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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tomorrow Will Be Better

SOOO, I guess I touched off a hot topic yesterday, and I didn't even mean to. Teenage babysitting. Is it good or is it bad? Well, apparently "anonymous" thinks it's bad. AND, do you leave kids home when they're kinda sick? Good or bad.

Jimmy has been sick for 2 days. VERY low fever, laying on the couch, no puking. Just puny. Content to watch TV. Loss of appetite. Hence the no puking. Sleepy a lot. I've been giving him Motrin or Tylenol, and he returns to almost normal. No complaints about anything else. His throat was a bit swollen on the inside, but seriously, the child has the LARGEST tonsils that I've seen, and snores horribly. So it didn't look any different than normal.

So I left him at home with Jake a few times. And went about life as normal. Was this bad? He wasn't overly whiny or clingy. He was just content to lay on the couch and watch TV. I was in contact with Jake by phone. And it's not like I left him alone for an 8 hour stretch. Friday, I was gone for about 30 minutes in the morning, then home till lunch. Then gone from lunch till about the time kids got home from school. Enough time for an hour or so at Hilarys house, a Sonic run ,and a trip to Old Navy. Then I was home for after school time, dinner, and I left again at almost bedtime.

Each time I was there, I was sitting with Jimmy, or doing chores. He didn't seem to care either way. He was watching movies. Or sleeping. Mostly he was sleeping. I'd give him meds every 4 hours, and gatorade, and saltine crackers. I knew exactly what was going on.

Jake would text about every hour when I was gone, and he would let me know how things were going. Jimmy is napping. Jimmy is watching a movie. I gave him more gatorade. He doesn't wanna eat the crackers.

The kids were all watching a movie when Captain America and I headed out on our date at almost 7pm. Jimmy, again, was laying on the couch, watching a movie, with his brothers and sister. At 8pm, Jake put Jim to bed, and he fell asleep.

We got home at 11:30pm, and Jimmy was in the bathroom peeing. And then he puked. But nothing came out, because he hadn't eaten anything. I gave him more liquids, some more meds, and set him up on the couch with a pillow and blanket, tucked him in, and he went right back to sleep. It was the only time he'd puked.

To me, this sounded like the flu. Or teething. Or something common, not treatable with much more than Tylenol and rest. I have 5 kids, so unless there's something more than a fever, no doctor is needed. Just time.

Which is why I didn't feel the need to sit home and monitor his every movement. Warning signs in my book are puking (and then only sometimes), headaches, sore throats, ouchy ears, asthma-like breathing, those kinds of things. Not fevers. Especially low fevers.

SO, Saturday morning, Captain America and I both had a meeting to go to. We volunteer for Cub Scouts in the church AND Cub Scouts in the community. We were doing our Annual Planning meeting for the Community pack, and it was a family picnic.

Since Jimmy was puny, and the weather was supposed to be over 100 degrees (it was 105, I think), I left him and Jake at home. Jake didn't wanna go anyway. I told him I'd bring him back a plate of food, and he was fine. Jim still had the same symptoms as yesterday and the day before.

BUT, while at the meeting, around lunchtime, Jake texted and said that Jimmy said that his ears were hurting. OK, warning sign.

We finished up within the hour, and I came home, got kids situated, and took Jimmy to the ER. You don't bring your otherwise healthy child to the ER for a low fever. But you do for a low fever combined with earache.

We got there at 2pm, and got seen right away. He had a fever of 100.1, and was drowzy. Maybe this is a bad thing, but before I take my kids to the ER, I don't medicate them. Whats the point of going to the doctor when they can't see the problem. So he hadn't had any meds since 8am. So the nurse gave him some Motrin, and we waited for a few more minutes.

Really, it was a super fast visit. We were seen within 20 minutes. They looked in his ears, and said that he had ear infections in both ears. Then they looked in his throat, and did a Strep test. Strep was positive. Right after the strep test, he was crying (cause they shoved that stick down his throat), and I went and held him on the bed, and he puked all over me. Nice. Pedialite and Watermelon slushie from Sonic. Wonderful. hehehe.

After that, he felt SO much better. He wanted to get up and play with the spinny stool/chair, and acted like a new kid. We got our prescription, signed a few papers, went to the pharmacy right there in the hospital, and only had to wait for 2 people in front of us.

We were walking out of the hospital by 3:30. Yeah, record time. I gave him his first dose of Penicillin, and took him home.

