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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Born this Day

OK, here's the pic. I'm gonna be coming back and adding some blogging in a bit. I just wanted to have the pics on here so that on the 2 1/2 hour drive back to El Paso today, I can blog (no WiFi while in the car, you know...)

OK, well, I didn't blog in the car - ha! I got a tad bit car sick, so I just rested. Which isn't bad, either - hehe :)

Let's see, I'm blogging about Saturday.... We woke up on Saturday morning, and got all ready for the day. We headed out to the main lodge at around 8:30am for Breakfast.

It was a buffet style breakfast. Sausage, bacon, hash browns, biscuits and gravy, cereal, fresh fruit..... the kids were SO excited :) It was the most quiet I've seen them the whole trip - ha!

Here's Jim with his food :)
Since the babysitting was SO crazy on Friday night (32 or so kids in a room), the decided to split the little kids from the big kids. The big kids were in the common room of our cabin :)

So I sent Jake and Tom back to our cabin, and went downstairs to drop off Joe and Jim and Eme with the little kids. Yeah, apparently I don't have little kids - ROFL! 4 and under room. ALL of my kids were big kids. Funny how it's a difference of perspective, right?

Captain America and I went to our class, and learned a lot about communication and problem solving, and lots of good stuff. I really enjoyed the classes.

At 11:30ish, we picked up the kids from child care, and hung out in the lobby for a while. Captain America wanted to play a chess game with one of his army friend dudes, and Eme wanted to go to the gift shop. And there were some VERY interesting stuff in there. Like this...

This Watercolor of the Hotel is pretty cool
Captain America and I
And we ALL had to pose with this bear - ROFL!

Eme and I on the couches
Eme bought this horse ornament with some of her birthday money
Joe and this little boy were playing chess, and Captain America helped them make a few moves. They were having a lot of fun :)

Lunch was good. We actually found a table that we could ALL sit together at. We had sandwiches and fruit and yummy brownies. I ate salad with sandwich meat, and a brownie. OMHeavens, it was wonderful. My kids thought it was TOO chocolately, but that just didn't compute... hehe.

And then we headed back to the cabin, grabbed all the stuff we needed for the afternoon, and headed out for Family Day. We decided we wanted to go to Alamorgordo and go to the Space Museum.

Here's a few pics from the 20 minute drive back down the mountain.

We decided to stop by Walmart first, and pick up food for Sunday. The army wasn't gonna feed us lunch, and we didn't wanna eat out on Sunday, so we bought some food for tomorrows lunch. We were trying to do good things, see - hehe.

And yeah, we couldn't resist posing with Pumba - ROFL! Both Jimmy and I took pics on it too, but they didn't post to Facebook very well. Sigh.

Jake and the kids went to the toy section (did I mention that I LOVE having a 13 yr old???), and Captain America and I got all of the food stuff we needed, then browsed for a little bit.

Check out the cold weather overalls - ROFL!
Warm slippers for $5.50
Oh yeah, adult superhero underwear. Nice...

Captain America picked this candle out for me, and it smells SOOO good!
And if you've ever been to Walmart, you KNOW that it takes SO much longer than you imagine it to be... anyway, we ran out of time for the Museum. So we went to look at art downtown, then headed to McDonalds for a soda. The Wendy's dude yesterday let it slip that McDonalds had Diet Dr Pepper. Yeah, sorry Wendys.....

AND, it had an AWESOME playland :)

I REALLY wanted to eat this ice cream, but I'd already eaten my one dessert for the day. Hmpf! Oh well. I'm SURE that chocolate brownie at lunch was SO much better :)

LOVE me some DDP!

This child.... hehe. He's not good with change in his routine....

The game was on. ha!

They all thought it was funny to stand on the turtle - ROFL!

He eventually started having more fun...
hehe - this is my hair on Captain America - ROFL!

And then we headed back to Cloudcroft. And of course, I had to get a pic with me and my sodas (ok, so one was Captain Americas...).
And then I realized that the reason I like to pose with sodas (besides the fact that it's goofy) is that my cheeks suck in, and I look skinny - LMBO!

We got back to Cloudcroft, and made it just in time for dinner. BBQ'd beef, and cole slaw for me. Nothing else was on my menu plan... But it was tasty :)

We dropped the kids off at child care, and Captain America and I got to hang for the next few hours. It was VERY nice. We hung in the room for a while, went to the Hot Tub and heated pool and dry sauna, and enjoyed every minute of it!

After swimming, we went back to the room and watched a movie (Four Christmases), then it was time to get the kids. We put them to bed, hung a little bit longer, than went to sleep. All in all, it was about a PERFECT day :)

I'm not sure if I'm gonna have time to put my pictures and my stories from today on here, but don't worry. Everything is fine and well, I just wanna enjoy my date night with my husband, free from blogging! I did pop on here to give you a freebie, though! See, I really do love you :)

I'm come back on here, probably Sunday night, and edit this, with FUN - hehe. Check out my Bethany Harty facebook page if you wanna see pics of my family trip!

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Sandy_in_MD said...

Beautiful word art - thank you!

~JulieH~ said...

Thank you so much for the wordart it's beautiful

Denise said...

Glad that you were able to have such a good time with your hubby before deployment. My son is going in January. (also Army)

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [06 Dec 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

deb said...

Great word art! It is so cool to see all the photos from your adventure.

Marilou said...

Love this WA!! Thank you.

Unknown said...
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Jenn Nielsen said...

LOVE it!

Really, thanks for sharing. :)