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Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hey there :) Hope all is well with you all. Me? I'm pretty good. It was a good day! I woke up at 7am to Jimmy, wondering where everyone was. He didn't get the memo that the kids spent the night at Veronicas house. hehe. He snuggled with me for a bit, then I got up at 7:30am to cook him an egg omlet. And one for Joe (who was still asleep) too. And yeah, I TOTALLY went back to bed. He watched cartoons, and I slept. Till around 9am. Or was it 10am? I don't know. It felt SO good, though :)

I chatted with Captain America on Skype for a bit before going out to find some breakfast. He only had a few minutes before he had to go to work. Or bed. Or where ever he was going. hehe. I had breakfast, and sat down at the computer for a bit. And the kids came home around 11am. They had had a GREAT time at Veronica's house, but I think they saved all the arguing for me. Grrr.. hehe. Do your kids do that too?

Anyway, I made chili for lunch, and checked the washer outgoing line to see if it was clear. And it was! Here's my view for about 20 minutes as I watched and listened to the sound of the water draining out. Perfect! No issues. Thank goodness!

And the chili! SO yummy. Well, I'm assuming it
SO yummy. I had my cheese sandwich and apple and cucumber for lunch. My goal was to be on my diet today :)

1 lb ground turkey
1 diced onion (optional)
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can crushed tomatoes
1 can black beans
1 can kidney beans
1 can pork n beans
2 cans chili breans
1 chili seasoning packet

I worked on my computer for a while, designing next weeks freebies (see, I CAN be organized when I want to - hehe) and I made a master list of all of my WordArt packs in the store. Yeah, there are over 500 (or was it 600) WordArt packs in my store. HOLY CRAP! SO, if you EVER need some WordArt, on ANY topic, chances are, I have a pack for ya. hehe.

I had my afternoon snack at 3:00pm, banana and light French toast (with splenda and spray butter). And then, around 3:30pm, I started eye-ing the cookies. Yeah, they looked SO good. And I knew that they tasted SO good..... So I had a kid grab me a DDP from the garage. Because, it would be better for me than eating a dozen cookies. Cause yeah, I would have eaten ALL of them. I would have...

And I worked on my computer, and sipped my soda, and had a nice afternoon. Well, minus the fighting kids. hehe. We did some chores, and I opened up electronics again for them. Kayleigh came over to play with Eme, and around 5:30pm, we had dinner. The kids had either leftover chili and corn bread, or leftover spaghetti. They weren't pleased with the choices, but I wasn't gonna cook again when the fridge was filled with food - hehe.

And, I cooked myself my steamed veggies and turkey burger. And I ate my apple, and was happy with myself. I'd stuck to the menu. So far :)

Earlier in the day, the kids had told me that the downstairs toilet was plugged again. Sigh. I went and plunged it and got it to flush, and then a few hours later, it was clogged again. And even the snake wouldn't fix it. So, I locked the bathroom door, and gave the kids strict instructions to NOT use it. And figured it was safe.

Well, I was wrong. At round 6pm, the kids came over and said that SOMEONE had snuck in the bathroom and used it. Because they saw water running under the door, into the hall closet, under the bookshelves, and into the dining room. Sigh. What a BIG mess!

The door was still shut and locked, so upon further investigation, the toilet was "running", which filled and overflowed the basin of the toilet, flooding the bathroom, and spilling out into the other rooms. Sigh. I should have turned it off at the valve, huh? I'll remember next time, for sure.

I spent the next 15 minutes trying to contain the water. And realized that my mop/bucket from last time were shot. That's what happens when you buy your mop from the Dollar Tree. Anyway, the longer I went on, the more frustrated I got. OK, so not really frustrated, like I was gonna lose it, but frustrated, like I didn't have the right tools. So, I decided to head to Walmart to get a new mop. And maybe a new bucket. And maybe a soda. And get away from the kids for a bit. Sounded like a good plan to me.

I left instructions for Jake, and headed out. With a Diet Mt Dew. And some country tunes on the radio. And off to Walmart I went. And yeah, it was PACKED! But, I managed to find a spot about 5 away from the door. Miracle of miracles, especially for the "Jaurez" Walmart on a Saturday night.