So tell me, was I an irresponsible parent as "anonymous" implied? Is it bad to leave a little one home with a sibling when they're sick, even if you're monitoring them the entire time? And if so, why? I only took Jimmy to the ER AFTER I found out about his ear. He hadn't mentioned a sore throat, or earaches before that. How does me staying home all day yesterday tell me that? All the time I spent with him yesterday, he didn't say a thing about it. Or mention it to Jake. Or Captain America. Or anyone else. I'm not omniscient, you know :)

Anyway, while I feel I did nothing "wrong", anonymous' comment has been in my head today. I don't really feel like blogging the rest of the day. Someone is just gonna take offense at it anyway, right? Pick apart everything that I do. Comment on how much of a bad parent I must be for whatever it is I choose to do.

I use my blog as my journal. To chronicle my "journey" through my days. And if I have to "guard" what I write, for fear of being looked at as a "bad parent", well, then, it's kinda losing it's appeal. Hopefully I'll feel different tomorrow. Because I love tying up my day by blogging. After a long day of activities, it's a nice 30 minutes to an hour that I sit and reflect on what I really did for the day. Positives and negatives. It gives me pause to organize my thoughts. And see what all I really did accomplish.

But I guess this is what I get for putting my life in the public eye, right? I open myself up to scrutiny.....

Anyway, here's a freebie. I hope you like it :) Even if I am a bad parent, at least I make nice WordArts, right?


kathymack56 said...

Thanks for the freebie. I have several projects where this would work as a title page.
I am a registered nurse of over 30 years and I do not think you are a bad mom at all. I have been visiting your site for a good while and your children all seem very responsible. I worry more about some adults watching a child.IMHO you were great.
God bless you.

SammiB said...

Bethany you are a great mother and don't listen to anyone else about your mothering skills. I love that you blog is so honest and how you feel, think at the time. No-one should judge any mother.. Take care and much love Sammib. ps. I don't normally say anything, but this I couldn't help myself. Being a mother, no-one has the right to say anything about mothering skills, especially since they will not know all the facts!!

Lithium Flower said...

They are your kids and you know best. And having 5 kids, you sure have the experience.
There will always be someone that has something negative to say, no matter what you post in your blog, so you should ignore them. Just follow your heart and take care of your family, because you are doing a wonderful job. We all can see that in the family photos you show us.

Lei said...

Hey girly, change your setting where you cant post anonymous and that will take care of alot of the negative peeps!
Your kids are well adjusted good kids, so you must be doing something right :)

Jules said...

Never doubt your own abilities as a mother. You know your kids and when they need medical attention and when they just need to lie on the couch.
From your blog I can see that you have a loving and close family, and you are honest. Motherhood ain't all pretty, and all of us have bad days. As long as we have love, then everything else is OK. Keep blogging and tell it how it is!

Unknown said...

I agree with the other comments. It's easy for people to read, form an opinion, type and hit that enter key. Don't worry about them. Delete the negative! Thank you for your generosity!

leeesenkiz said...

Bethany, you know your children better than anyone. No one has the right to judge. I can remember being a responsible teenager myself. My mother was in nursing school, my dad at work and one day when my little sister was ill, my mom had me stay home from school to care for her. Maybe not her favorite plan, but it worked out fine. Today's kids need more responsibility and you are doing the right thing. I love your blog and word art!

Anonymous said...

People continue to amaze me. I know that life has changed but when I was a child, (under 12) we left home in the morning, came in at lunch time and went back out. We had limits as to where we could/couldn't go but no phones, no sitting where someone could see us! I was the oldest of 6 and often had several of my siblings in my charge all day long! Some days we took a bag with sandwiches and drinks and didn't even go back for lunch. Mom worked out in the garden for hours while I took care of sick siblings. Ignore the witches and live your life. Perhaps the anonymous poster is jealous of your life- your kids, etc. Change your comments so people have to leave their names!
Cheer up and have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the others. Hang in there.

Amanda said...

There will always be people to knock you down and say mean things...you gotta ignore them. You are the mom, you know your kids, you are with them day in and day out. Don't feel obligated to explain yourself, just delete the nasty, condescending, stupid comments and go on with your life!

Thanks ALWAYS for the kickass freebies!

Hilary-Dilary-Dock said...

I love you, Bethany! You are an awesome and wonderful mom! You know you are! So if you're gonna listen to what others say, listen to me and these other ladies so far! :-)

Anne said...

