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Sunday, September 14, 2008

You're Beautiful

Hi all! So, how was your Saturday? Ours was pretty good. Busy, but good! I thought I'd share a few pics from our weekend so far. Below is a pic of my daughter Emeline at her 2nd Cheerleading practice. She's the one with the pink pants and brown hair. Such a cutie! Cheerleading was from 4-5 on Friday night.

And here's Tom at his first flag football practice. I know the kid is right handed, but for some reason he's throwing with his left hand. Huh. He says that's what feels natural. He's TOTALLY loving football :) Flag Football was from 6-7 on Friday night.
Here's Jacob with his football team for pictures. It was from 5-5:30 at the high school football field, on Friday night (we reallly had a busy Friday night) He's #53 on the back row. His buddy Clay is #43 on the back row. For those of you who are "Twilight" fans, Clays family was stationed in Forks, Washington with the Coast Guard for a few years. How totally cool is that! His mom actually met Stephanie Meyers one Sunday at church while she was there visiting - cool, eh?

And here's Jacob in his first game, on Saturday, in Coos Bay, at Marshfield Stadium (11am - 1 hour drive from home). It looks like real football, eh?!!! He's the one with the long sleeve blue shirt and gloves. That made it easier to spot him - LOL!

And one more pic of Jacob in action. We did our best, but still lost 28-ish to 0. But the important part was that he had fun, and they worked hard as a team. They'll get better :)

We went to lunch at Wendy's, the headed off to Wal-Mart (since we can't go to the city without stopping at Wal-Mart- ha!). When we finally got back home, my dad played catch with Tom, Jake played on the computer, and the little kids played with toys and watched some TV. I decided to start crocheting a beanie hat for football season (blue and gold, of course- go VIKINGS!) I"ll post it when I'm done, if you promise not to look too closely at it - LOL!

I got a package today from my friend in Germany. Her hubby is in the military, and is deployed. She sent me some magazine and papers about the army, and some food from Germany. It was a very nice and thoughtful package! Thanks, Becky! It had cookies and chocolates and saurkraut from Germany. So cool!!!!

OK, enough about me (hehehe), and onto WordArt, the reason you put up with all of my ramblings - hehehe. This WordArt request is from Crystal. She had a cute little story about her son that went along with it. So precious. Anyway, I thought that it would be a nice sentiment for all of us to use :)

You're - His Name is Honey
Beautiful - LokiCola


Crystal Howser said...

Thanks so much Bethany for the wordart I requested!!! I am off to make a LO with it right now. It looks like you had a pretty busy weekend, football and shopping what is more fun than that, LOL. Thanks again!

Pam said...

Bethany, thank you so much. It will look so cute on a layout I am doing for my niece.

Your football pics are great. We are takings photos at the middle school where I teach on Tuesday. A lot of my students play football.

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed your visit here (Coos Bay). Lol! At least it was pretty nice for you. Thanks for the awesome wordart! My husband and I went to school at Marshfield. It's such a small world. =0)

Jeanann said...

Thank you so much!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 15 Sep [LA 12:00am, NY 02:00am, UK 07:00am, OZ 05:00pm] ).

TracyB said...

Thank you for all of your beautiful word art offerings, it truly is your calling. I have downloaded many of your files and just wanted to say thank you and give you LOTS OF LOVE from South Florida. Best to you and thank you so much!!!