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Saturday, September 11, 2010

What Fosters Creativity?

Hey - well, my plan to cheer up today didn't work. Oh well. There's always tomorrow. I found out today that my tummy tuck was denied, and even with a discount for having another procedure done, it would STILL cost close to $17,000. Yeah, not gonna happen. So the tummy tuck is out.

Also found out that Captain America's not coming home tonight. Maybe Saturday morning. Sigh. I didn't really do much today. I did clean the living room, if that counts as something fun and exciting. Maybe that will have to count for fun from now on.... It does look better, though.

It's 6:30pm, and I'm gonna design a few freebies for the next few days. Since I have nothing else to do. Watching a movie on the couch with the kids at the same time. It's good to be productive, right?

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Hilary-Dilary-Dock said...

Hang in there, friend. Things will get better soon. Love ya chickie!

Diane said...

Hey - felt THAT way for 20+ years. I haven't read backwards in your posts, so I'm really ignorant on this - but have you mentioned your moods you your Dr? Want you to feel the love again, soon! you are in my prayers.

D :)

Jules said...

Keep going, it will get better! Life as a military wife is tough going, and frankly it sucks sometimes. But it does have good moments too, honest! Its OK to feel miserable, but do talk to your friends, especially those who are also military wives. We understand, we've been there too. Be proud of who you are and what you have achieved. And google the 'military wives prayer' and the poem called 'Silent Ranks' if you haven't already seen them, they're really good.
Take one day at a time, and look after yourself.
From a UK military wife who loves your honesty, your style, and your fantastic wordart.

Marilou said...

Hey there sweetie, just keep on trucking. Life is a series of ups and downs and downs and ups. Please, in your busy, busy life, take time for you ....and with your Savior. Hopefully hubby is home now and life looks better for you. Sending BIG HUGS from Oregon. xoxo

deb said...

Is there any appeal process for your surgery?

Sarah E said...

Sorry you are so down! Just thought you might lie the question "How are you creative?" I really think everyone is! They just don't realize their area of expertice!

bj said...

I have learned.....this too shall pass.