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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday Vacation

Hello, from Cloudcroft New Mexico!!! We left today for our weekend trip to the Mountains! Woohoo!

Actually, it could have been better. Captain America and I got into a little tiff last night. And since we've started counseling, I'm pleased to say that they're just tiffs. We've learned a lot of skills to help us in our communication.

Anyway, we were both upset with each other, for whatever reason (yeah, don't need to air EVERYTHING, right - hehe.) I think it had something to do with packing for the trip.....

Anyway, we were upset with each other. And it kinda put a damper on packing. And planning. And the drive up there...

Captain America had to go to a 0730 formation this morning, and was home by 9am. I got up at 0730 and started on laundry. And I finally got it all washed and dried, and found the missing clothes for the suit cases. I figured out what clothes I wanted, and packed for me, and it wasn't until 930ish that I hopped into the shower.

We were ready to go by around 1030. A little later than we'd planned, but still, we were ready.

It was a LONG drive, since Captain America and I were not talking.... We stopped in Almogordo at Wendy's for lunch. And were back on the road again. We drove to Cloudcroft, and found our hotel. It's a Lodge up in the woods. SO cool!

But first, here's a few pics of the scenic drive.

And here's our lodge - isn't it COOL!
We took all the kids up to the lobby, and signed in. We were in an accessory building, with 4 units. We had 2 rooms, sleeps 8, and had a HUGE bathroom with jaccuzzi and balcony. Yeah, it's pretty NICE! And, our lodge we share with 3 other rooms has a GIANT TV in the common area, a pool table, kitchen, and everything. It's pretty sweet :)

Tom in front of the GIANT christmas tree in the lobby
The kids played checkers/tic tac toe while we registered

And then we headed to our rooms, and unpacked, and hung for about an hour before the first class started. And Captain America and I tried to talk about what had happened (I'd called a Time Out), and yeah, it wasn't getting anywhere. Sigh. So much for a fun marriage retreat, right?

So we headed up to the main lodge for the classes.

The child care people had car problems in Alamogordo, so we were about 30 minutes off schedule. So we had a little bit more free time. We checked out the gift shop, and finally, were able to drop the kids off. Eme and Joe and Jim went to play with about 30 other kids, and Jake and Tom went back to the room to watch TV and play Wii.

And it was kinda awkward for Captain America and I, since we were both groucy with each other. Being in a room with a bunch of other couples. And about 20 minutes into it, someone was asked to describe marriages, or something like that, and they said they were "long and hard", and Captain America and I almost busted up. We've been watching WAY too much Office lately, and that's all we needed to not be mad at each other anymore.

And from that moment, I had a GREAT time. We started talking and joking and having a good time. We decided to be happy with each other, and enjoy the weekend. Thank goodness!

After the first session, we broke for dinner. They fed the little kids downstairs, and we got to eat in the restaurant. It was buffet style, but they seated us in the dining room. It was pretty fancy. And Jake and Tom ate with us. After they stopped squabling, it was an enjoyable time - hehe.

We had chicken (the roast beef was out when we went through) and an asparagus/green bean mixture, and salad, and fresh fruit. Well, that's what I had. They had some pastas and potatoes and rice and crackers and cheese ball and rolls, but I didn't eat those.

We took a few pictures in front of the tree before heading back to our room.

Tom and his new wallet that he bought in the gift shop

We left Jake and Tom in the room, the little kids were doing great at the child care, and we went back to our class. At around 8:45pm, we were finished with classes, collected the kids, and headed to the room. I was having a hard time getting a connection in the room, so I went and asked at the front desk, and they fixed it for me. Thanks!!!

And here it is, only 9:40pm, and I'm gonna go hang with Captain America. Because we have our own room, and the kids are asleep :) And I'm no longer upset with him - :P

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deb said...

Glad you guys worked out the "tiff" and are having fun! Thanks for the word art!

Marilou said...

Have a great time! Thanks for the WA!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [05 Dec 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Sandy_in_MD said...

Have fun! Thanks for today's word art!