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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Poor Little Thing

OK, so because of technical difficulties, I didn't get my WordArt out in the Scrapbookgraphics newsletter this week :) Oops. BUT, here it is now! I hope you all like it :) Click HERE to go to my store. It's only $2.00 per pack this week.

Morning, people :) Hope your day was great! Mine started VERY early. At 5:12am Captain America sat up in bed, woke me up, and wanted to know what time we were supposed to get up. 5:30am, I assured him. hehehe. I laid in bed for a few more minutes, then got up. At least I didn't get startled awake by an alarm clock. I don't like that - hehehe.

So I got up, threw on some clothes, brushed my teeth, put in my contacts, reapplied some of my make up, got my hair fixed, had breakfast, and went to get Jimmy ready. All he needed was shoes. hehehe. He was kinda excited about his big day. Yeah, he'd be regretting that later...

So we got all ready, loaded in the car, and Captain America drove us to the Surgery Center on the West side of town. We got there with 2 minutes to spare. 6:30am.

Poor kids was sleepy

We signed in, and sat for a while. They would only let one of us go back at a time pre-op, so I took the first shift. We filled out some papers, then Jimmy put on his hospital jammies, then he went to a waiting room and played for a while. Here he is with his Whale from the garage sale last weekend. And his nice jammies :)

And him in the waiting room.
And me, waiting with Jimmy
Then he wanted his dad, so we switched off. I read some scriptures, then checked emails and texted for a while, then read my book for a bit. Finally, Captain America texted saying Jim wanted another switch off. I got back there just as they were taking him away. I gave him a big hug and a kiss, then off he went with the nurse. Sob...

Captain America and I went back out to the everyone waiting room, and sat for a while. We chatted, and passed the LONG 30 minutes he was in surgery. We went to the lobby and ate our apples and crackers and drank some soda for a morning snack. Finally, the doctor came out.

He said that surgery went VERY well. Thank goodness. I'd been anxious about it for about 24 hours. The doctor said he was really glad that we'd decided to do the surgery. He said that Jimmy had some bad scaring on his Tonsils, like he'd had a bad case of tonsillitis. Yeah, he's never had that that we knew of.... The child must be tougher than we thought! POOR little guy.

They removed the tonsils and the adenoids. And then they brought us back to the recovery room. He was still sedated when we got back there.

So they took him off the meds, and about 5 minutes later he started to come to. And he wasn't happy. Pissed off is a better word. And still groggy. Poor little man. He kept being upset and sad, then he'd drop back off to sleep.

Here's Captain America with Jim
And me with Jim
Finally, about 30 minutes later, the nurse wanted him to wake up. So we woke him up. And he was finally ready to wake up. No more crying. He had some water, and a popsicle, and he was almost himself. We gave him his present (Hot Wheels), and he was SO happy :) Sore, but happy. And a little out of it, but mostly there :)

After the popsicle, we signed release papers, dressed him, and loaded him up in the wheel chair, and headed home. We headed home a little before 11am.

We stopped at Circle K on the way home for a soda and a slushie, then home for Jim and Captain America. I dropped them off, and continued on to the Hospital to fill his prescription. Someone on my facebook account said it would be a good idea to get the prescription filled BEFORE the surgery. Yeah, that would make too much sense, and be TOO easy. hehehe.

I was #183 in line at the army hospital. They were serving #162. Sigh. So I facebooked, and read my book, and emailed, and texted. And killed time. FINALLY they called me, and I got his scripts filled. And headed home.

Kids had eaten, and Captain America headed back to work. I gave Jimmy his drugs at around 1pm. He ate about 8 Popsicle. Dang, child! Included in that count was 2 push pops and a yogurt, too. I need to remember to give him some gum. The nurse recommended that to help with saliva.

Here's Jimmy before he dropped off to sleep. Tylenol with Codine will do that to ya :)

Once he was good and asleep, I left Maddie in charge, and headed to the Commissary for some groceries. It's shopping day, but I didn't wanna be gone for a full shopping day, so I just got 1/2 a weeks worth of groceries. At least I hope it was 1/2 a week. It was 1/2 my weekly budget - LOL. I got Popsicles and apple juice and applesauce and jello for Jimmy.

And here's how I found him when I got home. You know the child is really asleep when the hand goes down the pants. Typical male. ROFL!

And me sitting on the couch snuggling with him.
Captain America came home at around 4:45pm, and hung for a little while. Hilary's family brought us dinner, and it was WONDERFUL! Enchiladas and salad and chicken and homemade cookies and Popsicles. OMGosh, it was SO good. AND it was some food I could eat. Thanks, girl! It was sweet, because her girls had made cards for Jimmy. He was out of it, and didn't really know what was going on, but I'm sure he'll like it once he's feeling better :)

Captain America left for his Hail and Farewell meeting at around 5:30pm, and should be home around 8:30pm. When Jimmy went back to sleep again, I plugged my computer into my TV, and worked on my store. And started blogging. Captain America and I and Jimmy are gonna watch a movie tonight for Date Night, and I wanted to be all done with my work before he gets home. See how good I am? hehehe.

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Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [07 Aug 11:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Anonymous said...

Poor little guy! Hope Jimmy feels better soon :)

Stephanie said...

Hope he's feeling better, my little guy had surgery last week and he looked exactly the same!

Sue said...

I'm glad all went well with Brent's surgery. I pray he recovers quickly.

deb said...

Hope Jimmy gets better soon. Surgery bites.

Mom2mykids said...

Poor baby! I'm glad everything went well with the surgery. Somehow my kids have avoided the whole tonsils issue and both still have theirs. I had mine out at about age 5 or so but I don't remember any of it LOL. Thanks for the word art!

helen scott said...

So glad today has gone okay for you all, having little ones sick is such a worry. Will be in my prayers. P.S. thanks for the word art.

TitanThirteen said...

The poor little guy :o/

Heather said...

Love your pictures! He will be up and running around before you know it. The hard part is keeping him down after he starts feeling like his normally little boy self :0) Thanks for the word art!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your wonderful (as usual) word art. Hope Jimmy is feeling better. Diane

Anonymous said...

oooooowie, oh well his wife will thank you when he is much older and married and doesn't snore like a truckdriver, the operation is very good for reducing sleep disturbances and breathing problems.

Well done Mom, you did good and your boy will be back to normal soon, I promise :) I love reading your blog, all the little details add up to a beautiful portrait of a happy, blessed family - which is sadly less common these days then one may hope. Thank you for sharing your biggest work of art - your family

Love always
renee from oz

linnie-818 said...

Great word art! Thanks for continuing to share when your life is so full. You are a sweetie!

(Please note: Not many people in my life get that title. Only the special few.)