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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Orchestra / Band / Choir Concert

It seems like every time I turn around, I'm complaining about having a migraine.... Maybe I should just embrace the pain and stop complaining. hehe :) Just kidding :)

I was feeling SO sick last night, and didn't wanna get up in the morning. Joe was sick still, and not going to school, so I didn't need to get up and get him ready, and Eme and Tom are able to get themselves ready, so all I had to do was make sure they were good, and tell them when to leave, and I totally went back to bed.

Joe was dozing on the couch, watching a movie with Jim, and Jake was doing school when I finally woke up. It was a lazy morning, all in all. One that I needed. But it didn't last long - ha!

I decided that in the hour I had before yoga, that I'd make some cookies. I was gonna make 2 or 3 different kinds of cookies for Teacher Presents for Christmas, and needed to make cupcakes for Tom's class. So I figured that getting one kind of cookies out of the way was a good plan.

I wanted to make peanut butter cup mini cookies. I had the mini muffin liners. I had the stuff for the cookies. And I had the peanut butter cups. Or so I thought. When I pulled the bag out of the cupboard, there were 6. Yeah, that was SO not how many I needed. ha! Someone had been in my cupboards, raiding it, I think...

So I grabbed Jimmy, and he and I headed to the store. We had JUST enough time to pick up some more peanut butter cups, and get back home in time for his bus. We went to Big Lots, because it was close, but they didn't have peanut butter cups. They did have some cupcake caries that I wanted. But there were like 10 people in line for the 1 register that was open, and I really didn't have time to wait.

So we put our stuff back, and headed to Family Dollar. They had the candies I wanted AND the same cupcake carrier! Score it! We didn't have to wait in line at all, paid, and headed home.

I got Jim ready for the bus, made sure Joe and Jake were doing well, and headed to the bus. Kar picked me up at the bus stop, and she and I headed to Yoga. It was good today. Twists. I liked it :)

And we headed home right after yoga, and Captain America met me there. We had lunch at home real fast, and he and I drove over to the West side for our couples counseling session. It was a pretty good one. I did get my feelings a little hurt when we talked about activities we did together. He felt that he was trying hard to enjoy the things that I liked, and that I wasn't trying hard enough to try and enjoy the things that he liked. I just thought that he kinda liked the stuff that I liked too. I guess I need to make more of an effort with his stuff, right? Sports stores aren't terrible, and I could probably handle guitar center a bit more. The auto store is still hard to stomach, though. hehe :)

Anyway, I was a little upset, and didn't really feel like chatting on the way home. I wasn't mad at him, per se, but I was a little upset. We stopped for a soda, and headed home. He had to change and run to PT, and I started baking. And almost instantly felt better. I can clear my mind while I bake, and think. It really relaxing for me :)

I started by making the peanut butter cookie mix. And I had Jim help me put the muffin liners in the mini muffin pans. And then I put in the cookie dough, and Jim helped me unwrap the chocolates, and press them into the cookies. They really turned out GOOD! Maybe a new favorite cookie of mine - hehe :) Here's the recipe.

And after the cookies, I made the cupcakes for Tom's class. Butter pecan cupcakes. I only filled them about 1/2 full, since last time they were WAY too full when they cooked. And I got 36 cupcakes out of 1 box of cake mix. Not too shabby :)

They were all done cooking when Tom and Eme got home from school. I let them cool, and made some Banana bread. And put it in mini loaf pans (1/2 the batter) and cooked the first batch (I only have 4 mini loaf pans).

After the cup cakes were cooled, I cut the tops off of them to make them all even. Yeah, they STILL cooked up too big - hehe. Oh well. The kids had fun eating the tops :)

I started on the 2nd batch of banana bread, and made the frosting for the cupcakes. I had store bought frosting for the tops of the cupcakes, but I wanted homemade frosting for the decorative stuff.

I put 2 cans of apple pie filling into a bowl, and cut up all the apples into tiny chunks (with scissors, yeah, VERY messy). Then frosted the tops of the cupcakes with the store bought frosting. Then spooned the apple pie filling on top of the cupcakes. Then used the homemade frosting to decorate it, making it look like mini pies. SO cute :)

And I was able to fit 32 of them into the 2 cupcake holders that I bought. And I put them in the fridge for the night. There were enough extras for all the kids and Captain America to have one. Yummy!

