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Friday, May 22, 2009

Solemn Life

At the last minute, I remember to post my new products for the week!!! Woohoo for me :) 2 weeks in a row - LOL! Click HERE to go to my store. And remember, new WordArt packs are 20% off (or $2.00) for the first week :)
Layout by Jen (Graham Like the Cracker)

Layout by Trina

Layout by Trina (isn't she AWESOME!)

Layout by ME!!! Can you believe it??? I scrapped :) I played last night with the girls over at GingerScraps at a Speed Scrap.

Well, I was informed by my friend that my WordArt for yesterday, while funny, was morbid. LOL! I promise I won't let myself get so sleep deprived that I get morbid - ROFL!

We didn't get to go on our walk yesterday. My friends little boy had an asthma attack, and had to go to the ER. Poor little guy. I know how he felt. My daughter, Emeline, woke up hacking and weezy too. After 2 puffs on the inhaler, she was good to go to school. I think it was partly due to the change of weather. It actually RAINED yesterday. Real rain. Not just a few drops.

Anyway, we didn't go walking, but my other friend and I went to the gym and did Yoga. OMGosh! I'd never done yoga before. Let me tell you. It's not for the faint of heart. The video was and hour and a half long, but we only did the first 30 minutes, plus cool down. Wow. What a workout. We were sweating after the first 7 minutes - LOL! But of the two, I think I'd rather go on an hour long walk - hehehe.

After the gym, I came home and showered (I know, miracles never cease!) and got ready to go to Game Lunch. Every other Thursday, the girls do a lunch, and play games. I'm gald I went, too, because I was the only person who was able to make it. Kaylee had TONS of food, but we had fun. We played Yatzee and she taught me how to play cribbage. My dad always played that game growing up, but I'd never really learned. It was fun!

She sent home about 1/2 the food with me, for my kids. When we got home from lunch, at about 2:30, I played on facebook for a little while, then took a nap. Since I'd gone to bed at 1am the night before, I sure needed the nap. I slept till the big kids got home from school. Jimmy watched a movie in my room while I slept. I'm sure glad he's old enough to keep out of trouble for an hour :)

The kids LOVED the food. There was yummy sandwiches, watermellon, strawberry jello dessert, cut fruit, veggies, chips and salsa/guacamole, and bread. It was like a little mini buffet for them - hehehe. They ate some much I only had to give them a bowl of cereal for dinner :)

Joe and I worked on his homework for quite some time, and I got to talk to Captain America on the phone for about an hour. He's on his way home!!! Last time I talked to him he was in Mississippi. I don't know how far he was planning on getting. He said that he'd bought a sleeping bag, and was planning on sleeping under the stars. He figured the cost of the sleeping bag would be cheaper than the cost of a few hotel nights. Way to go, hon! Trying to save us money :) What a trooper you are!

So, Suzy of SuzyQ Scraps approached me about doing another WordArt collab, and, of course, I said yes! I just LOVE working with elements. And color. Woohoo!!! And, I was even more excited that it was a Memorial Day kit. Especially now that my hubby is in the army. The holiday takes on a whole new meaning :) Anyway, check out her SUPER cute kit below.

So, here's the 2 WordArts that I made up using her AWESOME kit. Both are Memorial Day themed. This first one I found in Wikipedia under Memorial Day. It was part of the Memorial Day Order, given May 30th, 1868. This sentence just jumped out at me, and said "WordArt me!". Who am I to object??? LOL!

Click on the links below to go to my accounts to download the ZIP file, and leave some love if you like my work. And yes, HINDS was supposed to be HANDS. The place I originally got the quote was correct, then when I went looking for it again, the 2nd place I found the quote had it with the typo, so that's what I WordArt-ed. Oops. Sorry girls :) It's all fixed now ;)


And then.....

I found this quote, and thought it was PERFECT! How true it is. And, even if you don't give your life in the literal sense, but give your life to a cause, meaning devote yourself, it's still true. You are a hero!

Click HERE to go to Suzy's blog and grab this other WordArt :) And if it's not linked up, I'll be back later to hook it up (I kinda maybe sorta forgot what the web address is, and I'm waiting for her to send me the link - LOL! Don't tell anyone how forgetful I am :)


Anonymous said...

Wow Bethany! Even though I can't use this WA because I'm Canadian and don't personally know any American heroes, I must say that this is a fabulous blog freebie! Awesome job!! Your fellow American scrappers will be elated to grab this, I'm sure.


xashee's corner said...

a couple of my nieces have asthma too! no fun! Gosh you do so much, game lunch sounds GREAT! :) LOVE your layout! you do WONDERFUL work!
lol on the second link! you crack me up and for that i thank you! :) Have a FANTASTIC holiday weekend, Bethany! :)

Laura said...

Hey there! I am definitely going to get that photography pack, love it for my Project 365 layouts! Bethany, could you maybe do some graduation wordart or something for prom? Thanks, have a great weekend.

britnkaysmemaw2 said...

Thanks so much Bethany. I LOVE the Word Art. My DH is Retired AF, so this is perfect. LOVE your word art!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Alpha(s),Font(s), Word Art(s) post on May. 22, 2009. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 22 May [LA 07:00pm, NY 09:00pm] - 23 May [UK 02:00am, OZ 12:00pm] ).

benziengirl said...

Thank you so much Bethany! And make sure you thank your husband yet again for his sacrifices for our country!

Briarwood Pups said...

You have no idea how you just rescued a parade flier this morning! The person in charge of our Memorial Day Parade got called out of town for his brother's passing, and we still had to do the flier. So I'm sitting here this morning, trying to get it together for tomorrow's parade, and I thought, hmmmm, I wonder if there are any graphics on digifree blogspot? I was sooooooo happy when I saw your word art. It's absolutely perfect and will adorn the front of the program that will commemorate our local heroes and all of those who have served our country. Thanks a MILLION!

Anonymous said...

As always, Bethany, I love your work. However,you may want to check the latest batch, it says "when other hinds slack..." did you mean hands? ROFL!! ;) amanda

bethrosler said...

I <3 Trina too! :) Her pages are awesome!

Carrie said...

Love your word art! Just had to comment here because Trina scrapped my baby here. (Scout) :-)

I love coming to your blog when I need some inspiration for a page. Thanks!