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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Oh. My. Busy..... I don't think I got a chance to sit down and think at all on Tuesday. I was up and going at 7am, cooking pancakes for the kids for breakfast. We'd run out of cereal. No, I'm usually not such a good mom - LOL!

Tom and Joe had Doctors appointments, so I ran Eme up to school at 7:55am. I came back, got Jake started on school, got Jimmy situated with a movie, threw on some nicer clothes, got Joe and Tom presentable for the doctor, found the paperwork I needed, and grabbed my apples and yogurt, and headed out the door. I broght Eme's new Civil War dress to sew some eye-hooks on while I waited. You know, when you come prepared, it's a sure bet that you won't have any time at all to work on it. BUT, had I brought nothing, I would have been sitting around twiddling my thumbs. hehehe.

We sat down long enough for me to dig out my pen to fill in a few papers, and the nurse called us back. Joe was SO slow gathering up his papers and such. He'd brought stuff to color on. Sigh. I forgot just how slow Joe is.

We went back to the height/weight room, and then to the vision part. Next, we went to the room. Tom read his book, Joe colored a bit more, and I sewed on one eye-hook. Then, the doctor came in. Nice and speedy like. Tom was first. He was perfectly healthy, except for complaining that his side sometimes hurt. What? News to me. He said that back in Oregon, the 3 wheeler had tipped over on him, and sometimes it still hurt. That was back in November of 2008. The doctor couldn't find anything, but said to keep an eye on it. I'm not sure what that was all about, Thomas Lee.....

Joe was next, and he thought that everything tickled. He just giggled the whole time. It was quite humorous. All in all, it was a quick visit. We gathered up our stuff, and headed out, complete with physicals and excuses absence notes for school.

I dropped the kids off at school, checked them in, and sat in the truck and called my mom. I'd missed her call at the doctors office. She and my dad went to visit my sister this past holiday weekend in Utah, and she told me all about it. It was good chatting and catching up again :)

Next, it was back home. Jake was done with 2 of his classes, and was starting on Math. Jimmy was playing nicely. It's SO nice having an older kid. That's what you all need. A 12+ year old. It's SO nice.

Jake decided that he wanted to come grocery shopping with me, so I let him finish most of his math before we left. That just left Art and History when we got back home. I printed out my shopping list, figured out what I had/needed, and off we went.

First, we stopped by the Ft. Bliss thrift store. It's only opened 3 days a week for about 4 hours. Not very convenient, but I'd happened to catch it on the right day. Lucky for me! I found a pair of "Civil War" shoes for Joe. Just what I was looking for! I also found 2 all cotton plaid shirts (XL orXXL) that I could cut up into Civil War shirts for Jake. And, I found a Pirates of the Caribbean shirt for him too. Pretty cool. And, a stack of Junnie B Jones books for Eme. There were about 12 of them, I think.

Next, it was on to the commissary. They had most of the stuff that I needed. No saltine crackers, though. And I thought I could find chocolate chips cheaper at wal-mart. So I didn't buy any at the commissary. It was a pretty fast trip. I'm getting where I know where everything is, so it doesn't take very long. About 45 minutes, I think. AND, the lines weren't very long.

We were done at about 1pm. We stopped by Burger King, and the kids each got a dollar. I know, I'm a big spender. Jake got a spicy chicken sandwich, and Jimmy got a nuggets. I got a Diet Coke. I know, more caffeine. Not good, but I was thirsty.

Next, it was on to Goodwill. I found another black pair of shoes for Joe, this time Sunday Shoes. He had to wear his white tennys last week to church, and I thought it looked SO funny with his dark Sunday suit. SO, now he's gonna be stylin'

I also found some COOL fabric for $3.00. It was a brown plaid, and I thought would be perfect for the little boys' "mechanic hats". This is what it's supposed to look like. I found this picture online, and tried to re-create it without a pattern. I know, bold. hehehe. But the fabric I bought would be PERFECT for it.

I also found a Thomas the Train VHS tape, and an Independence Day VHS. I think that was it for Good will.

Next, it was on to Wal-Mart. I needed Imitation Vanilla, Dishwasher Soap (I don't know why I'm capitalizing things....), laundry soup, body wash, printer paper, crackers, chocolate chips, and a few other things.

I ended up spending a little bit of my "cash" for the month. I read Suzzanne Collins book, The Hunger Games last month, and was HOOKED. I thought it was fabulous. SO, when her new book in the series, Catching Fire, came out on the 1st, I've been dying to read it. I found it at Wally World today, and just HAD to have it.

I aslo bought a griddle. Not to be confused with girdle. Jake and I had an interesting conversation about the difference between the two words today. ROFL! It's such a cool griddle. I can cook 9 good sized pancakes at a time on it. Sweet! Better than one to 3 in a pan. I just look cooking things :)

SO, finally done with all of our shopping, we headed home. We got home at 3:30, and I still hadn't had lunch. I was STARVING. I got some cheese and cucumber, and we unloaded the truck. I had SO much stuff to put away. Luckily, Jake unloaded most of it for me, and the other kids got home from school in time to help him finish off the task. I got all the groceries put away, and started work on the hat.

I made the first one for Tom. It had a few issues, but looked SUPER cute. I was so happy it turned out well. I quickly whipped up another one for Joe.

