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Monday, March 9, 2009

Last Week's New Products

So, I know that it's important for me to post my new products, so that people can actually go and buy them, but I keep forgetting, for some reason - LMBO! It's a good thing that I'm not the primary bread winner in our family, or we'd be in serious trouble - hehehehe! So, here's last weeks "Fresh Fruit" at Scraporchard :)

Click HERE to go to my Scraporchard store :)

I thought these would be ADORABLE on T's for St. Patricks day.

St. Patrick is my homeboy - LMBO!!!

I made a layout with one of these, and I wasn't even pregnant - LOL!

I just love these "whispy" ones :)

Brackets are SO cool :)

By Trina

Ha! I've got ideas planned for about 2 more Attitude packs - too funny :)

By Minna


templework said...


You've got some real treasures there!!!

(oh how I wish I'd some of your pregnant ones...
and the nerve to wear them!!! LOL)

templework said...

that 'adult onset dyslexia*' will do it every time...

"...how I wish I'd 'had'..."


(* or was it just the 10 kids?!? LOL)

Madison McShinsky said...

I need the St. Patrick's Day ones!!

eb2177 said...

Oh, I love those Pregency attitude ones. The backrub one made me laugh so hard!! And the "no, you can't touch my belly". Those are just too funny! All of them are great. Love 'em.