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Sunday, April 27, 2008

WordArt Challenge!

Allrighty, you guys! Are you up for a challenge? If you head on over to ScrapOrchard, you can pick up my WordArt freebie pack. It's in my store, but it's priced at $0. Great price, eh? Just download it, and then make a FABULOUS layout, and upload it to the ScrapOrchard gallery for Elegant WordArt by Bethany (that's me!). I'll be picking 1 layout from each of the 3 WordArts to receive a free WordArt pack from my ScrapOrchard store! Aren't you all excited! You are? WONDERFUL! So head on over to ScrapOrchard to get started!!!

Chelseys Dream - Michelle Coleman
Flourish - Michelle Coleman - Color My World kit
Elegant Wordart by Bethany Harty
Template #36 - Meredith Tiede
Font - Amaze

Thanks so much to Trina for sending in her layout! Isn't it fabulous? Great job!!!


scrappinmint said...

Oooooh, did you just post this? Because I was just at SO and didn't see a challenge. How exciting. I sure hope my Photoshop is back up and running tomorrow so I can scrap something. I just love your wordart! Thanks Bethany!

Treasured Reflections said...

This is a fun challenge. I just finished my layout and am heading over to post it. Thanks for these!

Susie2shoes said...

Hi Bethany
I can't join in the challenge because I can't register at Scrap Orchard, it keeps asking me, 'Ensure that you have 5 digits in your zip code'! As I'm in the UK I have a Post Code. :( I tried putting a zip code for New Hampshire, (see how desperate I am to join in)!! But it didn't like it. I must be doing something really silly. Glad to see you and your family enjoying your mini break. Hugs Susie x