woohoo!!!

I went through security, and wasn't chosen to go through the xray machine. And didn't get patted down. Ha! That's ok, I'd be getting some actions soon enough. ROFL! I headed off to the gate, and waited. Impatiently, I might add!

And I swear, that man was the LAST person off of the plane! I was in 10 minutes early (thank goodness! I thought I was gonna pass out with anticipation!). I rushed into his arms, and the world was right again :)

I got to meet one of the guys that works with him, who's on leave too. He seemed nice. And then we headed out. He just had a carryon, so we didn't need to mess with luggage. We headed to the car, and drove home.

And when we parked in the garage, the kids, one at a time, RUSHED into the garage screaming DAD'S HOME!!!! It was the cutest things EVER! Even the dog got into it.

Here's my I CANT BELIEVE HE'S HOME face. hehe.

Look, even Boxer got in on the photo op!
Captain America brought presents for all of us, and we spent a good 30 minutes going through all of them. The kids were SO excited! He made us each one of these cool bracelets before he came home. Cool, huh?
My present was this AWESOME candlestick. I love me some candlesticks, you know! And I also got some key chains. A red "tardis" and a Britain key chain. Captain America stopped in London today for a layover!
Captain America passing out stuff :)
Jake. He took a while, but he warmed up to his dad. I was so glad :)
Eme got some great stuff too, not sure what happened to her picture...

And soon, it was past dinner time. And I didn't really think that far ahead. Oops. hehe. The kids had hot dogs and left over chicken, but Captain America needed something protein-ish for dinner. We decided that the commissary had deli meats, and was fast and close. So we all loaded up and headed there.

Here's me in the truck, waiting for the kids to come out. Who knows what they were doing in the house. Looking for their shoes, maybe? They were slow is all I know...
We bought some deli Mesquite turkey, and some gogurts for the kids, then paid and headed out. Captain America wasn't used to being around so many children (hehe - they're a lot for me, and I'm used to them!). We had to go to Walmart, because he needed toiletries. So we decided to take everyone and get Tom and Eme their glasses, and Jake his contacts while we were there.

We split up when we got there, and Captain America took Joe and Jim with him for the toiletries, and I kept Eme and Tom and Jake and went to the Vision center. Luckily, no one else was there. We had the little man all to ourselves. hehe.

Eme and Tom both picked out new frames that they wanted. Tom changed his mind last minute, and went with a pair that didn't have those little nose pieces. One that was all one piece. Wise choice, Tom. Those other ones suck and hurt your nose, I think :)

Eme's purple glasses
Tom's black glasses. Yeah, he and I are gonna be twins! hehe.
We finished with the vision center, and went to meet Captain America. And he was headed to find us! Perfect timing. Then, the dreaded wait in the lines to pay.... It took forever. The kids were tired, and the lines were long, and the grown ups were tired too. It wasn't pleasant, but it eventually was over. hehe. I had better things to do with my evening, you know!!! hehe ;)

We paid, and headed home. And said family prayer, and put the kids to bed, and yeah, that's enough details for ya. ha! It's now 10:30pm, and I'm ready for bed. Blog is done, and I'm gonna sleep well tonight. Night, y'all!!!! I'm gonna be enjoying my 2 weeks with my sweetheart!!!!

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GREAT page, Sharon! Your little girl is SO cute! Perfect layout :)


Unknown said...

So glad Brent is home for R&R. Have a great time spending time together!

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Aug. 25, 2011. Thanks again.

Shelly said...

You looked gorgeous to go meet Brent!
Have a wonderful time while he's home. You gave us several little hints yesterday, but I never guessed it was about Brent coming home. lol

Thanks for the fab word art. Big hugs!!!

Sandy_in_MD said...

Your hair looks fantastic, Bethany. So happy to hear that Brent made it home safely - enjoy your time together!

Tammy said...

YAY! I'm so glad you get to spend time with your man! Have a great time! :)

Jim said...

I'm loving all the "summer" quotes this week; thanks for sharing them. And I see that it's time for you to update your counter on how long it's been since you kissed your sweetheart! Yay, you! I'm so confused, though - when did you find out he was coming home? Yesterday, no mention of it. Today, "Brent's home!" Anyway, I'm really happy for you - have a great two weeks!
Sharon in Michigan

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [26 Aug 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

benziengirl said...

I love your hair straightened! And it made my heart smile to see you all together again! Enjoy!