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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Yeah, I kinda got sucked into the book. I'll admit it. I LOVE to read. But I don't let myself. Because I get a little obsessed with the story. And don't wanna stop. And neglect things. Like my house. And the laundry. And the dishes. And the kids. And sleep. hehe. So, I only occasionally let myself read.

Anyway, I was up until 11pm last night watching TV, THEN started reading. And was up until almost 1am reading. Sigh. SO not good. hehe. Well, good, but not good that I had to get up to get kids ready for school.

Yeah, I was kinda a zombie. But they made it to the bus all right. So that's good. And I was gonna go back to bed, but the book kept calling my name. So of course, I had to read....

And around 10am, I decided that I should probably get ready for Yoga... And get Jimmy ready for school. I'd already wasted away all my grocery shopping time - hehe. Oh well, it was SUCH A great story!

Although, I don't know why I was reading a sappy romance story while my hubby was gone. It just made me miss him all the more.... Still, it was a fun read.

Anyway, Jake took Jim to the bus, and I headed to Yoga with Kari. And yeah, the room was FREEZING. We started out with some Sun Salutation to try and get the blood pumping, instead of the typical relaxing start. And focused on arms today. And yeah, I'm SO gonna be sore tomorrow. hehe. My upper body strength is lacking. But it was a good workout today :)

As we drove home, I saw that I'd missed 4 calls from the school. Great. Who was sick now... I called them back, twice, before I got the story right. Apparently, Jim had come to school ALL WET. Hmmm... The nurse had given him new pants to wear, but they were a little big.

I called Jake, and he said that Jim had jumped in a puddle at the bus stop. Lovely. You know, I really should send the kids each with a not, explaining that my husband has just deployed for the first time, and that I'm a single mother with 5 children. And I'm doing my best to keep it all together. hehe :) HOpefully they're not rolling their eyes at my poor parenting skills...

Anyway, I had lunch, and read my book. Jake and I finished the last few minutes of a Fringe episode that we'd started the other day, and I read some more. Jake got finished with school, and I kept reading. SUCH a good book :)

But I tore myself away, and made myself print out the shopping list, and get ready to go. After Jim got home from the bus, I headed to the commissary. I tried to call my mom to chat with her, but she wasn't answering. So, I just shopped by myself :) And got all the things I needed.

And then headed to the dollar tree to look for bread and dog bones. And I didn't find the dog bones I wanted, so I got a different kind, and will have to go to a different Dollar Tree soon to find the treats. Boxer knows that EVERY time he goes in his kennel for the night, or when we leave, that he gets a treat. And I don't wanna run out. He's SO good about going inside when we say Kennel and point to it.

Anyway, grabbed a few thins from the Dollar Tree, and headed home. I thought about stopping at Sonic, but decided that since I was planning on going to Carls Jr with the kids tonight, I didn't need another 44 oz. hehe.

I got home, and had the kids all help me carry in the groceries. AQ was canceled for the week because it got cold again, so Tom and Eme and Joe were home. I put away groceries, and started on dinner (turkey hamburgers), and had the kids do their chores. And I cooked my dinner, and finished off the book! Thank goodness! Now I could move on with my life - hehe :) No more books for a while :)

The kids ate dinner, and played for a while, and soon it was time to go to Scouts. Eme didn't have Achievement Days, so she was coming with Jim and Joe and me to Carls Jr Playland.

We dropped the boys off at church, and continued on. I discovered that their 44 oz cups were only $0.99, so I got one for me, and one for the kids. Because I REALLY don't like sharing with them. And a large fries to share.

I pulled out my laptop, and designed 2 WordArt packs. And totally could have designed more had I not been so distracted by Facebook - ROFL! Ever since I realized that Carls Jr has free Wi-Fi, my productivity level there has decreased. Go figure...
But they do have all the DDP and Diet Coke (just for you Charlotte!) you can drink! For only $0.99! I'm SO wanting you to come next week, girl!
I made Joe finish his homework before he could go and play...
And after about an hour, the big kids texted me saying they were done. So we loaded back up, and headed to the church. And picked up the big kids, and headed home. And we sang Glee songs on my phone (hooked into the trucks stereo) the WHOLE way home. And I decided that I have a hard time singing, dancing AND driving at the same time. Because see how into it I get?

Can I get a ticket for using my phone as a microphone? I wouldn't be talking on it? Just singing into it. And, I realized that if you sing into an empty soda can, that it vibrates kinda neat, and feels like a microphone. Well, kinda. You can feel your voice vibrating, anyway.... Try it. You'll like it :)

Yeah, I don't just sing songs in the car. I BELT them out. My voice hurts after sometimes even... And I like to dance. Like the M C Hammer song that was on the Glee album. That one was SUPER fun to dance to - hehe.

We got home, and I put all the kids to bed. Jake and Tom had been fighting and arguing before scouts WAY too much, so no watching Chuck for them. I got online, and started blogging and Facebooking. And I Skype chatted with Captain America for a few minutes, but he had to hurry off to work. Busy boy, he is :)

Oh yeah, have any of you bought from www.1saleaday.com? My friend Terra sent me a link to a 1/2 price Nook, and I got one, but the reviews on the site were horrible. I'm hoping that I get my Nook, and that it works.... Please, someone dispel my fears...

And as for the diet, I'm doing good! On day 2 of no cheats. Although, I must admit, I'm feeling VERY munchy tonight. No, I'm not gonna cave. I'm just gnawing away at this gum. And I'm gonna go get some diet hot chocolate after I'm done with my blog, and watch Glee. Yeah, I was down 3 1/2 lbs this morning. Can you tell just HOW much junk I'd been eating. hehe. SO need to reign that one in :)

I loved this saying from the second I saw it. HOW FUNNY IS THAT?? And how true, too, huh???

Thanks, Sharon, for the layout!!!

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Stephanie said...

Ive bought from 1saleaday a few times and never had a problem. The shipping is slower, then say, amazon, but the items always arrived and in perfect condition. I don't know why their reviews are horrible. I almost always see something I want to buy on their site! :)

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 8 post on Feb. 10, 2011. Thanks again.

Denise said...

Haven't heard of that site, but post your review:) Thanks for the really funny wordart-my brothers were always into things, to the extent they were on 1st name basis with the ER nurses and drs.

Mary said...

Do you like Celery? hat is always a good think to snack on. It gives you the crunch that you might be missing? Congratulations for losing 3 1/2 pounds in one day. That is awesome.


semoharty said...

Book nerd! I like to read too as you know. It think its great our kiddos like to read too. At least the first 3 of 5. Jury still out on JOe and Jim as they are short in the britches yet....

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [11 Feb 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Perkypine said...

1. How way cool is it that Brent left a positive comment about your reading. Shows he's keeping up with you all while he's gone.
2. I love this WordArt. I've kind of lost track of how many times I've had the paramedics over - there was the heart attack, the second heart attack (less serious than #1 - like an aftershock from an earthquake)and the neighborhood's favorite, the perforated ulcer! (Whenever the firetruck and paramedic truck show up all of the neighborhood children come out to see what Mrs. Laird is up to now.) That one they strapped in the gurney nice and tight and told me we were going to the hospital with lights and sirens! I'm sure the kids all told about it for Show-and-Tell the next day at school.
3. It sounds to me like you've got your feet on the ground and your head above water. Hang in there!