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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Beautiful Spring

So last night was my sons Cub Scout Blue and Gold. The week before, Captain America had just got back from his Ohio trip, and was beat, and didn't take the kids to Scouts. Well, they made invitations to the party, and changed the time from the normal meeting time, and planned a potluck dinner. Yep, you guessed it. We didn't know. No one called us. Apparently, it was assigned to someone, but that person didn't do it.

So, we showed up for scouts at 7pm like normal, to find a big party going on in the gym. People are just finished up a HUGE dinner, and eating cake. What did my kids get for dinner? Pancakes. Yep, it was pancake night at the Harty House. That's what happens when mom designs all day long, and is too pooped to cook. Pancake night. You should try it some night. You're hubby will love it (LMBO!!! I'm SO just kidding).

Of course, all the tables are full, because people have been there since 6:30. We manage to slide in somewhere, just in time to watch the entertainment. Native American dancers. It was AWESOME. Jimmy (3) LOVED it. At one point, they asked all the scouts/siblings to come up and join in a dance. Eme (7) and Jimmy jumped at the chance, but Tom had to be coaxed from his seat. Joe (5) refused to get out of his chair (he's SO like me - ha!) Jimmy did SO good at the dance. That little white boy's got some rhythm - LMBO!

It got over at 7:30 (short for us, since we got there at 7), and we had to wait until Captain America's meeting got over at 8:30. Yeah. I wasn't a very happy camper. I'm the type of personality that likes all the details before hand. I'm not a very good "go with the flow" person. Well, that's not true. But I don't like to go into a situation and not know what to expect. It sets me on edge. I wasn't the nicest mom last night. Sigh. I guess we all have days/times like that. When we finally got back home, Captain America let me just go to my room and relax, and he put the kids to bed. Sometimes me can be SO GREAT! Gotta love 'em :)

I still haven't picked out my phone yet. There's a list of about 15 freebies that I can get, and I don't know which to choose. I know. Life and death situations, eh? All the reviews I read online just confuse me more. hehehe. Wasn't there a movie that talked about dating options being like Blockbuster. She didn't like to go to blockbuster, because there were just TOO many choices. The grocery store movie store had a lot less selection, so it was an easier choice. Anyone know what movie I'm talking about? Or did I just make that up - LOL!

Well, that's what I need. Less options. Grocery store movie isle selection. Better yet, just give me the phone, Verizon. You pick for me. Then I can just be mad at Verizon if the phone I get sucks. Better than if I pick it, and it's a lemon. Ha! Ok, enough about the phone - LMBO!

I've got a treat for you today! Tina (Lady Saphira) has a FUN kit that she let me use to make two FABULOUS (if I do say so myself!) WordArts for you all! Aren't you SO excited for spring!!! I don't know where you all live, but we've had 70-80 degree weather the past week, and I'm in HEAVEN!!! The neighbors tree has the most BEAUTIFUL white/pink blossoms on it. I'm taking a picture before the spring winds blow them all apart - LOL! Did you know it's windy in El Paso (LMBO!!!)

Anyway, below is my first WordArt, but you can't get it here. It'll be availabe soon at "Michelles Angels" blog. Click HERE to see if it's up and working yet (don't you just LOVE how technical I am - ha!) I just LOVED LOVED LOVED those flowers, and the colors. So cute! Remeber to leave a big THANK YOU over at their place (people like that, you know - ha!)

And, as you know (or should if you read my blog - LOL!), I'm not the animal lovin' type, BUT, this chick is ADORABLE!!! Not scary at all - hehehe. I just LOVED how this one turned out. I got to use my new CU fonts I bought last month on it - they're AMAZING. Check out 2 Peas if you're interested. Anway, click HERE to go to my mediafire account to get this PNG file (nonshadowed here)
OR click HERE to go to my keepandshare account (non shadowed here)
OR click HERE to go to my box.net account (non shadowed here)
OR click HERE to go to my 4shared account (non shadowed here)
Sheesh! I remember when it was easy to give stuff away - ROFL!!!


Anonymous said...


Firstly, thankyou for an interesting read every morning. Here I sit in Queensland, Australia, sipping my hot coffee and chuckling along with you and your amusing look at life.

Thanks so much for the Spring downloads. Michelle's link is now posted and downloadable. Such talented ladies you are.

I intend on incorporating your WordArt into my traditional scrapbooking so to see it coming through in colour is absolutely fantastic.

Keep up the great inspiring work and thankyou once again for your efforts.

Rubypat said...

You are such a talented lady! I appreciate the freebies you post, and the word arts I buy too! They certainly make a layout SING!
Here in Perth, Australia, we're still experiencing hot weather - heading towards winter, though. Your accounts of family life are so much fun! Thank you for sharing.

Sarah Barton said...

I love reading your blog. It makes me glad to know I am not the only mother who hates being unorganized, but gets thrown in disorganization regularly. I really appreciate hearing how you guys keep ending up late to events...Shared guilt:-)

Hope you have a good day.

Alisha said...

Those are so beautiful...and we have pancake night at our house too!

Bobbi-Lynn said...

Oh I love those!! And the weather here feels like spring too, so perfect timing! Thank you :-)

xashee's corner said...

Breakfast for dinner is ALWAYS good! hehe :) we do that often! i LOVE your wa and thank you so much for sharing! :) Have an AWESOME day!

Anonymous said...

These are so adorable! Thank you so much! And I have to tell ya, we had pancakes after scouts on Tuesday! :)
Nothing wrong with that!

Cherie Nelson said...

Hey! We had pancake dinner here also! And DH is NOT a fan of pancake dinner (he wasn't home last night)...

thanks for the freebie!

Anonymous said...

So adorable!! Thank you so much!! BettyJoR

rjbjorga said...

Hiya! I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful freebies. =] I just started scrapping a month or so ago and I'm absolutely in love with it. =] You've managed to make WordArt of two of the most important quotes in my life: "As long as I'm living my baby you'll be" (from the children's book) and "I can't help falling in love with you" (the Elvis song). I've been following your blog for a few weeks now . . . and I just wanted to let you know that I've recently been inspired to start my own because of yours. =] It's nowhere near as good yet . . . but I am having fun making freebies. =] Hopefully one day mine will be as good as yours. ^^ If you're curious at all as to see what you've inspired, my url is beckysscrappingboutique @ blogspot. =]

Thanks again for your wonderful work! Hehe . . . I even splurged and bought a handful of your kits last week. =X Don't tell the hubby!

Eclectic3720 said...

This little bird is just precious! Thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 05 Mar [LA 07:00pm, NY 10:00pm] - 06 Mar [UK 03:00am, OZ 02:00pm] ).

Kristi M. said...

First off I am so in love with all of your wordart! I really appreciate the freebies but the others are so great as well. Not sure how often you read these but I thought that I would just quickly let you know that I received my weekly fresh fruits email today. I noticed that on pregnancy attitude #4 (I believe that is the one), the word "progress" is missing the last "s". Not sure if this is just the case on the preview or if it is like that in the download as well. Just one of those things that can be easily overlooked when you are staring at the stuff for hours. :) I love reading your posts!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much :)