And then I popped one of the homemade pizzas into the oven. I had 1 leftover pizza from Monday's party, and tonight was the PERFECT time to use it. I baked it up, and then made Chocolate Crinkle cookie dough while it was cooking.

At one point, I dropped the platter that was holding my powdered sugar, and made a HUGE mess on the floor. Luckily (I guess), Jimmy was there to help me clean it up - ha! Who needs a dog!

And then I cooked up 6 dozen crinkle cookies, and we were done! I put all the cookies into the holiday containers I'd bought, and put the banana bread in the decorative bags that I bought. There are 4 kids in public school, and they each have 2 teachers. So that's 8 teacher gifts. And they were gonna look SO cute when finished :)

BUT, it was time for Wednesday night activities. Captain America was home by then, and the kids changed clothes and got ready, and we all headed out. I took all 5 kids in my truck, and Captain America followed behind in his truck. It needed a few things fixed, so he was gonna drop it off at the mechanic. And I was gonna drive him back home.

Anyway, we went to the church, dropped off the kids (Jake and Eme - apparently there was no 11 yr old scouts, so not Tom), and we followed Captain America over to the mechanic place.

After dropping off the truck, we headed to the store. I wanted to get some swim goggles and ear plugs, and knew that Captain America enjoyed sports stores, so I was making an effort to try and do things that he liked too. So we went to a little strip mall that had Big 5 (sports), Big 8 (food), and Family Dollar. We needed to buy store bought snacks for 3 of the kids' classes. Only Tom could have homemade snacks. Hmpf!

Anyway, Jim was hacking and coughing, and when we pulled into the parking lot, he said he needed to puke. He managed to hold it long enough to get out of the truck, and totally puked all over the ground. Nasty! At least it wasn't in my truck.

So we went to Family Dollar, got some snacks for the kids' classes, and some cough drops, and some cough medicine. And paid, and got Jim hooked up with some drugs - hehe :) And then went to Big 5 for the swim goggles. And the boys had fun looking around at all the sports stuff.

Check out this HUGE chair we found - hehe.

Jim started to feel icky again, so I took him to the truck while Captain America and Tom paid. I gave Joe some cough medicine too, and buckled everyone in the truck. And soon we were off to Howdys for a refill. Captain America ran inside, and I stayed in the truck and tried on my new goggles. I'm hot, huh?

Then back to the church to pick up Eme and Jake, then home. Jim was TOTALLY asleep by the time we got home. Poor little thing.

I packaged up all the teacher presents so it looked pretty, and attached the ornaments to the food. Pretty, huh?

Captain America put the little kids to bed, and the older kids cleaned up the VERY messy house. And here it is, almost 10pm, and I'm just no getting done blogging. My head is KILLING me, and I haven't yet decided whether it's a stress headache or if my neck is sore from swimming. Either way, I already took migraine meds once today, and it's back. Hmpf! I don't like that at all...

I'm gonna tie this up, because I seriously thing I'm gonna puke. I think I"ll go take some meds, and go to bed. Sounds like a good plan! I need to be well enough to go hiking tomorrow with my girls!

And yeah, I still don't have the concert pics from Captain America's phone. BUT, I made a wordart to go with it - hehe :) I hope you enjoy!

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the zip file with all 3 png's included, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

4shared - once again, not working....

Fabulous layout by my Daily Preview Maker, Sharon! Glad your feeling a tad bit better, hon!


Sherri Auld said...

Thanks for the wordart! Perfect timing - my daughters first band concert was yesterday.

Hope your little guy is feeling better today.

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Dec. 16, 2010. Thanks again.

Hifam said...

Thank you so much!! I really needed this word art. Hope your holidays are nice.

Marilou said...

Thank you for the WA!!

deb said...

Thank you! Also, I hope Jim is well soon!

Sue said...

Thanks so much for the lovely word art. I have many, many, many pictures of concerts, so this is perfect. :)

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [17 Dec 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Unknown said...

Th♥nx 4 sharing & H♥ppy Holidays!

Sharon Kay said...

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Do you mind sharing the fonts you used for these concert word arts?