Andrea and I had planned on chatting earlier in the day, but her schedule was thrown off a bit, so as I walked in the doors of Walmart, she called. And I figured that Walmart was as good as any place to chat, so she was my shopping buddy. I found the few things that I needed, and wandered aimlessly the rest of the time. We chatted for about 50 minutes, and I did laps around Walmart. hehe. Does that count as a workout for the day? ROFL!

There was some "drama" going on amongst people we know, and sometimes I grow weary of it. OK, so I created some of the drama, but sometimes people just can't let it go. Move on, people. There's more to life than gossip and spreading crap about other people. And yeah, sometimes people make mistakes. And mess up. But that doesn't ruin them as a person forever. It doesn't make them of no value anymore. People are capable of change, for the good. I strongly believe that. That's the point of being here. To learn from our mistakes. To improve, and make ourselves better.

Anyway, we chatted about people who were talking about stuff, and then moved on to other things. About kids and husbands and friends and weather and all sorts of stuff. Andrea is a WONDERFUL friend, and I really think of her as a sister. She's been there for me through good times and bad times. I know I can count on her! Love ya, girl!

And then it was time to go home. As I went to the front of the store, I found Erin (from the bus stop) in line! And I decided to get in line behind her and chat. I know she thinks I'm somewhat crazy - ROFL! Because I talk non-stop when I'm around her. I just can't make myself stop - hehe. There's a few people that I'm like that with. Yeah, Kari is another. Sorry, hon. I don't mean to have diarrhea of the mouth...

But, it sure made the time in the line more enjoyable. Well, for me anyway. We chatted and laughed and I talked and talked and talked until she paid and left. And then it was my turn. And yeah, I only had about 10 items, so my turn was fast. And I was totally gonna stop at the in-store McDonalds and get a soda, but decided that I was SO close to Howdy's, and that I'd stop there on the way home and get a REAL drink. 44 oz of Diet Dr Pepper trumps 32 oz of Diet Coke ANY day in my book...

So I headed out to Howdys. And was totally gonna take a picture of myself in the gas station, but decided to do it in the car afterwords instead. It's better to look silly when you have friends with you - hehe.

When I got home, I checked my texts, and found out the Stake Conference was now at noon at the stake center instead of at 9am. Works for me! That means that I can stay up later and sleep in. Fabulous!

Jake had put the little kids to bed, and he and Tom were watching TV on the computer. I had them clean the living room/kitchen area, and I worked with the new mop to get the bathroom under control. About an hour later, and the mess was contained. Once they fix it for real, I'm gonna have to sanitize that bathroom. But for now, the water is turned off, and the door is locked. DON'T USE THE DOWNSTAIRS BATHROOM! I'll call housing tomorrow and have them come and fix it. We have 2 other bathrooms that people can use. Just DON'T clog mine...

And then I changed into my jammies (my NEW jammies from Walmart), and the big kids and I sat down to watch some Chuck. See my SUPER happy face at my new jammies?
And I started blogging. And it's now just after 10pm, and I'm almost done. One more day of kids at home, and school will start again. School WILL start again, right? It's supposed to be around 50-60 degrees. I see no reason for my hellions, um, er, children, to stay home...

Tomorrow is conference, and then we'll watch the Super Bowl. What time does it start, does anyone know? We're in Mountain time. I think Captain America said that he's rooting for the Steelers. So that's who we're rooting for too. Cause I don't really care about football. But, I think it might be fun for the kids and I to have a "party". Maybe I'll even make pizza for them.

And, I bought hair color at Walmart tonight, so I'm gonna do my hair. Cause my gray is getting SO bad. It won't be a LESLIE job, but it'll be ok. Anyone wanna come and help me? I could use some help! hehe :)

And check it out, I made a layout! hehe :)

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!



Denise said...

Thanks-hopefully they can repair the toilet quick! My daughter in law has great response on Post.

Anonymous said...

Love the collage! Don't take a lot of pictures of me drinking my big cups of soda, but could easily be me!

Mary said...

I love your jammies.I have the exact same pair from walmart. :)

The collage of you drinking your favorite soda is awesome!

Hope yout bathroom gets fixed fast. Have a nice sunday.


gr8mom52 said...

shamHi Bethany! I love how your counting to the second the last time you kissed your hubby. Thank you! Your sacrifice allows us to live in a free country.
Thanks to you! Thanks to your children and thanks to wonderful man you married, an American hero!!
Maritza Reyes
gr8 mom 52 @ aol . com

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [07 Feb 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria