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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Children Reinvent Your World

OK, I downloaded some pics from my camera today, and here's what I had :) A few days back (yeah, can't remember at all), I found Joe sleeping on the couch like this - hehehe. Poor kid was TIRED after school :)

And these are from Saturday at Tom's game. Team and Individual pictures. Isn't he handsome!

I just LOVE this pic of my boys :)

Hi there :) It's 8:35pm, and I'm blogging and watching Seven Pounds. Ever watch that movie? I found it very thought provoking. Really makes you think about choices and accountability and such. GREAT movie, I think. I know that some people think that you have to agree with a decision that someone makes to gain anything from a movie, but I think that the way that the choice was presented as food enough for thought for me. Would I do what he did? No. Could I learn something from his decision? Yes.

Anyway, my "hi" went a little far afield. hehehe. So I woke up at 7am, got the kids dressed and ready and off to the bus. I did the bills, then got my shopping list together. By 9am, I was ready for the commissary. I did the weekly grocery shopping, then headed to Walmart, because their 24 pack of Diet Dr Pepper and Coke Zero were on sale for $5.00. And I won't pay more than $2.50 per 12 pack. Because that's just TOO much to pay :)

I had been kicking around the idea of buying a Slip N Slide for the summer, and decided to look at Walmart. $25.00. Yeah, that was too much to pay. I could have sworn that I saw it someplace else for $10. I just couldn't remember where.

I drove to Big Lots, and looked around there. Yeah, no $10 Slip N Slide. So I drove home, and saw a FAmily Dollar, and stopped there. Score! $10 Slip N Slide. It also came with a little floatie raftie thingy. Pretty cool.

So I drove home, Jake helped me get the groceries put away, and we put put the Slip N Slide. Jimmy played on it for a while, then we put it away. The grass was SOAKED, but it was all gone in an hour. El Paso is SO dry :)

We got the house a little bit cleaner. Captain America came home at lunch time, and we hung for a while. I designed for a while, getting 3 WordArt packs done.

At 3:45pm, we started the coals, and then went to the park. Hilary was there and I was there, but no one else showed up. So we came back to my house. I had been marinading some chicken, and put it on the grill. Drumsticks and a few breasts. I just love chicken.

Hilary and I hung in the backyard until 5pm, then she and her kids went to the pool, my kids and I ate some chicken, then we followed on up. With Leslie's kids. We were only at the pool for an hour. There were little kids ALL around and it was just WAY too much for me. Some days I can handle chaos, and other days I can't. My little kids were not playing nicely with other little kids (both parties fault), and I just wasn't dealing well. So I decided to head home before I caused a scene - hehehe.

I dropped the neighbor kids off at their house, and made mine clean for about an hour. And the house looked MUCH better after that. Joe started on his homework, and I put Jimmy to bed at 7pm. Actually, I gave him the choice of cleaning his room or going right to bed. So he laid down to go to bed. hehehe.

At 7pm, Hilary and I went to Sam's Club, and got a few things. While I grocery shop every week, she buys as she needs. Just different shopping methods. I got some Saltine crackers :) They're cheaper at Sam's. After Sam's, we stopped by Sonic, and got a few Rt 44's. Mmmmm, it was very good :)

Back home, she picked up her daughter (who didn't wanna go to Sam's so stayed to play with my kids), she went home, and I sent my kids off to bed. Well, the one's that weren't already in bed. Joe and Jim were already in bed.

So, it's now almost 9pm. Yeah, I've been watching the movie a little more than blogging. hehehe. I can remember trying SO hard to figure out what the movie was about the 1st time through. You look at it a whole different way the 2nd time through.

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Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 8 post on May. 25, 2010. Thanks again.

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Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [25 May 02:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

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you'll be able to see your 'no limitations' word art on Friday on my blog

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Thank you very much for this very beautiful WA !