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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby Shower

Oh, My, Busiest day ever! girls :) hehe :) Yeah, I don't think I could have possibly crammed one more thing into my day. Yeah, that's probably why I'm battling a migraine right about now - hehe. There's something to be said about "slowing down" the pace of life a bit, you know...

Anyway, my alarm went off at 6:40am, and I read my scriptures, and re-set my alarm for 7:15am. Bad, I know. Especially since I had things to do this morning, and the kids needed to be on the bus at 7:30am. I think I was sleepy because I took a benadryl last night. I was SO itchy on my back, for some reason. Anyway, I eventually crawled out of bed, got the kids ready enough, and on to the bus. That 6 hour energy drink I took may have helped out a bit.....

And then I started making cupcakes. I TOTALLY should have started at 7am, but they didn't go into the oven until about 7:40am. That was gonna throw off my time line a bit.

Anyway, I took a strawberry cake mix, and prepared it according to the directions on the box. Then, I took 1-8 oz package of Cream cheese, 1/2 cup sugar, 1 egg, and 1 tsp vanilla, and blended it all together. And a bit of the extra batter, too. So it was slightly pink.

And yeah, I totally filled the cup cake papers WAY too full. Next time, I'm just gonna do it 1/2 way. Cause when you dollop in a scoop of the cream cheesey mixture, it overflows. Not to self, right?

I baked them, and yeah, the exploded. Luckily, it didn't look too bad. I was SURE that they'd taste good, reguardless of how they looked. I left them on a cooling rack to cool, changed into my swim suit, left Jake doing school and Jim watching a movie, and headed out to the pool.

Here's me on the way, thinking WHAT am I doing at 8:20am, driving to the pool, in the middle of winter. Sure, it's an El Paso winter (hehe), but it's still winter, and I was chilly.

Kari and I swam for about 45-50 minutes, and yeah, I was still off schedule. BUT, I did get my 20 1/2 laps in! And it felt SO good. But I know that i'm gonna be SUPER sore and tight tomorrow. I really need to stretch some...

Here's me, all finished with my laps, and ready to head home and hop in the shower real fast. This was at 9:25 ish.

I got home as quick as I could, and showered and got ready. I had 15 minutes, but took about 25. AND I didn't even really fix my hair, hence the hat. I love my huge hat. hehe :) It fits my ginormous head :)

I finished up getting ready, grabbed my purse, made sure the boys were still good (and gave them strict instructions about getting dressed for the baby shower and shoes and backpacks ready and such), and headed out the door. It was 10am.

And I went to the commissary, and picked up some diapers and wipes for a shower gift, and some strawberries and some strawberry frosting, and headed to the check out. And I was done and back home by 10:25am. Yeah, not as speedy as I'd hoped, but not too bad...

I blended a package of cream cheese with about 3/4 cup of powdered sugar, and a little bit of milk until smooth, then added a container of strawberry frosting. Looked pretty yummy.

I frosted the cup cakes, and sliced up a strawberry and topped it (Jake helped), then we were ready to go. Jake and Jim got in the truck, I grabbed the food, and off we went.

We got to Terra's house, dropped off the food, and realized that I'd forgotten the drink thingy. Crap! I grabbed the kids, dropped Jake and Jim off at the bus stop (since it was not 10:50am), and headed back home. I grabbed our drink thingy, picked up Jake from the bus stop, and he and I headed back to the baby shower.

Here's the cupcakes that I made. Yeah, Captain America said that they were the BEST cupcakes that he'd ever eaten. I'm just saying....
There were quite a few people at Heather's shower. I know her from the old ward we were in. She's a fun girl, from South Carolina (i think - somewhere down south...). She has 2 little girls, and is prego with baby girl #3. Her's Heather :)

Becky and I
Here's me showing Terra how fun it is to pose for pictures - hehe :)
Laurie and I BOTH had hats on today! ha! It was hat day, I guess!

Terra and I
Opening presents

These slipper shoes were FREAKIN' adorable!!!
This is one of Terra's twins. Yeah, I don't know which one. But apparently she's the shy one. And she LOVED me :) hehe. I held her for about the last 45 minutes of the party, and she snuggled with me, and it was SO cute! And no, I don't want another baby.... ha!

Here's a game we played. Yeah, I totally just drew lines to connect the names to the meanings randomly. And I got 1 out of both sets right - hehe :)

Karin and I. She's 22 weeks prego with a little girl. Awe...
At 2pm, I got a text from Maggie saying that the school had called her as an emergency contact for me, saying that Joe had a fever and a cough and needed to come home. Whaaat? Why didn't they call me?

So I headed home from the party, and went to pick up Joe from school. I checked my voicemails, and yup, there was the message. Strange thing, though, because there was NO record on my call log that they'd called. Isn't that strange???

Anyway, I picked up Joe (fever of 100.2) and we headed home. I gave him some more cough syrup and some tylenol, and set him up on the couch. Jake picked up Jim from the bus stop, and I laid down for about 30 minutes. I was feeling pretty sleepy. I think the energy drink was wearing off...

