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Friday, December 2, 2011

Ants in your Pants

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So, super duper busy day! I woke up at 5:28am, and yeah, I just couldn't do it. So I reset the clock for 6:50am, and went back to bed. I'll do better next week. After taking 2 weeks off from Seminary, I just couldn't get back into the swing of it again. This crazy busy pace is gonna be the death of me. hehe.

I was up in time to get the kids off to the bus, and chat with the girls there for a bit. I asked the bus monitor lady for the paperwork for the kids to sign, and she told me that she couldn't give it to me. What? She said that she had to talk to her supervisor first. Come on! Seriously? Sigh. I let it go... I chatted with Maggie for a bit, then headed back home. I had to get ready for a therapy appointment at 8:30am. But I had to leave the house at 8am in order to get there in time, with traffic and all.

I came back home, and I got ready, and Jake got ready for the bus. He left, and I left shortly after. I drove on over to the West side, and texted with a few friends before it was time for my appointment. We were trying to solidify plans for dinner tonight. And I decided to meet up with Terra at Bassett Mall after my appointment.

My therapy went well. It had only been a month since I'd last been, and while the time had flown by, a TON had happened since last time I'd been in. Jake had been in and out of the hospital. He'd started new meds. I was on new meds. Lots of changes. We talked about everything that had been happening, and "processed" it.

I set a few goals for the coming months, and set up a new appointment, for 3 weeks from today. I'm gonna work on scriptures and prayers, and organizing my house. And I'm gonna start exercising again. I have to get in "winter" mode. It's SO cold here. You know, I could get some books on tape on my iPhone, and listen to books. Cause I like to ready, but don't feel that I have time. This would be the time that I'm looking for, you know... Good solution. And there's my exercise... I just need to find the time. I could do it during Seminary. But dang, it would be cold!

I headed back near post once the appointment was over. But went to Bassett Center. And met Terra there. She had her twins with here. And Amanda met us there. We went to Jewelry box, then went to a few other stores. And took the little girls to the play area. Then had lunch at Wendys. Oh yeah! I introduced the twins to Frostys and fries. It was a BIG hit. hehe. You're welcome, Terra! LOL :) Ms Bessy is cool! LOL :)

We went to a few other stores, then Amanda headed home to help her hubby get a few things organized for the movers tomorrow. Terra and I headed to Target, and walked around for a bit. I wanted to see if I could find a present for Amanda. And I found the cutest Jammies for her. I hope she likes them!!! We had fun walking around and looking at stuff with the little girls. I'm glad that they like me :)

We parted ways, and I headed home. I barely made it home before I wet my pants! ROFL! I had to go SO bad after my 2 sodas at lunch. Or was it 3. I don't remember. ha! And I got a phone call when I got home from an Army health insurance person. She was assigned to be Jake's case manager. Sweet. She was the person to call if I needed anything. She was calling to check up and see how he was doing, and if we needed anything. We chatted for a bit, and she got familiarized with our family dynamic and situation and such, and then I got a text from Kim.

She said that she was taking Scotty to Peaks. I called her, and she said that she was on her way to get Scotty from school, and that just she and him were going. Oh no. That's not gonna work. I took Jake with Amanda, and it was hard enough with a friend there. That's SO not something to do alone. I told her that she was NOT to go alone, that she was to swing back to post and pick me up. That she HAD to take me with her. That I'd find sitters for my kids, and that I'd be there for her.

She came and picked me up, and we headed to New Mexico to Peaks. And it wasn't so hard when it wasn't your own kid, I must say... I chatted with Scotty in the waiting room there, and kept him entertained. Kim was having a hard time (understandably), and was a bit out of it. Poor girl! She's one tough cookie!

We waited for quite a while, then finally, it was our turn. We were taken to a different building, and the assessment dude came in. And filled out papers, and asked lots of questions. And Scotty was determined to be a fit, and was able to be admitted. I think it'll be a much needed break for Kim and the kids. I know that his last episode scared the other kids. And understandably. Autism is a hard thing to live with. I can be scary. The effects of it can be scary. I applaud Kim for being strong and getting help. Hats off to you, my friend. I know it was a SUPER hard choice, but you did the right thing. Your family will be better for it in the long run. Trust me.

It only took about 2 1/2-3 hours for the entire admittance process. I think it was closer to 3 1/2-4 for Jake. It seemed like it took forever for him. Maybe it was just that being the friend was easier than being the mom? I don't know. At 5:00ish, we said by to Scotty, Kim signed a few more papers, and we were on our way. Rush hour traffic was horrendous. We were headed to Carinos on Airway for dinner for Girls night out. Kim decided to just drop me off, and head home. Too much stress for GNO. Can't blame her. If I had a hubby at home, I think I'd like to go and be comforted too...

Kim dropped me off right at 6pm, and I met up with the other girls. Kari and Amanda and Terra and Maggie and Suzanne and Veronica were all there. It was a fun group! We had a lot of fun chatting and eating and laughing. Lots of laughing with this group. hehe.

After dinner, Terra and Maggie and Amanda and Kari and I headed to the Comedy Club. Suzanne and Veronica had to head home. We got in free with our Military ID's. I was feeling really sleepy, but still thought that it was pretty funny. Except for the chick comedian. She was super bad. And not crude bad, just bad bad. She sucked.... Good think her routine was only about 5 minutes long. Either that, or they just realized how bad she was flopping, and pulled her? I don't know. But all the other acts were super good. The headliner was pretty funny, too. And the dude right before him had the BEST voices. I liked him too :)

After the show, Amanda brought Kari and I home. I love my group of friends! We had such a great time together. Thanks, you guys, for making December Girls night out a GREAT time! I got home, and found Jake playing video games in his room. Um, yeah, gonna have to reconsider letting him have the TV in his room. Not such a great idea. It's gonna have to come out of there. Can't be playing video games at all hours of the night.

I got Jake to bed, and had him take his meds, then sat down to load the store and blog. And here it is, 11:47pm. Not quite midnight yet. But it sure feels like it. And it's cold here. I should probably turn the heat on. Haven't done it yet this year. There's a winter storm blowing in. Might even get a snow flurry on Saturday. Crazy, huh??? It was SUPER windy tonight. At least, I'm gonna go and turn off the ceiling fan. I't freezing me. ROFL!

I think I'm gonna skip Seminary in the morning, and just start off the new week fresh on Monday. Is that bad of me? I'm sleepy and very tired.... Is it time for Captain America to be home yet? I need some help....

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Michelle said...

These are wonderful, thank you so much.

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 12 post on Dec. 02, 2011. Thanks again.

Shelly said...

Love the word art! Thank you. Hugs!!!