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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Crazy Summer

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Holy Cow, long day! I'm ready for a few lazy days of summer. Cause I don't know where they went, but they're sure not lazy. It's more like CRAZY days of summer. Sigh. Hey, that gives me an idea for a wordart - hehehe.

So I woke up at 8 something today. That was nice, at least. I got up, got things going around the house. We were going to go to the Sprinkler park on Biggs today at 10am. But the kids wanted to spend their money on some Goggles. And they asked to PLEASE not go to the dollar tree. Because those break too early - hehehe.

So at 9:30am, we loaded up in the truck and headed to Walmart. Once i got there, I realized what I'd done. Walmart with 5 kids? Was I crazy? We went to the bandana section, but they didn't have a green one for me. Sniff. i really wanted one.

We were in the pool section FOREVER. JOe and Jim found $3 goggles for kids. Eme and Tom got $5 goggles for youth. Jake? Yeah, he didn't want a crappy Walmart goggles. Can't say I blame him. He also wanted fins. He had money, so he asked if we could go to a real sports store. There was one near, so I agreed.

We also bought a big red basket to put all of our swim stuff in. I thought it would work pretty good.

Here's me in the parking lot of Walmart, or Big 5. One or the other. Can't remember. I had some lady say "Surely these kids aren't all yours!" today. hehehe. I'll take the compliment :)

Jake found a package deal at Big 5. Flippers, snorkle, and mask, in a nice bag, for $45. He had enough, so he went up to pay for it. Well, it was on sale for $35, so he was even happier. He was pretty excited to try it out.

I'd decided, since none of my "peeps" could come to Biggs, that we'd just do free lunch ,then head to the pool. The kids were SO much happier about it :)

We met Laurie and Kayley and Danielle at Free Lunch. Got last hugs from Kayley before the left. We'll miss them!

It was Spaghetti, Broccoli, and Cantelope for lunch. And the milk was frozen. Nasty! hehehe.

We stopped by the UPS store on the way to the pool, and I mailed back Jakes text books. They had sent me the shipping labels a while back, and I was just now getting around to sending it. Oops.

Next, we had to swing by the house and change into swim clothes. We were running behind. We picked up Braxon and Hunter (wait, we picked them up BEFORE free lunch...) got changed, and headed to the pool. With my cool new bag.

I sat and chatted with Laurie for a while, then she and her kids left. We were only there for about 20 minutes together :( Danielle was there too, and she was going down the big slide during pool break (kids under 18 have to get out)(her hubby was watching the kids), so I went with her! 3 times down the big slide. It was pretty fun.

It was only in the high 90's today, so the pool felt cold. I stayed in for about an hour, and chatted with Leigh, my neighbor. We had a nice chat, but by the time I got out, I was seriously shivering! hehehe.

We dried off, and headed back home. Freezing the whole way. Here's me in the truck.

We got home, changed our clothes, and I made up a new chore list. The way the chores were before, Jake had more, since he was home more. Tom, Eme, and Joe hardly had any. It's more distrubted now. I'm gonna have to teach Joe (6) how to sweep, though.

We did chores, and it really looked pretty good when we were done. I think it's gonna work out :) I went into Joe and Jim's room with them, and we cleaned. We put up all the long sleeved clothes (who wears long sleeves in 100 degree weather?), and the hats and scarfs and mittens and such. I threw away a HUGE trash bag of stuff, orgainzed the toys, put away the clothes, rearranged the furniture a bit.

It's not all done, but it's closer. A lot closer. BUT, I looked at the clock, and it was 4:15. CRAP! This pic is me realizing I had 15 minutes to get ready, get the kids ready, cook dinner, and be out the door. Yeah, not gonna happen.

I found a yellow bandana, put on my yellow scout shirt, slapped on some foundation and pressed powder and blush, some lip gloss, and called it good. I grabbed my zebra bag and my zebra flip flops, to match with my zebra name tag I made yesterday. Yeah, I'm gonna be hot - hehehe.

I loaded the kids up in the truck, and we headed to Burger King. They have burgers/chicken for a buck. We all got one, and I got a side salad. I can kinda eat the burger part. It's not exactly on the diet, but it was close enough for tonight :)

Here's me, right before we left.

Me in Burger King parking lot, waiting for our food :)

We got to the church at around 5pm, so I had time to set up my room. They had all the supplies I needed. Well, mostly. I got the rest. They'd planned on having the kids wet the leather with a sponge. Yeah, that wasn't gonna work. You need to submerse it. So we got a few pitchers and a bowl of water. They needed to let it soak.

I also made up a place on the table, with marker, where each of the tools went. I didn't want some to accidentally walk off, without me knowing. This way, I'd know, at a glance, what pieces were out. Smart, eh?

Jake was helping with me class, so once it was all set up, we went outside to flags. Brother Perez (Danielles hubby) and Sister Porter (Tiffany) were our leaders today. Because I couldn't help, because I was teaching a station.

Anyway, here's Tom and I at flags, or right before it :)

After flags, it was in to the gym, to leatherworking. It was SO loud. I was seriously afraid I was gonna get a migraine. hehehe. I mostly didn't. I gave my spheal about leatherworking, then had the boys soak their leather. Then assigned out mallets to groups of two, then let them loose. We had 30 mintues to spend, and only took about 20. So they had 10 minutes of playtime. Worked out ok :)

Here's the 1st group of boys.

And the 2nd group of boys.

We got done at 8:10pm, and headed back to flags. We had 4 groups of boys come though, and it really worked out pretty good. I think the boys al had fun.

All the volunteers who taught classes were called up front, and given "thank you" prizes (I picked beef jerkey) and a Leai. Yeah, I don't know how to spell that. Jimmy came with me, because he wasn't standing nicely by himself - hehehe.

But check out this picture. Me, the biggest head EVER, looks like I have a tiny head. I guess Jimmy wins for biggest head ever. LOL! See, I just had to birth someone with a bigger head than me :) hehehe

We finished up flags, and headed home, getting home a few minutes after 9pm. We dropped off Hunter and Braxton, put the little kids to bed, then Jake and Tom and I cleaned the living room, then sat down to watch a show we'd missed on Monday. Persons Unknown. Or something like that. It was weird, but I think I'm gonna like it.

Captain America came in after the first 3 minutes, and sat down and watched it with us. I grabbed my computer after it was over, put the kids to bed, and Captain America fell asleep on my shoulder. After about 30 minutes, he went to bed, and I kept working.

I had a store project to get done, and then I started blogging and designing. It's now 1:20pm, and I'm exhausted. I have to get up at 6:45am to get ready for day 3 of camp. I'm SO ready for it to be over...

And, did you see what was missing from my day? Huh? My friend Hilary :( Sniff. Sniff. She and her family went to Ft Hood area, and Dallas. For a family thing. Waaaaaaahhhh! She left me all alone.... So sad :(

We texted on and off all day, and I'm even chatting with her on FB right now. Dang, it's late where she is, I just realized. Hope she functions well tomorrow :)

They stopped at Ft Worth for dinner with a friend, and someone busted out their window, and stole their GPS. Dang! Stupid robbers! I'm not sure what they're doing with their window. They had a backup GPS, Laptop, Ipods, all sorts of electronics hidden in the car, but the thief just grabbed the GPS from the dash. At least that was all he/she took. But the broken window is problematic.

Sorry, Hil! Hope the rest of your trip goes better, and without hitch. I miss you friend...

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