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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We're On Vacation!

Yeah, we finally made it to St. Louis :) Sunday, we drove from Southern Ohio to Chicago (Joliet), and stayed the night at our house that's for sale. We turned off the water and the gas last time we were there, but at least spring had come, so it wasn't cold :) But, with no water, and 5 kids, that was a little tricky.

We spent the day in Joliet, going to my favorite thrift store (it was 1/2 price day) and visiting with friends. We headed out for St. Louis at 3:30, stopping at about 5:30 for dinner at Crackle Barrel. It's my hubbys B-day, and had a good time! We do love Crackle Barrel :)

We rolled into St. Louis (Edwardsville) at about 9:30 or so, and am glad to be here! The kids are loving seeing their uncles and aunt, and playing with the cats. We don't have pets, so the kids are having a BLAST!

So, I didn't check my email for over 24 hours, and I got 45 emails from you all! I'm gonna be a while getting back to you all, and posting your layouts, and such. So, please be patient with me :) I did hear that there was a problem with the WordArt for today, and have that fixed now. So, enjoy!

Take care :)


Just Me said...

Crackle Barrel, my most fav EVER (in a tie with Lamberts, home of the throwed rolls)!!! I haven't been in years as we now live in the PNW and they don't have any here :((((((

Anonymous said...

Wow! My husband and I lived in Fairview Heights for six years; his parents were in Troy for five. They just moved to Alabama, and we're in Louisiana, but Edwardsville was a great place to visit! Weird. I worked at Barnes-Jewish for three years before we moved.