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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm Not OK

Another long day... but then, when ISN'T it a long day, right? hehe. Maybe if I didn't try and cram SO much into a 24 hour period... LOL!

I woke up at 8am, and got my kids ready for camp. It started at 9am at the Youth Plex on main post. Same place as the other kids' camps. Eme and Tom had "Fun" sports camp. Like paint ball, Mini golf, and water balloon fights. Fun, huh??

Jake was sleeping, and I woke up Jim and Joe at 8:30am, and had them get dressed and ready. I found a few things to donate to Savers (20% off coupon, you know). Anything that is too tiny for Joe is too tiny for anyone in my house. LOL. Because Jim is WAY bigger than Joe...

Anyway, I got everyone ready, and we headed out at 8:45am. And headed on up. We got to the youth plex, and were told that Eme and Tom were NOT registered for this week, but for August. Whaaaat? Someone at Main registration messed up....

She wanted to know if I wanted a refund, or what I wanted to do... I told her that I was gonna have to go home and think about whether it would work with my schedule. She had me give her my number, and said that she'd call me back and see what options I had. Sounded good.

So now, instead of having Joe and Jim and Austin and Amanda and me going to Savers, we had Joe and Jim and Eme and Tom and Austin and Amanda and me. Wow! Poor Amanda. She only has one kid, and isn't used to the utter chaos that is a trip to the store with the Harty's. LOL! Any of you with large families know EXACTLY what I'm talking about...

We loaded up in my Suburban, and headed to Amanda's house. We no longer all fit in her Jeep, so we took my truck. Without the air. Dang! We rolled down all 4 windows, and went fast on the interstate. LOL. It wasn't too bad.

We went to the West side Savers, got our 20% off coupon, and started shopping. The kids all found a clearance toy/game to get, and I found a few things. I got a few pairs of pants, Eme got a few shirts, Tom got some school shirts (green/white polo's), and I got a few Hawaiian shirts for Jake.

While I was at Savers, I got a call from the Youth Plex, and the lady in charge said that she was able to get Eme and Tom in for the rest of this week! Yes! They can start tomorrow :) Works for me! At least now we didn't have to hurry our shopping trip, right? Their camp was supposed to get over at 11am. We didn't even leave Savers until 10:45am.

After Savers, we headed over to the Dollar Tree. AManda wanted to get some baskets for her bathroom shelves. I couldn't remember where I bought mine at, but thought maybe it was there. Nope, it wasn't. We found a few things, got a snack for the kids, and headed to Walmart. Im not sure Amanda wanted to go with the kids again. hehe. But I drug here there!

And really, the kids were being good. No overt fighting. No touching. No crying or whining or carrying on. So for me, that's a HUGE win. ROFL! But there were a ton of them. And they were EVERYWHERE...

Anyway, we let them look at the toys at Walmart, grabbed a few things we needed, and made a stop by the McDonalds Food Court for lunch. We were SO not gonna make it back for free lunch. hehe.

I'll take a buttload of McDoubles, $1 sodas, $1 fries, and $1 parfaits, please...
Diet Coke is better than nothing...
Eat up, kids!

This was strange. So Austin got a Happy Meal, and had a little Star Wars light saber for his prize. And at the VERY bottom of the box, there was a McDonalds bandaid. Really? In a Happy Meal.... Whatever... Anyone else ever get a new bandaid at the bottom of their Happy Meal???
We grabbed a few more things after lunch, and headed to the register. Amanda had some Hot Wheel's $1 off coupons. And Walmart was selling Hot Wheels for $1.07 a piece! But it was only 1 coupon per person. Well, she had 6 coupons, and there were 5 kids and her. Oh yeah! She gave each kids $0.08 cents (price after tax) and a car and a coupon, and we let them go through the line first. Yeah, sorry people behind us...
Just that 15 minutes in line was about all Amanda could handle. hehe. When we got home, she had to lay down for a nap. ROFL! They were good, but it was pretty crazy!

Even I'm a tad bit frazzled!
Our drinks. LOL! Joe didn't want his, so I dumped it and got myself another DC refill!
We finally paid, loaded up, and marched out to the truck. Single file line, ducks in a row. hehe. I'm sure we were quite the sight... ha!