Your blog is, as always, fantastic and although I don't comment much I read it every day. You shouldn't have to explain yourself to anyone especially someone who hasn't got the guts to name themselves - how wonderful it must be to be perfect. Keep your chin up and I think you're a very responsible Mum. By the way, thanks once again for your fabulouse word art. Big hugs xx

Trac said...

My biggest complaint about comments on my blog...or any blog, is that those no named people who love to give their opinion (good or bad) and feel they can say anything because no one can reply to them. My mom had 4 kids, I was the oldest and I was left with the little ones a lot..even when they were sick. BEFORE CELLPHONES, TEXT MESSAGE, TWITTER, ETC. I didn't lose a single sister. You know your kids, you know the signs and it sounds like your Jake knows what he is doing. Don't let people who don't know you ruin or change how you live your life. They are too busy messing around in other's lives that who knows what they are doing in their own.

Anonymous said...

Just remember, we ALL do our best parenting to other people's kids. Or so we think. [hang in there]

Hifam said...

You made me smile Bethany. I love reading about your life and family. I think you are a healthy, well adjusted mother who knows she has to take a break sometimes so that she can be a healthy, well adjusted mother. :)

I think kids need to learn responsibility. We pamper and coddle children (as a society) and I think we do a disservice to the next generation.

I hope you have a nice Sunday and that your son feels better today.

Rubypat said...

I think it is great that you have given your children the knowledge that they can and do have a role to play in the family - that it doesn't all come down to MOM! I think of all the years when you were not able to leave your children, and you were always on call for them; now that Jake is older, and responsible, it is fantastic that you can have some time for yourself and your friends, without endangering your children in any way. It is obvious from your blog that you have GREAT mothering skills, and teaching independence and dependability to your teenager is the right way to go. What an awesome partner/father he will be when he gets a bit older!!! GO BETHANY!

mumgranny said...

Thanks for your freebies. Have purchased quite a few of your packages which I used mostly on cards for Operation Write Home.
I agree with the suggestion to block
anonymous comments. Beyond me why someone would offer an opinion - when one wasn't requested. Your the momma and you know what is best for your kids. You're happy - kids are happy - you must be doing somethings right. Keep up your mothering and turn a deaf ear to the stupid people.

TeenaBugg38 said...

Hey there Bethany!
I have been a follower of your blog for quite a while now and love it! First off SHAME on the anonymous commenter.....I mean, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but please, if you feel strongly enough about something to leave such a comment then you should also be confident enough to back it up and sign your name to it!! If you can't then just shut up!!

Sorry :)

I have five children as well and you do the best you can. Kids get sick...it's a fact of life. And as parents we ahve things we have to do...also a fact of life. And we need to get away once in a while to make things more pleasant for eveyrone! I love my children more than life itself....but if I were stuck with them 24/7 with no break in sight......not good......LOL.

It's not as tho you left him totally alone.....and I know from reading your blog your teeenage son IS certified and has taken a class in babysitting!! I may catch some flack over this myself......but I feel that letting our teenage children babysit is great practice for them AND a lesson in what it's like to have children of their own...and when they get "that age" it may be the best birth control out there.....LOL. Just sayin :)

No matter what you do girl, there are ALWAYS people out there that think they know better and don't care to let you know it.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Anonymous said...

Each parent knows their children best. We are very capable of making this decision about our kids. You know your children are responsible enough and it is a good way to show you trust them.

Anonymous said...

I hope your son is feeling much better now. You stay strong. Thank you so much for sharing your talents.
Yes, I will be signing this anonymous. Not because I am hiding, because the only thing I have is email and I do not want to post that to the public.

The Hills said...

I would have done the same thing. I can't wait until my oldest is old enough to watch the other kids, but I still have another 5 or so years. You are so not a bad mother for doing what you did. Ignore the haters, they are just doing things like that because they know what they have done is worse than what you did. It's a whole "holier than thou" attitude. By the way, love the wordart today!

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 9 post on Jun. 06, 2010. Thanks again.

Audrey (mrs_sweetpeach) said...

I rarely leave comments as not only do I read your blog as a feed, but blogger routinely rejects the things I type because it can't (apparently) handle my livejournal identity. However, I really, really want you to know I think you are an excellent responsible parent and that I would hate it if you began self-censoring. I have learned so much from you.

Anonymous said...

No one knows your kids better than you. Not even "Miss Know It All Anoymous" knows what is right. I was one of four children, and my Mom left us home alone many times when colds or illness were running their course. Rest is what we needed, and we behaved and she did not need to worry. Your blog and life is wonderful, and I enjoy every minute of it. It's a balancing act to get everything in. Sounds like you have met some really good friends to balance it out even better. I do worry about posting your whereabouts and plans, with so many kidnappings around there. I just want you and your family to be safe. You blog is so interesting and down to earth to me. I read it everyday. You can't please everybody, so you do what you think is right. You did not need to defend yourself. I would of never mentioned it, she feeds off that. She is a troll. Mary Ann, Texsas

Anonymous said...

Hi Bethany,
Love your blog! Also I am NOT the same anonymous poster from yesterday.

I can't say my opinion on your situation is all positive or all negative. But you asked for input...

Your children are very responsible and independent. That is great! Also you touched base often with your kids even when you weren't home. That is terrific too.

I guess I am torn because my personal choice would have been different. If one of my children were sick -- I think I would have skipped the trip to Sonic instead of asking a child to parent him, no matter how responsible that older child is. I don;t think it's fair to either child.

But I understand your dilemma. My kids almost never get sick, so when they do I want to mother them.

Peggy S said...

I'm a grandma of 9 and you did nothing wrong. I'm impressed with how responsible your son is. Good job raising responsible kids who don't make a bigger deal out of minor illnesses than is necessary.

Ruby M said...

I have yet to run into the "PERFECT" parent. These are your kids and noone knows them or their needs better. There are always people who are so ready to point out what they feel are short comings in someone elses lives.....personaly I ignore them. Do what you feel is right for your kids and to heck with the people who feel the need to find fault. If their way is so great, They should publish their name insteand of hiding behind the anonymous that or write yet another book on how to be a perfect parent!!!!

Shauna said...


Ok here is my take on this (and with it and $5.00 you can buy a cup of coffee). The person came to your blog for something, most likely the freebie you offer every day. So you gave them a gift and they spit in your face...where I was raise, that person would be called some really bad names, but we'll settle for calling them an idoit. Do you think they were so offended by your post that they didn't download the freebie...no...do you think they were so offended that they will never come back again and get your freebies...no. My guess is their life sucks and they want everyone else to suffer too. Because although they might have felt you did something wrong, since they don't know you or your children, the only reason they have for saying something is to make you feel bad. So my hope is you'll realise thier opinion just like mine really don't mean anything. Does your husband still love you, do your kids still love you, does Jimmy still love you...my guess is yes, so the rest of this is just BS. Don't let those with a mean streak get you down. You're a good mom, you know, your husband knows and your kids know it the rest of us yahoos don't really count.

Mari said...

While I can't say I agree with all your parenting choices, I come here to read about your life. Its enjoyable and entertaining. I am sure you wouldn't agree with every parenting decision I make. Regardless, this is your blog, don't let negative comments about your life get you down.

Brandi said...

I've read your blog for sometime and I'm not sure I've ever left a comment. It's funny how everyone is the perfect parent -- when it comes to someone else's kids! Your little guy was taken care of and, seriously, if we all sat around the house anytime one of our kids said they didn't feel good then, well, we probably wouldn't ever leave the house! Shake 'em off! You know your kids better than anyone else!

IvoryKeys said...


I have read your blog daily for almost a year and I have loved every honest, down to earth, word you have shared. You do more for your children than many of the people who call themselves the "parents" of the students I teach. You have given your children the life skills needed to be responsible valuable members of society. You have raised them to show respect, honor, and compassion for those their life path crosses. You ARE a wonderful mom. You are a REAL person who shares her heart without reservation. You are a wife to a MAN who has dedicated his life to serving this nation with pride and a willingness to protect those who can not protect themselves.

You have a teenage son who can responsibly watch your other children. It is nothing new to our society to have a teenager watch younger children. It is a JOB people - one that teaches valuable life skills. From your blog alone we can see that your children are happy and well adjusted. You don't sugar coat things. You've shared many inspiring stories of the academic struggles your children have had and what all you and Brent have done to support your children to be the best they can possibly be. (How I wish all my students were that lucky.)

May God continue to richly bless you and your family. You are a blessing to those around you. You are an inspiration to many that you will never meet.

To those that say otherwise. That's your opinion. You are entitled to it. However, if you feel you must attempt to put someone down, be brave enough to sign your name and a way to contact you. Because honestly, you are like a thief in the night, skulking around, hiding, unwilling to take the heat for hurting someone. You knew what you were saying was hurtful and yet you did it anyway.

Bethany, I know this is long. I just thought of one more thing, when you are walking in the path that God places you, following Him and His plan for you, smack in the middle of His will, Satan will use everything he has to tear you down. That includes people, most definitely in a way that will wound you deeply. Because that's what he wants, you to doubt yourself and the love that God has for you. Don't let him win...EVER.

I'm not anonymous....I'm Susan.

IvoryKeys said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Di said...

I agree with Lei...change your settings. If you have to attack someone anonymous, thats just tacky and wrong! I think you are a great Mom! And a fun one too!
Thanks for always sharing your goodies with us!!

Michele said...

Good grief! Some people just have nothing better to do than examine everyone else's lives -- when they really need to be examining their own! You are obviously a great mom. I agree with everyone else. You know your children and you know what's best for them.

Allanna said...

You're not a bad mom at ALL. You're a very good mom who fosters her children's independence with lots of love.

I agree with the others, YOU know your own kids the best.
(And, it is true that some people parent differently than others. But just because Anonymous doesn't like what someone else is doing ... well, it doesn't make it WRONG.)

You're doing great. Really. ^_^

Briteiis said...

Betrhany I love your work and your blog. I didn't even give it a second thought when I read your blog yesterday that Jimmy was sick at home and you went out. It seemed very natural to me. I remember when I was 6yrs my Mom had to leave me alone at home when I was sick She'd made other plans to drive my sister and some others in her class on a field trip. My Dad of course was working. I knew I could call my Dad on the phone if I needed him but I didn't. Was that wrong? Now a days maybe, but way back then it wasn't. I've even had to leave my own children alone sometimes when they were sick. Now I'm a grandmother and my kids and myself all turned out ok! You are a great Mom, don't let anyone tell you different.

Kristi a.k.a. Kristi8004 said...

Bethany, I've been a fan of your blog for quite some time and your kids are happy, healthy and LOVED. You are not a bad mother, I am a mother of 6 so I know a lil about sore throats, achy ears, flu and other sicknesses, I would of done EXACTLY what you did.
You are NOT a bad mother.

BTW, thanks for all the awesome word arts, I use them all the time!!

Angela B said...

Bethany, I stop by and read your blog occasionally but this is my first time leaving a comment. I just had to say I do not think you are a bad mom. Please don't let a negative comment from some anonymous person steal your joy of blogging! Blog on girl! lol

p.s. from what I've read of your blog you are an awesome mom!

Anonymous said...

This is absulutely hysterical. All of these people trying to make you feel better about your ignorant judgement call. I certainly hope that no one would seriously leave a sick 4 year old, later diagnosed with an ear infection in both ears AND strep, with a "12" year old to go shopping and to Sonic with a friend. By the way, last time I checked "12" is not a teenager. To top it off you later went on DATE night to dinner and a movie. Your husband obviously agrees with this method of parenting because he went along as well as your friends. Then again your husband tends to be absent from your home more often than not. Camping trips, so called work, etc.If you take this offensively then maybe you shouldn't post your entire life on the web for public viewing. If you have to ask people if you did the right thing, then maybe you are starting to come to the realization that you should raise your own children not your 12 year old.
Anyways, your wordart is not worth my soul in reading your blog. Honestly, I would rather pay for it through someone else. When I read your blog I feel as if I am condemning my soul to Satan by standing by and not commenting on your complete negligence and abandonment. I missed yesterdays comments and I am sorry to know that someone else beat me to the punch in telling you how lousy of a parent you truely are. Shame on you, shame on your husband. God bless your children.

Mary Lynn Evans said...

I haven't commented before and have to admit a lot of times I don't read you're entire blog ... I'm just here for the free wordart. haha But occasionally I do and I don't think you are a bad mom at all! Sometimes it's hard to ignore someone's mean comments, but to each there own I say. You seem like a hard working, busy mother who loves her children and her husband and is only trying the best you can. I think it is great your teenager will help watch your younger children and it also helps him to be a better parent in the future!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Crazy negative comments. Sorry to read that. However wonderful to see how all those that know you best have stood up to give you support.

