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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

House A Home

Well, assessment testing went well yesterday! It was in a church, and they had the nursery open for the kids. Awesome! I even had a chance to fiddle around with my laptop for a bit. Can't beat that!

After we got home, and did a few hours of school though, Joe starting coughing, and wasn't feeling well. I took him upstairs with me after dinner so I could design, and he was just gonna hang out. The others were occupied downstairs. He was coughing so hard, I was worried about him. He was crying, and coughing, and gasping, and complained about his ear. So, we all loaded up and headed for Urgent Care (hubby was working).

4 hours later, we finally left the hospital. Joe had double ear infections, and his asthma was getting the better of him. He's now on antibiotics for the ear infection, steriods for the breathing, plus the nebulizer, and advil for the pain. Poor little guy! He's to tiny and small to get sick. He's only 4, and his baby brother (2) only weighs 1 lb less than him. He better get better fast, or Jimmy's gonna overtake him! hehehehe.

He was feeling much better by the time we put the kids to bed at 10pm. I think we may be sleeping in in the morning :) So, although I didn't get much designing time in last night, I did make sure that you all had a freebie! Yes, I know, I'm super-mom. hehehe.

This WordArt request is from Dana. I so love this quote. I sure hope that I'm doing good in my home with my children. I sure do try, at least! I think of this quote when I have rough days, and it helps a bit :) Molding the future of society, that's what I'm doing. Just keep saying that to myself. hehehehe.

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Shabby princess promise
wordArt by ME!!!

Sharon, your layout is FABULOUS! What a great idea! We should all make a "Getting to know me" layout! I agree. It'll be great for our children to look back on in years to come. You look fantastic, by the way!!!


Anonymous said...

Great quote, and awesome job on it as always! You have such a gift for this! Hope your little guy is feeling better today. We've had a stomach flu going around and around our family that just won't go away - uck!

Crystal Howser said...

I just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I love your wordart! It is fantastic! I am also new to Digital Scrapbooking and am still learning but you do a great job with your work. I will have to download some of these and get to scrapping with them :)

Alana Jo said...

I love so many of these!! :D
Id love to see some for Mother's day. Im working on a scrapbook slideshow for my Mom as a gift. Your word art would look fantastic!!!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that your son isn't feeling well, ear infections are really rough on the little ones...I will keep you and yours in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless You!

Shannon said...

Thanks - I so needed that quote today!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this quote. I've never seen it anywhere before.

Treasured Reflections said...

You've been awarded!

Check out my blog:

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Anonymous said...

Nice quote. Must have been written by an insecure house wife. Sorry to hear about your boy. Hope he's better soon.

Meta Meulenbelt said...

I saw this quote on the digifree blog. I immediately thought what a horrible quote this is! Like women are only good for one thing. I think that women, as men, should do the things in life they like, and they're good at. Your wordart is great by the way :-) Just this quote, wew.

a said...

Meta -

I don't think that this quote is saying that Women should ONLY do things at home, but that it's saying that WHAT women do at home is important. Those who choose to raise the future generation are doing a GREAT thing, probably more important than what great leaders are doing today. It's wasn't meant as an insult to anyone who doesn't choose to be at home.

J9 said...

Well said Bethany!

* Lee said...

Quote-Bethany "Those who choose to raise the future generation are doing a GREAT thing, probably more important than what great leaders are doing today." End Quote

How about those of us women who are making sure that the next generation remain alive and healthy?

I am Sorry, but I find this comment as offensive as the quote (and personally I find your word art Amazing!). "PROBABLY MORE IMPORTANT" Once again this pits the two sides against the other and how about all of us Women who have sacrificed years and years of our lives to work on cancer research, do surgeries, help people in emergency rooms who would have otherwise died. I am a physician who is not "in the home' and I HIGHLY VALUE my contribution to society, as much as I HIGHLY VALUE my stay at home mother's contribution to society (one of which is Me!) and if I had created the exact opposite word art I firmly believe stay at home mothers would have also been insulted. I wouldn't create such word art by the way b/c I would be insulting my own mother.

I RARELY post on blogs, but I just had to make this comment.

a said...


again, this quote was not meant to offend anyone out there. if one really analyzes the quote, it doesn't say a single thing about stay at home mom's vs. working moms. it simply says women who make a house a home.

how does one do that? she makes it more than just a place to live. i'm sure there are PLENTY of working Mom's that do this! My mom worked while I was growing up, and she definitely made our house a HOME.

and, my comment on women who choose to raise the next generation - again, nothing about only stay-at-home moms. if one has children, and loves them, and provides for them, and cares for them, and teaches them, then they are doing a GREAT thing.

not many people lead large armies. not many people head large corporations. and yes, they do an important job. so do ALL of the people out there doing jobs. who are advancing medicine. and technology. every little bit helps make our society great.

but what if the children who will eventually be the "grow-ups" are not good people? have not had the influence of parents who love them? have not been taught that they are important, and good, and worthwhile?

i firmly believe that for our society to thrive and grow (in a positive way), our future generation needs to be solid. they get this, in part, from their mothers. again, not ONLY from stay-at-home mothers, but from mothers who love them, teach them, care about them. who make a house more than just a place to "be", but make it a "home".

not quite sure what the "opposite" of this wordart would be, so don't really know how to respond to that. again, it didn't specifically say stay-at-home moms - only mom's who make their houses into a home.

allrighty! this turned into quite a long post. sorry about that :) i'm glad, though, that you're enjoying the WordArt! I really do have fun making it :) - take care :)