Everyone got buckled in, and we headed back to post. I almost took the Pershing exit off of 54, and realized that Pershing gate was closed. Crap. Should have gone Robert E Lee. Oh well. Cassidy will work too...

We got on post, and I dropped Amanda and Austin and packages off at her house. Then headed home. We got there at about 1:30pm. And Jake was JUST waking up! Crazy kid! We all did chores, and hung for a bit, then Jake and Tom wanted to go to the Youth Center on Biggs. So we all loaded up in the truck again :)

Here's Tom with his new necklace thingy from Savers. He was SO proud!
We brought Boxer with us, just for the heck of it. He likes to go on joy rides as much as the rest of us, right? LOL
We dropped off the older kids, then came back home. And I had grand intentions of cleaning the downstairs bathroom. I really did. But it didn't happen. I ended up watching an episode of 24, then starting on the pizza's. We were going to Amanda's house tonight for pizza and ice cream. Then Joe and Jim were gonna spend the night. I have an appointment in the morning, Tom and Eme will be at camp, and Amanda's gonna babysit. Thanks, my dear!

Anyway, we made the pizza dough, and 2 of the 3 batches failed. Sigh. So I re-did 2 of them, and they turned out WONDERFUL! I think I got too much flour on the first 2 batches. Joe helped me mix and roll out the dough. He's such a nice helper :)

We got the pizza crust on the pans, loaded up the other pizza supplies, and headed to Amanda's at 5pm. She and I shredded cheese, spread pizza sauce, arranged pepperoni, and baked the pizza's. We make a good team!

The little boys watched TV, played upstairs, played light sabers in the backyard, and had a GRAND old time!

Amanda and I played on our laptops. She looked at some school work, and I designed for a bit. Then, the pizza was done, we had dinner, and the kids played some more. And soon, it was time to go and get the big boys from the Youth Center. Amanda watched the kids, and I headed out. I picked up Jake and Tom, and headed back.

Then, we had an Ice Cream party! The kids were SO excited! They'd each got a new fancy ice cream dish from the Dollar Tree. Sweet, huh? hehe. They all sat on the floor and ate their ice cream (no food in the living room, you know!), then went back to what they were doing.

Amanda and I found this FUN sight! It reminds me of the MAC's Photo Bucket. I liked it :) Click HERE to give it a look. Yeah, we played on there for WAY too long...

Jake went back home to do whatever it is that Jake does, and Eme and Tom watched some TV and played on Eme's laptop.

At 10pm, the little boys went to bed, and at 10:30pm, Eme and Tom and I headed back home. Jim was asleep, and Joe and Austin were watching Star Wars. Sounded good to me! Oh yeah, check out the FUNNY glasses that Austin got today at Savers. LOL!

Apparently, my niece, Ella asked who this was (it was on Facebook), and Maddie said "My sister", and she said.. "oh her nose is kinda funny"...then she asked if it was pretend. Ha! Too funny, Maddie! Yes, it's a fake nose... But the eyebrows and mustache are ALL mine!

So it's now 11:39pm. And I found of that Sports camp starts at 8am, and got until 12pm. That's 2 more hours of camp than I thought! Score it! So I need to get the kids up earlier tomorrow. But it's better for my 10am appointment. I don't have to hurry home QUITE as quickly.

Then, I'm gonna go and pick up all the kids and little boys, and take them all to Free Lunch and to the pool. And Amanda is gonna stay home and clean. Her hubby comes home Tuesday night! He's been in the field for a while :)

OK, night, my girls! I'm gonna go finish up this episode of 24, snuggle with "Elmo", turn off the light, and fall asleep on my couch, then move to my bed. hehe.

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Awe, poor sweetheart! Look at those BEAUTIFUL eyes! Thanks, Sharon, AWESOME layout :)


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Jul. 12, 2011. Thanks again.

Tammy said...

This word art is SO perfect for me today!! :/ Thank you :)

deb said...

Thank you for the word art. I have had those days!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [13 Jul 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Shelly said...

Thanks for the great word art, Bethany. I already have several good ideas for using it. Hugs!!!

Melissa said...

Bethany I love your word art. I think you are hilarious! If people think you are vain then they don't have to read it. You are totally right it is YOUR blog-I wouldn't worry too much about it! Thanks for the stuff you do. It's great!