I love your blog and candor about your daily life. Your 12 yr old I believe I read has taken or is taking a babysitting course.. and so that is more than most.. and you were only a phone call away for rushing home.. if needed to. I think you are doing your best.. and that is what we should all be doing. We all have different ideas of what that is.. and we can't live by others values.. only our own. ;)

Thank you for the gifts.. I always love them. Chin up hun.. and remember this... water off a ducks back. lol

DiAnna (P.S. I always post anonymously.. well sort of.. as I sign my name at the end.... so negative nelly was not me...just for the record. ;) ... )

JMC Design said...

Bethany, You are amazing! Perfect no, but who is! The Lord knows you and he knows your kids and husband! That should be all that matters. Don't let someone else's faults bring you down. You are a daughter of our Heavenly Father, he loves you! You keep going girl!!! You are doing great!!!

Love, Jodi

Anonymous said...


Um wow, How dare you talk to someone in this manner... You should be ashamed of yourself. I cannot believe you would say something like that so someone else. Did you consider thinking before you wrote that? Bethany does not need to answer to you or anyone else. She did the right thing and I KNOW her and KNOW she would never endanger her child.

If you feel that "When I read your blog I feel as if I am condemning my soul to Satan by standing by and not commenting on your complete negligence and abandonment." -- Then maybe you should keep to yourself then. No one is asking you to stick around especially because you are so quick to attack. Yes, she blogs and many people read it, but she does not need permission from you or anyone to take a break from the day. Regardless of the situation.

And I am HIGHLY offended by your comments about her husband. How dare you speak of a soldier that way. You have no idea what sacrifices we make in our lives for you to spit out such nasty things to others. "So called work" -- I cannot believe that an American would say such a thing. You should be grateful for his services to you and your family.

I am done giving you MY time. Shame on you.

Teri Hardy

Bethany-- still love ya girl and I got your back as do many others. You did NOTHING wrong. Hugs!!

Anonymous said...

Teri - I gave my opinion because she stated she wanted opinions in her latest blog entry. As a Christian, I am obligated to be as honest as possible. Are you condoning her behavior? I will not read her blog any longer. However, I will defend myself when people call me out and yet stand idly by in her actions. I would like to add that I am also a soldiers wife and have been around the military my entire life. I KNOW that the soldiers do have time for their families. Her family should be reported to command as well as CPS. It doesn't matter. Eventually it will happen. The sad thing is, while her feelings may be hurt, the only ones who truly suffer are her children.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I have ever left a comment before. I have been coming here since way before ya'll moved to TX...anyways, I have never read anything that made me think you were a bad Mother. I have been through this with a neighbor before..some people feel they have a right to say things just because they do something differently. That person should feel ashamed..You did nothing wrong.

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected..I left earlier and posted before seeing "Jens" post. Jenn reported for what? I am an Ex Military Wife..I am a Nurse..and I am a mother of 7 kids. She should not be reported to CPS, CPS is for abused children..Bethany is not an abusive Mother. I think it is you who think abuse of power is ok. I was in an abusive situation and the military and cps chose not to help me in any way but that is neither here nor there, No where near the same situation. Bethany ignore drama starters..I apologize for this post but that person really made me mad. Some poeple think CPS is to be called with anything they don't agree with. Get a life "Jen"

Anonymous said...

Neglected children are also considered abused. Any "registered nurse" would know this.

Anonymous said...

This is my last comment..I am sure you will want the last word in. Bethany's Kids are not neglected, even her Mother in Law thinks she is a Great Mother. You are obviously a sad troublemaker..I will pray for you, maybe Bethany will as well. It is a shame you are as you are. I strive to be better most days. God Bless You Jen.
Neglect would have been leaving her son with no one. Most states 12 is legal babysitting age.

Lisa said...

Wow! Such drama! What some people don't seem to understand is that some kids react differently to illness. I have a son who had a double ear infection andstrep also, but didn't hardly complain. He acted just like your little guy. I have another son who screamed and cried ALL NIGHT LONG about his ear,so I took him in the next morning and the doc told me it was barely even red and wouldn't give me anything for it. Bottom line is as parents we just do the best we can. I may not have made the same decision, but I'm also not judging you for the decision you made. Your kids seem awesome and well adjusted. You OBVIOUSLY love them very much. Thanks for giving us all a glimpse into your life and keep your chin up!

Christine Pethers said...

I think I'm probably a 'stalker'
Sorry . Youre word art is brilliant .
As a stop at home Mum who doesn't get out much due to health and mobility problems I look forward to youre blog every day . To read what someone else is doing on a daily basis encourages me to try and do at least one of youre daily events at least once a week . It gives me hope that as you have put today - 'Tomorrow will be better' .
I dont think you are a bad parent - infact I think you are a pretty fantastic parent - please dont get downhearted because of a few people - these people would find fault with anything because that is who they are . I am sure youre friends nearby who see you everyday certainly dont see you as bad
Chin up Hun
love Chris

Anonymous said...

Bethany, I agree with "most" of the others - I think you are a great mom!!! I've been reading your blog for almost 2 years and while maybe I don't comment as I should (blame my blog reader ;) this absolutely blew me away. What right did she have to judge? Ignore her. Obviously she has some issues. Be thankful you have an awesome, well-adjusted family!! And I see nothing wrong with teenage babysitting - I did it way back when and both of my kids were legally babysitting other children by the age of 12 (they're 18 & 16 now so it wasn't all that long ago) - and yes, sometimes those children were sick and their parents still left them!! I felt my children were responsible enough and they were. Don't let the negative comments get you down!! IMHO, there is nothing wrong with what you're doing or what you did....and from the number of positive comments you got it absolutely outweighs the negative :) Keep it up girl!!! BTW, thanks for the all the great wordart!!!

~Pew or Sunday Confession said...

Jen and Anonymous -

He who is without sin can cast the first stone! I am sure you are FAR from without sin!

Jen, if you are so scared to be condemned by Satan, then you better not judge because judging is far worse of a sin.

Both of you ought to look more at your own lives before judging others on theirs. No one has said you HAD to read this blog. If you don't like it, don't read it. Don't subscribe to it or unsubscribe to it. But since y'all do read it, just for the free word art alone, then y'all are just moochers out for a free ride then spit in the face of the person who has given it to you. The both of you need to grow up and get your own lives in check and in order before judging others.

Charmaine said...

WOW, seriously "Jen"??? ....." Her family should be reported to command as well as CPS." you must seriously live in a freaking bubble or the psycho ward because last time I checked, there were lots of children out there who are STARVED, or BEATEN, or SEXUALLY ABUSED and that is what CPS should be spending their time on, not some crackpot like you who would report a good mother like Bethany who knows exactly where her children are and what they are doing at all times. Shame on you, I didn't want to reply because that is exactly what trolls like you want, to feed on the drama, but I just had to say that....Bethany's children are just fine and she does a great job, so stop TROLLING and go away!P.S. Bethany, get those anonymous comments disabled today to BAN THE TROLL!

Bethany said...

Seriously? You're dissing an American Soldier for the time he puts in at work? Really?

I don't know what your hubbys job was, my mine is an Executive Officer (XO) for his battery, and works until the work is done. Works until the commander tells him to go home. Or works until the commander tells him to go home, then works at home to finish up all the things the commander tells him to do. Not the easiest of jobs.

Anyone who thinks that Officers have it easy have another think coming. Just because the other soldiers are "released" to go home at a normal hour doesn't mean that EVERYONE goes home.

And really, you wanna report him up the chain of command? For doing what his commander tells him? Yeah, I think the commander would get a kick out of that. So basically you'd be reporting to the commander that the commander makes him stay too long. Yeah, that'd go over well.

Of course I'd like my husband home with me. But we made a sacrifice of a lot of family time so that people like you can be free to come and mock us on MY blog. You're welcome :)

A Minimum of 2 said...

My experience over the years taught me that you cannot argue with stupid and moronic people. And Jen and Anonymous clearly fit the role of stupid and moronic. I suggest y'all don't give them any more of your attention on this. Clearly neither one has a life or dislikes their life so they have to pick at others. Or they're just clearly jealous that they don't have a teenager yet to watch their little ones. Clearly folks, leave the Stupid and Moron, I mean Jen an Anonymous, alone and save your breath, your madness and your emotions for things that clearly matter. Karma's a bitch and one day these two will receive something from her!

nannyjan said...

You seem like a lovely Mommy to me and you are the person that knows her children best. Take no notice of people that try to drag you down. Everyone needs a break, even if it's just to get some shooping, because that's what helps us cope with the day to day life. It's not easy being a parent as us parents know. Take care and ignore the anonymous negative messages sweetie.


dnahudak01 said...

WOW. im not even gonna comment on what Jen and annonymous said. ( as i agree it will just fuel fire more and make me even more upset that people can be so mean, hateful, and judgmental.) Bethany-ur an awesome, wonderful, kind, smart, and giving mother and friend. listen to the people who KNOW and care about u and SCREW- for lack of a more G rated comment- all the others. And may GOD BLESS all of our service men and women for their loyalty, duty, and sacrifice for our country so that other stands free to mock them. i hope this is the end of all this.

Sue said...

You know your kids better than any of those (including myself) who comment on your blog. You cannot always "guess" correctly about what is wrong with your child. Doctors with children make mistakes, too. Since none of us is perfect, we all do the best we can.

Hang in there. Trust your judgment.

I do LOVE your word art. Thank you for being so generous with your designs.

Anonymous said...

Wow..Holy Moly! I just got around to catching up on the blog posts and realized that this has really gotten a lot of comments (hey, that’s great for your blog!). I'll go on record as saying that I was the "anonymous" poster that said I didn't understand leaving a sick child at home. OK..first of all...I posted "anonymous" because I #1.Don't have a Google account & #2 Don't have a Blogger account and it asks for you to enter that account information...or else you have to post "anonymous". So it was not because I'm scared or tacky or any of those things. Good grief people, technically we’re all posting “anonymously” especially if you are not using your real “full” name on your posts or unless you know each other in real life.

I stand by what I wrote, which I didn’t think was such a big deal. I still do not understand leaving a child who has obviously been sick for a couple of days at home for, what seemed in the original blog post, to be a lengthy period of time. I, PERSONALLY, would not be able to go out to dinner and leave my very young child at home sick even with a responsible teenager under these circumstances. A cold..fine, no problem, but a child who is lethargic, sleeping all the time, not eating and has a temp…nope, no way. Sorry, it’s just the truth. Would I run an errand? Probably, if it took between 15-20 minutes maximum. Now...at NO time did I say that anyone was a bad mother, nor did I say anyone was negligent or abusing their children. That’s going a bit too far and people are stretching what I said. I simply stated that I don't understand doing that. That was my opinion and still is. I am entitled to have an opinion. Do I have to share my opinion? Well, no, I suppose I don’t. Maybe I shouldn’t have. But, if one doesn’t want negative feedback, then perhaps there shouldn’t be an option to comment on the blog. Not everything is always sunshine and roses and, whether one likes it or not, people are going to have both good and bad opinions about things. The fact that someone shares their life openly with everyone is a choice and one has to realize that not everyone is going to agree with everything you do (you do know that right?).

No, my life is not miserable. Actually, it's pretty great! I've got 2 kids of my own...ages 13 & 10. Wonderful, loving husband, married 18 years. Lots of friends, and I’m typically known as a pretty nice and friendly person. And you know what? Come to think of it, if one of my best friends had done the same exact thing I’d probably say something directly to them like, “Best friend…What in the world were you thinking leaving him home like that?” Best friend would know that I’m not insinuating that she is a bad parent…just that I didn’t think what she did was such a great idea. Nope...I'm not perfect either. I've made plenty of mistakes. Never claimed to be the perfect parent or anything as such.

One more thing before I close….I just wonder how many of you, who have called me names and talked trash about me, had the same or close to the same thoughts (whether this post/blog or some other) and just didn’t comment? Is it more “brave” to comment when you disagree or to refrain from commenting when you disagree? Hmmmm….think on that one for a while.

Bethany – If I caused you heartache – for that I am truly sorry. Really. I honestly do not think you are a “bad mother”. I still disagree with leaving him at home sick, and I’m not backing down from that, but he’s your child and you’re his mother and ultimately it’s up to you how to raise your own children. I do love your WordArt…I’ve been a customer many times (a paying customer, not just taking advantage of freebies). But you MUST realize that if you are going to share such intimate information about your family every day with the ENTIRE world, you are going to have people who disagree with you about things. It is inevitable.

Signed ~ Michelle from somewhere in N.C. (OK….now I’m not “anonymous”)

Anonymous said...

Wanted to post one more thing...If what I posted causes you to take pause before sharing personal information about your life and that of your children in your public blog posts, then some good might come from it. I have honestly been concerned, from time to time, about the level of personal information that you share. I'm not a "scared-y cat", but please be careful. There are a lot of really twisted people out there.

Signed ~ Michelle from N.C.