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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Classified Antique

Woohoo! I finally got the video of Captain America graduating uploaded. I'm slow, but I'll eventually get to it :) Just like your Christmas Card WordArt packs. I haven't forgotten about you. I"ll do it. Maybe even today. Maybe :) LMBO!

I got a chance to do some Scrapbooking today. Not my own, but it was still some layouts. There's a lady at church, Bess, who makes a calendar each year for her extended family. Her daughter (and family) has just recently moved away (I went to high school with her) and that's who usually helped her do it. So, I said that I would help. We were able to get 6 of the 12 layouts done for the Calendar yesterday. It was pretty fun scrapping, but I must say, I'm SO glad that I have a CT, because if my layouts were trying to sell my products, I wouldn't make a single sale - LMBO!

Then, I went to the Auto store to buy a part for my truck. Did I tell you it was having "issues". It was revving up really bad then trying to die. One after another. Weirdest thing. It started the day or so before Captain America left from Christmas Exodus. It drove like that too. Just what I needed. A broken Surburban, and no hubby to help.

Well, my dad said that it sounded like the fuel filter was bad. SO, I bought a new one today. It was only $4.99. He took out the old one, and put in the new one last night. I'm hoping that it fixed the problem. He drove it around a little bit, and he said that it seemed to improve the more he drove it - he said it needed to work its way through the fuel line. Whatever. As long as it works. I guess we'll find out tomorrow. It drive it around a little bit.

After the Auto parts store, I went to my Grandmas house. Hung out there till the kids were about due home, then went back to my Moms. Tom had Cub Scouts at 4:30, and I had my 5:00 Monday appointment. Picked Tom up at 6 ish after my meeting, and went home. Little kids went to bed at 7:30 ish, big kids, well, I got to talking with Captain America on the phone, and realized at 9:45 that I didn't put them to bed - oops. They got to stay up late - LOL!

Captain America said that he has a meeting today about the move. Not sure what aspect of the move it is, but it's something to do with transportation. I've come to see that the army doesn't like you to know too many steps ahead of where you are right now. Need to know basis. And I guess we don't need to know yet. Ok. I can do that. I'm a "go with the flow" person, or I can be. hehehe.

You know, I'm LOVIN' having Captain America in MST. He's only an hour ahead of us now, and it sure makes talking in the evening much more handy. The 3 hour time different was brutal. This is much more do-able.

I just thought that this saying was HILARIOUS, so I decided to WordArt it . I could see it being used for ANY page of ANYONE who had aged. Even if it was a little kid growing up. Or a teen going to an adult. Or someone truly old. MANY possibilities :) Click on the image below to go to my box.net account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work.

Classified - Castellar
Antique - Arcana GMM Std


Lois B said...

Oh this one is priceless! I have several photos of myself that this will look great on! LOL

Thanks so much

Pat in Houston said...

how sad I will have to use this on a pic of myself!

Anonymous said...

Just a short note to tell you I love reading about you and your newly commissioned husband. It is so obvious that you are deeply in love and I am so proud that your husband has dedicated himself to our wonderful country. As the wife of a retired Marine, I send my very best to you and your lovely family. God bless you and keep you all. Good luck in Texas.

xashee's corner said...

LOVE your wordart and thank you for sharing!!! :D Hope you have a GREAT day!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the wordarts.

when people said they were old, my grandfather always said, "you're not over the hill till you're 80". once he hit 80 and we reminded him of that he wasn't as amused. lol

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh....I must say that I have loved your blog for a year now. I am a wife of a retired soldier and my son is in the ARMY now. From a long line of Service Men I commend you and your husband for loving country....now the weird-ness...My hubby was at Ft. Bliss...Blister in the 80's He was in air defense and now my son is a FO for 2nd infantry out of Ft. Lewis...He was one call away from Ft. Bliss....wonder if your husband would have commanded my son. Remember when you move there, use lots of lotion and drink lots of water. The desert is DRY

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 13 Jan [LA 09:01pm] - 14 Jan [NY 12:01am, UK 05:01am, OZ 04:01pm] ).

Magnolia said...

I love your word art! Thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I think some people's attitude qualifies them for this caption no matter their age. This is a hoot...I have to use this. Thanks!
Cathy G

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Word Art post on Jan. 14, 2009. Please, notice that I've changed my url(and blinkie). Thanks again and Happy New Year.

Rose said...

Hey, I got my christmas card word art, thank you so much. I love your art, wish I knew how you do that! I was also wondering, how many cards did you end up getting?? Just for curiosity sake :)

Anonymous said...

Great WA - thank you

Unknown said...

Thank you for your lovely WA