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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year

Hey there dudettes! Another day in the life of the Harty family. Got up, got the kids off to the bus, chatted with Suzanne, got Jake off to school, saw CPT off to work, and got a text from Kim. She couldn't find her keys. And since I was just sitting around doing nothing, I volunteered to drive her and her kids to school.

I went and grabbed them, and dropped them off at their school, then dropped Kim back off at her house, and I had 10 minutes to change clothes before Kari came to pick me up. I put it into hustle mode!

And soon, we were off to the mountains! It we me and Kari and Kim and Erin. We had such fun. Kim and Kari are awesome hikers, and kicked Erin and my butts. Yeah, I suck. But I did it! I thought I was gonna die, but I did it!
It was SO windy that when we got to the top, we peeked over, then instantly headed back down. We didn't wanna blow away!

It was funny, cause when we headed back on post, we tested out the new post policy, of just one Military ID needed per car. So I decided to "gangster" it. hehe. Lovely, huh? The gate guard didn't even look at me.... Kari's ID was good enough for our whole car.
Kari dropped us all off at my house, I grabbed some keys, and we were off to Walmart. Kari had to go home, get ready, and be to Biggs by noon. Her hubby has his Change of Command today! She was so excited. hehe.

Anyway, we headed off to the Montana Walmart. Because it's the newest and best stocked. Well, in theory, anyway. And had a good time chatting the whole way over. About this, that, and the other thing. I had an extensive list I was working off of. Stuff I'd forgotten from yesterday. And I got most of it. I didn't find the right body wash STILL. Irish Spring Intensify. Crap. I've seen the bottle, so I know that they sell it in El Paso. But I couldn't find it.

After Walmart, we were STARVING. It was noon, so we headed out to lunch. We went to Dominics. It's an Italian place back near post. I went there with Leslie way back when! When she had a baby shower for Morgan. Remember that??? That was forever ago! hehe :)

It was super yummy! Kim got the Lasagna, and Erin and I got the Soup, Salad, and pasta. I loved it! Definitely what I needed after hiking - ha! We ate and chatted and totally enjoyed ourselves! AND, they had a 20% off military discount! We'll DEFINITELY be coming back there again!

After lunch, we went to Big Lots, well, because we haven't been in a while. I didn't get much ,but had fun looking around. Oh wait, they DID have a sun shade for my Suburban! Ha! I looked for a present for Leo (his B-day is Saturday), but didn't find one. So we went to Fallas next. We still had time before kids got out of school.

Kim found one that she wanted to give to Leo. Erin found a few things for Easter, and some clothes for her boys, and Kim found a few things. Me? Nope. Amazing, huh? hehe. I had fun looking around, though. Then, we headed back to post. AND, Kim and I were SO excited to discover how to open the little half hatch part of my trunk! You push the keyed part!!!! Who knew! I've only had it for almost a month!!!! ROFL! I'm such a dork... That was exciting, though.

I dropped Erin and Kim off at their houses, then went to the Shoppette in search of some Body Wash. Nope. What about the PX? I drove there. Nope. Um, yeah. Time to change the game plan. I bought CPT 2 different kinds of Irish Spring body washes, and decided that he was gonna have to like one of those. No more traipsing around El Paso looking for Body Washes. LOL.

BUT, I did find a present for Leo. A model Tank that he could build. I figured that it was something that Joe would really like. And Leo is about the same age. About 6 months older. And I found some stuff for organizing the electronics closet, and threw some of those in the cart, too. Today was the day to fix that.

I had just enough time to make it home to get the kids from the bus. We headed home, and they helped me get stuff unloaded from the truck. We had a snack, and then got the shelved installed in the electronics closet. I forgot to take a picture, but I'll try and remember to do that tomorrow. It looked REALLY good! We did some more cleaning, then CPT came home. We had dinner, and I did some designing.

The kids watched some TV with CPT, and I hung with them for a bit, and did my own thing for a bit too. The kids played on the Wii for a while, too. But it just sounded like fighting to me. I'm not crazy about listening to Tom and Jake play Wii. Big kids complaining about people/games/controllers cheating... So not cool. Mostly Jake, I think. Boo.

At bed time, Jim came in and told CPT and I that Jake wasn't letting him use the bathroom. That he said that it was ONLY Jakes. So CPT went to deal with it. And Jake started to get physical with CPT. Not a good thing. A tussle proceeded, and Jake ended up with a bloody nose. And he totally freaked out. CPT didn't hit it. It wasn't anything like that. Jake was trying to push CPT, and CPT was trying to lead Jake away from the bathroom. Jake ended up catching an elbow to the face, though, in his struggle. Sigh. That's what happen when 2 "grown" men tussle.

Joe freaked out. He thought that CPT was gonna hurt him too. Sigh. So then I had to explain to poor Joe how CPT wasn't trying to hurt Jake. How he was actually trying to make it so that Jim and Joe could use the bathroom too, by making Jake share. The fact that Jake was ranting and raving and swearing and having a complete meltdown about how his dad had hit him didn't help matters...

We finally got everyone settled and calmed down. Joe went upstairs to sleep with Tom. Jake cooled off and went to lie down in his bed. Eme went to bed. Jim fell asleep. CPT got ready for bed. I went to check on Jake. His nose was swollen and HUGE. Sigh. He couldn't go to school with a nose that big. He was gonna have to stay home for a day and let the swelling go down. Sick day? I think so...

I explained to him how his dad REALLY hadn't meant to hurt him. How he was just trying to move him out of the way, and how he'd caught a misplaced elbow. Really. I think he believed me. And I asked if CPT could come and look at the nose. He finally agreed.

CPT came and he and Jake had a long talk, and it went really well. CPT apologized for hurting him, and it sounded (I wasn't in the room), from what I could hear, to be a really good talk. No swearing. No shouting. They talked about needing to get some better methods of communication going. And about how it REALLY was an accident, Jake getting hurt. I think he finally believed him.

Then, Joe came down, and he and his dad talked. And finally got it all sorted out. Joe was feeling a lot better too. He just got spooked with all of the blood from Jake's bloody nose. It was pretty nasty. CPT gave Joe a father's blessing, and then he went to bed.

I started blogging, then I got a text from my friend from the other ward, Danielle. She wanted to know if they could borrow the Raingutter Regatta track. Sure! So I went to get it all laid out for them, then waited in the driveway for her to come over. We chatted for about 20 minutes in the cold (hehe), then I finished up my blog.

It's now 10:20pm, and my house is dark and quiet. Except for the cricket under the dishwasher. It's singing me a song. And the snoring dog. And the fan from my room. It's super loud. OK, so maybe my house isn't very quiet. Well, that's why I have the super loud fan, right? lol.

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Look! It's a layout by Sharon!!!!!! I'm SO excited! hehe :) Now, to think of a theme for March, and to actually execute it.... LOL :) Anyway, LOVIN' the layout, Sharon, my dear!!! Thanks!


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Feb. 29, 2012. Thanks again.

Shelly said...

Thanks for the great word art, Bethany. Hugs!!!

Sharon, your layout is terrific. It's wonderful to have you back. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a heavy day at the Harty House again. Very happy to read it ended well though :) Thanks for the word art! XXX

deb said...

Great word art. Glad CPT and Jake (and Joe) got things worked out. Sounds like it was a rough evening!