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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


So, busy weekend for us Hartys. We had games on Friday night, and I had a Miche open house in the neighborhood (combined with Cookie Lee and Scentsy) in the afternoon. It just seemed like a SUPER long weekend.

Oh yeah, and I got a ticket coming through the gate on Friday night. I'd inadvertently left my wallet at home. And I couldn't get back on post to get it! The Gate guard had me pull over, then CALLED THE MP's on me!!!! What???

I was so mad. I'd made an honest mistake, and I was trying to fix it. I wanted to get my ID. And I couldn't, because I had to go thru a check point to get it. Grrrrr. This MP was a piece of work. Even a crying mom with kids in the car didn't deter him from giving out a ticket on a Friday night. Karma.... That's right...... That's ok, I'm gonna find out how to fight it. I HAVE a drivers license in the state of Texas. I was trying to go and get it. People make mistakes all the time. It shouldn't cost me $100, right? Sigh.

Sunday sucked, because CPT and I were fighting. Dealing with Jake is frustrating, and sometimes we take it out on each other. That's what happened this weekend, I think. Sigh. Either way, it sucked.

We found out that Jake had been sneaking matches and lighters and such to start fires in the backyard. And we caught him in the act of doing it. Also, I found him trying to sneak and knife and a sharpie into his room. He wanted to "see what was inside of it". Still, NOT what we do.

Anyway, I was glad when Monday morning came, and the kids all went back to school. CPT left for work, and I headed out too. I had to pick up the prints for Julia's Miche party this weekend. And then off to Tom's Speech ARD dismissal meeting. It went well. I got to talk to Tom's favorite teacher, too. He seemed like a cool guy. Thought Tom was a GREAT kid!

Then I came back home, and took a little nap. Or watched some TV. Or both. Yeah, I think I did both. CPT came back home for lunch, and after lunch, I headed out to buy Dish soap. We were out, and the dishes were piling up. Tom and Eme do a good job of washing them/putting them away, but they kinda need soap. LOL.

So, any excuse to go to Big Lots, right? I wandered around there way too long, and found just a few things that I needed/wanted. Then headed to the Dollar Tree. There was something there that I wanted, but I can't now remember what it was. Just that I found it, got it, got some snacks, and headed back to post.

I made up a double batch of Sugar Cookie dough, and when the kids got home from the bus, Eme and I baked them up. We made them into Sombrero cookies! You put a ring around them with frosting, and then sprinkle sprinkles on it. And a dab of frosting in the middle, and attach a gum drop. Looks JUST like a sombrero. I found it on Pinterest.

I baked the cookies, and Eme and Lexie decorated them. And I had the little boys get ready for Baseball. We ended up leaving the house at 4:45ish, and made it to the field on time. BUT, the infield was FLOODED. Someone hadn't done a great job monitoring the sprinklers, and it made a mess.

Our coach was mad, and canceled practice. We already went to the troubles of arranging dinner at the field, and there was NO way we were going home without the picnic dinner. So, we all ate there at the field, and let the bigger boys practice hitting/catching/throwing in the outfield. Personally, I don't think that the coach should have canceled practice.

Anyway, we hung there until it was time to go to the little kids' practice. I'd gotten those water noodle things at the Dollar Tree earlier in the day, cut them in thirds, and duct taped the ends. They looked like stubby Light Sabers! The boys and girls had a BLAST with them! Ha!

Then, it was over to the little kids' practice. Jake was in the front seat, and I couldn't convince him NOT to push the lock/unlock buttons. I kept telling him to leave it alone, and he kept, seemingly, ignoring me.

When we got to the next field, I don't know what he hit, but the alarm was triggered. Crap. And I had NO way to un-trigger it. My keys are the only ones that have the remote unlock. And I lost them, remember? Crap. So it honked. And honked. I tried locking, unlocking, starting the car, backing it up, moving it. Finally, I just shut it up and left it alone. And it stopped honking in about 5 minutes.

But then I forgot my purse in there, and went to get it (it's unlocked at this point), and it started honking at me again!!! SO embarrassing. Well, frustrating more like it. I just played it off to the strangers there that it was some new fancy machine that I didn't understand. LOL. Which is true, my primary car has NEVER had the bells and whistles that this one does....

So, back to the little kid practice, it continued with no incident. I figured that the alarm would reset itself while we sat there. Not so. When we all loaded up to leave, the incessant honking started again. What else could I do, but drive down the 15 MPH Logan neighborhood, with the horn blaring. Yeah, I stole my own car!!!

And onto the interstate, horn blaring at 65 MPH. Oh yeah, we rocked it. Luckily, after about 8 minutes or so, it stopped the incessant honking, and moved on to every 60 seconds a "honk honk honk honk honk honk honk" in rapid fire succession. Much better! We managed to get through the gate without it going off. I'm just THAT good at timing...

We drove home, honking every 60 seconds. And CPT was there waiting for us when we got home. To disconnect the battery so that we could open the doors and get out. Because, when you open a door, it honks. Freakin' new car!

Battery disconnected, I hurried and put the kids to bed, then CPT and I headed out to O'Rileys to buy a $200 battery for my Suburban. We got home, and all the kids were asleep. Thank goodness!

I helped CPT put the battery in, and by that, I mean that I held the flash light. And wouldn't you know it, the second that we attached both of the terminals, the freakin' horn starts up again!!!! Are you kidding me??? Well, CPT knew how to fix that! He pulled the fuse on the horn! Ha! So now it just blinks lights and flashes funny. Sigh.

I tried pushing buttons inside again, and starting the car, and turning it off. Finally, I leaned over and pushed the locked/unlocked button that Jake had pushed in the first place, and it seemed to fix it all. No more blinking. We were even able to put the horn fuse back inside of it.

So yeah, Harty kids (read: Jake) DO NOT PUSH MY CAR BUTTONS EVER AGAIN!!!! Thanks :)

CPT loaded up his car for the range tomorrow, and I blogged out in the garage as he worked. I'm a little sleepy, but wanna watch an episode of "How I Met Your Mother" before I got to sleep tonight.

Tomorrow, I have my Doctors appointment for my Topomax. And we have Eme's volleyball practice and Tom's Baseball practice. I think that's all for now :)

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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies (please, notice the new url for my blog), under the Page 6 post on May. 08, 2012. Thanks again.

jenjenjasp said...


Oh my goodness - you poor thing. You sound like ME! sigh. JenJen stories all over the place. Big hugs!!

Thanks for the cute wordart!


Aznewmom said...

I love your word art. Thanks!
So sorry you had a rough weekend. I do that all the time; take off to drive a kid to/from school and leave my little purse at home. Thankfully, for SOME reason, I remembered to grab it last Monday....... A good thing, as I was rear ended, HARD, that afternoon. The cops never bothered to show up, after TWO 911 calls. So, no one even looked at my ID. LOL However, it was a reminder to me to be a bit more diligent in grabbing that purse before I rush out.

I sure hope you can fight it.
Good luck! I am rooting for you.
Hang in there and I hope you have a much better week.


Unknown said...

Bethany, just a friendly reminder...the wordart you created is wonderful but I am wondering if you could correct the spelling of oneself, and repost it? I think the saying is really funny and I would like to use it (the corrected version). Thanks for all your wonderful freebies.

Angelika said...

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