At 3:30pm, it was time to pick up kids from the bus, and head to the library. I left Jake and Joe at home (they were working on Joe's bike in the garage (yeah, the meds must have kicked in...)), took Jim, picked up Tom and Eme from the bus, and Kari's son Leo (Kari had a doctors appointment for Josephine, and I figured it would be MUCH more enjoyable for Leo to come to the library with us than go to the dr with his mom and sister) and asked Laurie if her 1st grader and 3rd grader wanted to come with us to the library too. So, I had left 2 of my kids at home, and still ended up with 6 kids at the library - ROFL!

Laurie headed to pick up her middle schooler and said that she'd meet us there at the library in about 30 minutes, and we headed on over. We watched a Discovery channel show on Mega Planes. It was pretty cool, actually. Those planes were HUGE!

The kids had goldfish crackers and pretzels and capri suns for snack, and I designed my daily freebies from today up to Sunday! Yes, I'm ahead - hehe :)

Laurie got there a few minutes before the show was over, and we chatted for a bit, then took kids home. Leo came back to our house. Tom started on his Britian project, and I cooked up some leftovers for the kids for dinner. With some garlic bread and carrots. And I had a cheese sandwich and cucumber. Since I'd eaten baby shower food for lunch. Not so good for the ole diet, you know....

BUT, I must say, that I am SO proud of myself for leaving my chocolate in my baking cupboard alone. About 3 times today, I had an almost overwhelming urge to go and eat it all. And that wouldn't have been good. I don't wanna start getting obsessive about eating again. I need to get back on my menu, and stick with it. There's safety in the rules of my diet, you know...

Anyway, Captain America came home at 5pm, and Kari came to pick up Leo shortly after that. Captain America showered and got ready (yeah, he's gotta do that twice a day now, since they moved PT to 3:30pm), and at 5:25pm, Eme and Tom and Captain America and I headed out to the Choir/Orchestra concert. First one of the year for Tom.

We dropped the kids off early at 5:30pm, and Captain America and I proceeded to Howdys to get a refill, then rushed back to the concert at 6pm. And got there JUST in time.

Here's me with my Howdys refill :) DDP, I love you...

I left my phone in the car charging, so I don't have any pics of the concert. Captain America has those. I'll grab them from his phone tomorrow, and put them on tomorrows blog. He even took some movies of the songs. It was pretty nice.

And the Orchestra and Choir was done in 15 minutes. Dang, that's fast! We took Eme and Tom, and left right before the US kids performance. Tom had his project to complete, and Captain America and I needed to do a little bit of Christmas shopping.

We dropped the kids off at home at 6:30pm, Captain America went in and got kids situated for bed and the evening, then he and I headed out to shop.

First stop, Walmart.
Check out these AWESOME Christmasy bandanas that I found. I love me some bandanas, you know...

Zebra AND Army snuggies? hehe
Is it really that hard to crack an egg?
We finished off our boy Christmas shopping list, and picked up a few things for Captain America's packing plans to deploy (those vacuum seal bags) and some more soda and a few food type items, and yeah, it was a lot of stuff for only having 4 things on our shopping list.... Geeze!

And then we headed to the Dollar Tree, but needed to stop for ANOTHER Howdy's refill. Yeah, this is #2 for the day. hehe. Really, Captain America is drinking most of my soda and his - hehe :)

I'm making those Pie Cupcakes for Tom's class on Thursday, and I knew that Apple Pie Filling was only a dollar at the dollar tree, AND I wanted some more bread. They had bagels AND english muffins there. sa-weet!

And, of course, since Fallas is RIGHT next door, we had to stop there. And then we headed over to Hobby Lobby. Eme has really taken an interest in Art, so we decided that Art supplies would be a PERFECT gift for her. AND, since my dear husband has his degree in Art, what better person to pick out an Art gift!

We were there until the sales associates had to round us up and kick us out of the store - ROFL! And I think, had they not, we'd STILL be there. Captain America is dangerous in an artsy store - ROFL!

We paid and headed home, trunk full of Holiday purchases. It's now 11:40pm, and I'm ready for bed. My head started hurting on the way home, and after a neck rub, and some pain meds, and icing it, it's feeling a tad bit better.

I'm thinking that I need to slow down a bit. Life is getting pretty hectic, and will only continue to do so, I think. Especially during this next month, before Captain America deploys. He heard a rumor that the date for deployment was moved up by about a week. Nice :( Well, I guess it's gotta come some time, I guess.

Here's a FABULOUS layout by Sharon. She's been SO sick lately. Girl, you really should be resting, not slaving away for me, you know..... :)

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!


LifeAsDINKers (Ava-J) said...

Thanks Bethany! Your WA will come in handy any day soon...we have pregnant friends in the wings!

Marilou said...

Thank you!!

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 1 post on Dec. 15, 2010. Thanks again.

Sandy_in_MD said...

Thank you!

deb said...

Those cupcakes looked amazing! Great word art!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [16 Dec 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Sharon Kay said...

thank you! I actually was scanning some old baby shower pictures a few weeks ago ...