Next, it was time for food. The kids wanted me to use the new griddle, so I made up some pancakes. Pancakes for breakfast AND dinner. Yeah, it was great. hehehe. I also made some eggs. It really works great. I'm glad I bought it.

After cleaning up after dinner, I went in my room to check my email and make a few phone calls. The kids did their chores. I called Time Warner Cable (internet) to see what was the deal with my bill. Last month, I'd gotten it all taken care of when they were sending my money to the wrong account. Apparently, it didn't get fixed, because it's still going to the wrong account. Luckily, they fixed it over the phone. They said call back next month to make sure it's going to the right place. Nice.

Next, I called Verizon. We were modifying our plans a bit. Right now, we had 1400 minutes for $100, paid $20 for 2 exta lines, paid $45 for internet on 2 differen lines, paid $20 for texting, and paid for insurance on each phone too. All told, it was over $175 a month. Crazy! So, we moved from a basic plan to a Connect plan. $85 (after discount) a month for 700 minutes (we never use all our minutes - usually about 600 - we only talk to people who are "in" our network - LOL), which includes texting on ALL lines and internet on Captain Americas phone, $20 for the 2 other lines, and $10 for my internet. Plus insurance. But that's SO much less than what we were paying. Anyway, after about 45 minutes on the phone with the Verizon chickie, it was all taken care of.

And, the whole time, of course, I had kids beating on the door to my room, trying to get in. It was chaos. When I got done and came out, Jake and Tom had put Joe and Jim to bed because they were running around acting crazy. AND, it was 7:45pm. Great job, Jake and Tom! Way to take initiative - I was happy :)

I cooked dinner for myself (since I didn't eat lunch until 3:30, eating dinner at 8:00 wasn't too bad), and decided to make a Civil War vest for Tom. He didn't have one (I'm not sure where it went). Out of the same fabric as his hat. SO stinking cute. It turned out pretty good. Took a long time, but looks pretty good. Now, it just needs a few buttons and button holes. More detail sewing.

And, a picture of me after a LONG hard day of stuff. Do you find yourself with a dish towel draped over one shoulder constantly? Just wondering if it's just me, or if others do it too...
I didn't really have a chace to sit and relax at all. Here it is, 12:27am on Wednesday morning, and I'm SO ready for bed. But I feel like there's still more to do. Dishes are done, at least. I did those after making the vest and cleaning up my mess (which was HUGE). I sure hope that Wednesday isn't as crazy was Tuesday was. I don't think I could take 2 NON stop days in a row.

Oh yeah, and "Johnny" came. I didn't really have a lot of PMS, so now I'm getting the residual hormones. Or, should I say, Captain America is. Poor guy never knows what hits him when "hormones strike". You'd think he'd learn. But nope. Every time it's the same thing. He can't for the life of him figure out what's wrong with me. Why am I so moody and edgy. Yeah, I think he needs to mark his calendar. He actually said "I thought you were only moody the days leading up to your period. I thought that since you'd started that you wouldn't act like this". Nice, eh? That's EXACTLY what you say to a hormonal woman to make her feel better. ROFL!

Did you see THIS email??? My friend sent it to me, and I thought it summed up perfectly what hormones can do to ya. This line is my favorite:

FYI, unless you're some kind of sick S&M freak, there will never be anything 'happy' about a day in which you have to jack yourself up on Motrin and Kahlua and lock yourself in your house just so you don't march down to the local Walgreen's armed with a hunting rifle and a sketchy plan to end your life in a blaze of glory.

BUT, he ended up just listening to me tell him about my crazy busy stressful day and cry and apologize for being SO crabby and grouchy at him. He's really a very sweet guy. I like him, and think I'll keep him :)

First off, WordArt wise, my friend/publicity girl, Pam, is in a design contest, and I thought I'd help her out! Click HERE to go to the contest and see her entry (I just LOVE the flower), AND she has some add-on stuff at her blog HERE.

AND, I made you guys a WordArt using her kit. Isn't it pretty! I just love the colors :) Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file. AND, if you like it, go tell Pam!!! She'd love to hear from you guys.

4sharedI made another one, and Pam's gonna have it on her blog in a little while. I don't know if it will be today, but it'll be soon. So go and check it out :) You'll like it. I promise ;) Here's a little preview of it. See, cute, don't ya think!

It's that time of the week again! WordArt Wednesday :) Whatever would we do if we didn't have a day of the week that started with W. hehehe. WordArt Wednesday just has such a nice ring to it :) Click HERE to go to Scraporchard to grab this weeks WordArt, and as always, leave some love if you like my work :)


Dawn said...

um...great wordart, but the 4shared isn't linked...thanks Bethany

Kim said...

Both gorgeous - thank you!

Rubypat said...

Thanks for the word art, Bethany. And the link is working now.
I love the caps you made - they look really authentic!

Tricia Berg said...

What a great job you did on the caps--are you going to show the dress when it's done? Thanks for the word art!

Sharon Kay said...

LOVE that word art...this is one of your prettiest! TY

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 09 Sep [LA 06:00pm, NY 08:00pm] - 10 Sep [UK 01:00am, OZ 11:00am] ).

Jessica said...

dish towel over the shoulder, no. All my years back in college of working at Arby's has taught me to stick the dryest corner of your towel into your back pocket lol!

you just have to watch where you sit - depending on what you have wiped up with your dish towel!!

deltalady6 said...

Great word art, thank you!