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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Some Like It Hot (movie)

So I snapped a photo of myself when I first woke up this morning. hehe. I was like, "Oh crap". Is it time to wake up already!!! hehe. LOL.
We got ready, drove to Seminary, listened to scriptures, Jake went to Seminary, I slept, he came out, we went back to post, said family prayer, got Tom to the bus, got the little kids to the bus, visited for a little bit, and headed back home. I got Jake off to the bus, and tried to convince myself that I didn't wanna do the exercise thing with the kids this morning. I'd agreed to do it with Kari and the kids. But then decided that it didn't sound like fun.

But between me and Kari, we talked me back into it. hehe. And I got to chat with Captain America on Skype for a bit, too! Woohoo for chatting with my man for a while! Yeah!
Kari and I headed up to the school around 9:40am, and we got to walk with the 2nd grade classes. It was for Red Ribbon week, and Walk against Drugs. Or something like that. It was the PE classes, and they'd invited the parents to come and walk laps with the kids. It was a good time.

Veronica was there too!
I'm such a dork :)
Joe taking a break
It was also crazy hat day at school, and some girl let me try on her hat. I liked it!
After PE, we headed back to post. I got on my computer, and had a few projects to work on. I finished up my Halloween treats project for the kids, and sent them off to Walgreens. Then made plans with Amanda.

She came over, and soon we were off. First stop, Walgreens! What do you think about my hat??? I think it's super cute! I may just have to go back and get it. I like it :)

And the Bieber toothbrush??? LOL. Is it me??? ROFL!
After we got what we needed at Walgreens, we headed to the mall so she could get her wedding ring from the Jewelers, we grabbed a quick bite to eat from McDonalds, and we played with Skype on our phones. Aren't we silly :)
Then we headed to the school for the Kinder's PE period. Another walking time!
Amanda and I and Crystal all walked with our Kindergartners. It was pretty fun. I walked with the girls for the first few laps, then walked with Jim for the last few. He ditched me for the first few laps. hehe. Boys! He and his buddies finally let me in their inner circle at the end, though....

The Kinders didn't last as long as the 2nd graders at walking, though. After about 4 or 5 laps, they were TOTALLY done and ready to give up. We were soon done, and headed out to the car.

Jake had gotten out of school early, and was over at Nick's house (Crystals son), and he had therapy at 2pm. But because they had cancelled on us SO many times, I decided to called and confirm. And yup, they'd canceled again... so it was good that I'd called.

Kari had JUST gone back inside the school for the 1st grade PE for Josephine, so I left Amanda and Crystal, and joined Kari at the school. One more round of walking! hehe. She was surprised to see me, considering she was thinking that I was gonna be at therapy. hehe. I told her about the cancellation.

Here's Kari with ALL the kids that she was walking with. Josephine and all her friends.

And here's my group of kids. I found quite a few to walk with myself. LOL. we were seeing how many people we could get on our "train". We ended up with 13 or 14 at one time, I think. hehe.
We finished up with our walks, then Kari dropped me off at my house. And Crystal and Amanda came and picked me up and we headed to Sonic for happy hour. I love you, Diet Dr pepper. Even if you taste funny. Even if you are now nasty, I still love you - hehe

We headed back to post, and went to the bus stop. I collected my kids and Kari's kids (while she was at Justin's open house), and we headed to my house. And Amanda and Austin came over too. Eme and I made a batch of cupcakes for Pack Meeting tonight, and the kids hung out. Joe worked on his homework, and all the kids played relatively nicely.

We cooked popcorn for snack, and Kari got home around 430 from her conferences. Amanda and I headed to Walmart for some Pack Meeting supplies, then headed back home. We dropped Joe and Eme off at the Soccer field, then came back to the house and got everyone ready for scouts. We were running a bit behind.

Amanda frosted and decorated the cupcakes. We found Joe's uniform. We grabbed the supplies for the gathering activity. We got some plates and napkins for pizza. I grabbed my scout shirt. Tom got his scout clothes on. It was SO much hustle and bustle....

We all loaded up in the suburban, and we headed out to Cassidy gate to the new Little Casears right outside the gate. And it was SO slow. I waited in line FOREVER.... Once I finally got to the front, I asked for cheese, but it wasn't ready, so I took pepperoni, because it was already done. And paid, and headed to the truck.

We went to the soccer fields, fed the kids, cut some yarn, bagged up some beads, ate some pizza, and called it good. Then we all got in the truck again, and headed over to the church. We got to the church about 10 minutes early.

Kari took Amanda and Austin home, and I took Leo with me. Joe and Leo changed out of their Soccer clothes and into the Scout clothes. We made Halloween bracelets for our gathering activity.

Mine turned into a headband sort of thing...

Here's the boys listening intently to something or another...
I got to present Leo and Aden with their Bobcat awards. I think I did an ok job. I don't know. I've never presented anyone with an awards before. I've seen it done many times, though. hehe. Good job, boys!!! I'm very proud of you!

After the meeting, the kids all had cupcakes, and we cleaned up, and got ready to go. We ended up having to stay till around 8:30 so Jake could finish up his activity with the Young Mens. We didn't get home until a little after 9pm.

Earlier, right before we'd left the house for Scouts, Boxer had pooped in the little boys' room. And it hadn't been properly cleaned up. So it was stinky in their room, and the little boys were sleeping on the couch tonight. I'm gonna have to take care of that tomorrow. Sigh.

I finally got the kids in bed, and then sat down to blog. And I got about 1/3 of the way done, and Captain America got on Skype. And I was excited to chat with him, but was SO tired because of the busy day I'd had.

We chatted for a bit, then he had to go. And I started blogging again. Then Amanda was on Skype, and I chatted with her too! And it's funny, because we NEVER see each other. ROFL! So we Skyped for a bit, then got off of there, and I started blogging again. And here it is, 11:18pm. And I'm SUPER sleepy. And I still have to pray and finish up blogging. And go turn all the lights out. Then sleep.

Tomorrow, I'm cleaning up dog poop, and going to the Autism Support Group meeting, and doing some laundry, and going to see the moving Dream house, and Tom has early realease and will be going to the Milam Youth center after school and will be going to see Real Steel with them, and then we have Monster Math Night at school, and Eme and Jim have games. Yeah, my life is full...

And it's supposed to only be in the 60's tomorrow. Break out the winter jackets, right? I'm gonna FREEZE!!!

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Nice one, Sharon! LOVIN' your take on Starbucks!!! hehe :)


Tink said...

60's LOL, Its bearly in the 40's here and its gonna start snowing later today... I LIKE IT HOT!!! LOL

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 7 post on Oct. 27, 2011. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [28 Oct 02:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria