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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Helping Hand

Really? Did I not take ANY pics today? What's up with that??? hehe. It's been a while since I've had no photos on here...

Anyway, I woke up not feeling so great. My throat was a bit sore, too. Never a good sign. Staying up till almost 2am the night before didn't help it any, either. I think it was almost 9am before I left my room. Captain America came home from PT to get ready, brought me my breakfast, and we hung out while he got ready for work.

I finally ventured out of the bedroom, and hung with the kids in the morning. We watched some cartoons, and I think I was on my computer for a little while. Can't remember. Maybe I was doing something in my room. Or cleaning. Folding laundry? Maybe it was folding laundry. It's gonna bug me now, you know...

Anyway, at 11am we all got ready for free lunch, then headed over. Today's food was meat and cheese sandwiches, watermelon, and potato salad (Tom LOVED it, but everyone else hated it...). Leigh and her kids showed up about 10 minutes before we left, and Hilary and her kids showed up about 5 minutes before we left. About enough time to say hi and bye - hehehe.

We headed home, and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing. Maddie and I got lunch, and put on a movie for the kids. After it was over, I commandeered the TV, and hooked up my laptop. I worked on Cub Scout stuff for what seemed like forever. It may have only been an hour. I don't know. I planned out a year worth of Cub Scout activities, from August 2010 - August 2011. After I was done, even I was excited about Cub Scouts for the upcoming year. And Tom gets out in November (to boy scouts) - ha!

I got all of the paperwork and such ready for our meeting tonight, then went outside to see what the rest of the gang was up to. We hooked up the Slip N Slide, and let the kids play for a while. The grass was pretty nasty from yesterday, so we moved it to a different spot, and they didn't play as long. Slip N Slides are kinda hard on lawns. Especially lawns in the desert - hehehe.

I cooked Hot Dogs and homemade fries and baked beans for dinner. And I had crackers and cheese, because I really didn't feel well. I took some migraine meds, and got ready for my meeting.

Captain America came home, and sat with the kids while Tom and Eme and I headed up to the church for our meetings. Captain America had a softball game at 8pm, and Jake was gonna be in charge after that (I guess my sister is home, so she's in charge, ultimately. But Jake thinks he's in charge - ROFL).

Eme went to Achievement Days, and Tom went to Webelos, and I met with the Primary to help them with Cub Scouts. Since Captain America was a professional with Scouts for 9 years, I know a little bit about the program - ha! I showed them how to use the manuals, and the books, and showed them what meetings are when and why and how and such. I was pretty excited about it.

After Tom's den meeting, the leader came down to join us, and so did our new Cubmaster. I think it's gonna be a great group, and we're gonna have a lot of fun at Scouts. As long as the leaders keep and fun and positive and energetic attitude, the kids will ALWAYS have fun. The Scout Committee asked me to be the secretary, and I was fine with that. Anyway I can help is good with me :) I like to stay involved :)

We left the church at 8:30pm, and headed home. I sent all the kids to bed, cleaned up a little bit, then hooked my laptop up to the TV. Captain America had some Logo Work he needed me to help with for work, so I sat down and started on it.

I had to take a PDF file of a logo, and figure out how to get it into Photoshop. I found that if I opened up Adobe Reader, clicked on the image, right clicked on it, copied it, I could open up a blank file in Photoshop (CS3), paste the other file, and have it. It distorted it a little, but I was able to easily fix it.

Then, I had to extract it. Cause there was a white background. That took FOREVER. Cause I didn't want strays. And it was a pencil drawing. Sigh. So it was VERY tedious. Next, Captain Americawanted it inside of an oval, and wanted the inside of the oval to be red. Ok, did that.

Then, he wanted part of the berret to be red, and the eyes to be red. Check. Then, we needed to add text. And he didn't know which text he wanted. I came up with 11 choices. Wanna see what they are??

So that's what I did all evening when I should have been blogging/designing. hehehe. Oh well, I really was ok with helping out. I may not be overly involved with the FRG, but I try and help out when I can.

So here it is, 11:44pm, and I'm just finishing up blogging. Now, off to design something :)

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [05 Aug 11:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Stephanie said...

I actually went 3 days without taking pictures once and my husband almost took me to the ER to make sure I was ok! lol... I hope you are feeling better this morning! Those logos look great. They are designing new one's for my hubby's Unit, but I haven't seen them yet. ;) Thanks for the word art, I know just how to use it!

SweetDaze said...

Whew! I lost you..for months, but now I've found your blog again. I bet you didn't even know you were lost! I missed reading about your family and of course the word art! Darned reformats and faulty memory.(Faulty memory being mine, of course.) Welcome back! (Not that you ever left.) ~Terri

linnie-818 said...

Wonderful word art. Thank you for sharing!

or in text lingo:


Oops! My daughter (the twenty something techie-child) says I'm being silly. So what would it be? Can't believe one would actually type all of that out. LOL