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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rear Window

First off, thanks so much, girls, for all of the helpful suggestions as comments and emails today! It really helped to read them and know that there are others who feel/have been in the same position :) Today was a much better day. After day 2 of my regular dose of meds, the depressed/forlorn feelings are almost gone, and the anxiety is back lower. Still a little bit there, but not as bad as the other day :)

I woke up with my alarm at 5:30am, and woke up Jake, and the two of us headed to Seminary. With our pillows. hehe. He went in, and I napped in the car. It took me about 20 minutes to fall asleep, then I was totally out. And Jake was knocking at the window. It'd cooled off a bit in El Paso, getting into the 60's at night, and only into the low 90's in the daytime. That's almost jacket weather, you know. hehe.

Anyway, Jake came out, and was SO proud of himself for bringing me a brownie too! The teacher had brought them for the class. And I just couldn't say no, right? hehe. So much for starting out the new day with a rock solid diet plan...

We headed home, I drank my DDP, and I started to feel MUCH more woken up. I got home, and Tom left for the bus. Eme was awake and ready, but Joe and Jim were still sound asleep. I hurried and woke them up, got them dressed, fed them, and within 15 minutes, we were on the way to the bus stop.

I chatted with the girls for a bit, then headed back home to make sure Jake got off to the bus ok. And he did. At 7:50am, he headed on over to the high school bus stop. You know, I never rode the bus in high school. My mom either took me, or I got a ride with a friend.... Sorry, Jake. The bus is just fine for ya!

Captain America got up at 8am to call the dental place to postpone his appointment. We certainly didn't want to spend one of his last days here at the dentist, you know. He can go when he gets back...

He tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't. So up he got, and got ready for the day. I did a little bit of computer work, and around 9:30am, both he and I headed out for the day. He was taking his truck around town to different body shops to price out a paint job. And I needed to run to Walmart for some household supplies.

Before we left, we decided it was finally time to drain the pool. Because it was more like sludge now... Nastiness! I put a trash bag up to my armpit, and taped it securely on... I'm cool, huh?
See, the problem is that the drain valve is WAY at the bottom of the pool. And it has a part on the inside too. Extra secure. And extra hard to drain a nasty pool. I tried to reach my hand into the nastiness, but my arm wasn't long enough... i didn't get wet, though!

So then I tried to unscrew the hose, and push a pencil WAY up into the pool part, and it knocked out the plus, and started to flow! I hurried and screwed back in the hose (it was kinda messy and wet!) and ran the length of 3 hoses out into the street and down the drain. There! Problem solved :)

Amanda came to pick me up shortly after that. Well, after I'd sanitized myself, that is. Who KNOWS what's living in there! hehe :)

I had a very extensive list of things to get at Walmart. But we still fit in a little looking around too. Like this GIANT cereal bowl. OK, so maybe it's not a cereal bowl. But that was my first thought. hehe.
Soon, my cart was filled, and it was time to check out. We found a line that wasn't very full, thankfully. 10:30am on a Tuesday morning is the time to go to the Jaurez walmart, apparently :)

Before we left the store, we hit up the McDonalds first. Diet Coke and a McDouble. I wasn't gonna have time to lunch before yoga. Yeah, McDonalds and Yoga. Those go hand in hand, right?
I got back home in time to unload my things, and hop in my car and head on over to the gym. Luckily it was the close one! I was a few minutes late, but still only the 2nd person to show up. Thank goodness! I grabbed a spot, and a spot for Kari, and she was there a few minutes later.

We had a small class today, and there was a "sub" for the John dude. She was pretty good, but seemed to leave us in the positions for quite a while. I almost DIED doing Downword dog. And yeah, I can't do plank anymore. I got to heavy! I'm working on it , though!

It really was a great yoga class. Hard, but good. And yeah, McDonalds isn't great for yoga. During the total relaxation part, I couldn't TOTALLY relax. Not after that greasy burger.... That's all I'll say. hehe.

After class, I headed back home, and got there just after Captain America. He was cooking himself a turkey burger on the grill. I put away all my Walmart purchases from earlier, and he and I got ready to head to the East side to look for picture frames for some of the prints that we'd got a the temple this past weekend. We needed 2 11x17. I was pretty sure that Walmart had them. Our next stop was gonna be Hobby Lobby if they didn't.

First stop, Goodwill to donate a BUTTLOAD of clothes that don't fit anyone. And a quick glance inside to see if they had cleats. Nope, they didn't...

We headed down Montana, and it went to one lane for a while. SUPER slow going. Come to find out, it was a crash. Involving a car and a motorcycle. And the dude didn't have on a helmet! The police were JUST getting on the scene. The dude looked like he was gonna make it, but it STILL made my stomach turn! Seriously, if you're gonna ride a bike, PLEASE wear a helmet!

We continued on, and made it to Walmart. We found the couple of picture frames that we needed, and headed out to pay. We still wanted to go to Academy sports to look for cleats for Eme.

We eventually found a good pair of cleats for Eme at Academy, and they were only $8. That's not a bad price for brand new! She took a size 6 in youth. We decided that Jim and Joe already had cleats, so they were good.

The only pair for Eme were WAY up high, so Captain America grabbed a ladder, climbed up, and grabbed down a pair. hehe. You go!

We found a few pairs of athletic shorts for Captain America, and some camp folding chairs for us, too. I got a pink one, because i'm sure that the boys won't try and steal it. ROFL!

We got some rawhide bones for Boxer. He's never had them before. They're supposed to be good for their teeth, right??? Anyway, I thought the warning was funny :)

We paid, and headed home. Tom picked up the kids from the bus, because we were running a tad behind. We stopped at the Youth Sports place on post to find out which teams the kids were one. Eme practiced on Monday and Wednesday at 5:30. Joe and Leo are on the same team, practicing at the same field and same time as Eme! YES! Unfortunately, Josephine and Jim were NOT on the same time. Jim was supposed to practice at a completely different field on the same day as Eme and Joe. SO not gonna work.

I plead my case to the little man behind the desk, and said that I wanted Jim to be on Josephine's team. Because Kari could help me out. And they met on Tuesday at 6:30 and it wasn't a conflict. He said he'd see what he could do and get back to me. I said that we'd just join that team for now until they came to a decision. hehe. Sometimes you've just gotta be pushy, right??? Thank you, Prozac!

We headed home, and contemplated going to Academy to get shoes for Joe and Jim. Because the ones at home were too small!!! I wish we'd known that earlier in the day! Oh well. But, we decided that we didn't have time. He could go one practice with regular shoes, right? They're just little guys ;)

I cooked Tuna Casserole for the kids for dinner, and helped Joe and Jim with their homework. And soon, it was time to go to Soccer. I left Tom in charge, and everyone was on a laptop. And watching TV. Life is hard sometimes, huh? hehe.

Captain America and Jim and I headed out in the Saturn, and got there right as practice was starting. Jim's coach seemed SUPER nice. We brought out our folding chairs, and had fun chatting with Kari the whole time. She's a great friend!

Jim is the one on the left with the teal hat, the gray shirt, holding the ball, and with the red shorts.

Jim is WAY in the back getting a drink of water, and Josephine is the orange #4.

Here's Captain America and I!

We chatted with the coach for quite a while after practice, and Captain America played around with the ball with Jim and Josephine and Leo. They all seemed to have fun. We finally loaded up, and headed out around 8pm.

I helped Joe and Jim pick out their clothes for tomorrow, and got them all ready for bed, then tagged off with Captain America for tuck ins and prayers. I had Eme and Tom and Jake close up what they were working on and go to bed. Jake tried to tell me that he had to do this, or do that, or whatever (none of which was totally crucial to tomorrows preparations), but I told him that he had 4 hours after school to get it all done. There's not need to wait until bedtime to start on your to-do list. So I sent him off to bed too. I'm a mean mom sometimes. hehe.

And I sat down and started blogging. It's now almost 9pm. Can't stay up too late. Gotta be up at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow! hehe. Maybe I'll read in bed for a little bit. I think that's where Captain America is right now. Reading in bed. I think I'll go and join him :)

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Great one, Sharon! I wish I had a rear view mirror in my truck. hehe.


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Sep. 07, 2011. Thanks again.

Mickymunchkin's little space said...

hi there,
good to read that you were feeling a bit better today, keep it going! and try not to put you under too much pressure with dieting etc just now, try and make sure that you're a bit more stable again :) a couple of kilos more don't make you a bad person you know :)
I'm really impressed how much you can stuff into one day, I would never have the energy for all that! BIG WOW! ;) well, enjoy your book and keep your chin up, looking forward to your post tomorrow!

Rhadonda said...

Enjoy following your life and blog. Also always thank you for your generosity with the word art.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [08 Sep 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria