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Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Photo Frame

Holy Moly! Is it really December already???? How did that happen???? I guess that's good, because that means that Captain America will be home soon! Thank goodness this deployment is almost over!

I woke up at 5:28am, and SO wanted to go back to bed. But didn't. I grabbed my blanket and headed to the car. And Jake. ha! I got him too. We headed to Seminary, and I had my nice 40 minute nap. Well, kinda nap. It's chilly, and not very comfortable. But I do my best. LOL.

On the way home, we were listening to the country station, and we heard this song by Toby Keith called "Red Solo Cup", and it was HILARIOUS! And I've had it in my head for the rest of the day! Too funny :) Sure, it's a drinkin' song, and I don't drink, but I do drink punch. And Diet soda. LOL! I can pretend they're talking about that. hehe. And I have parties. Just not THOSE kinds of parties. LOL.

Anyway, Jake and I got a kick out of it on the way home. We saw Tom off to the bus, and got the other kids ready for the bus. Then I walked the kids on over, and stood in the sunshine, cause I was freezing. But if I stood real still in the sunshine, it was almost warm. Ok, so you guys in the states with real winter, I know that you know what real cold is. My hoodie and socks with flip flops don't really count as saying I'm cold. hehe. But that's why I live in the Southwest, right? That, and that's where the Army sent us.... LOL.

The kids got on the bus, us mom's chatted for a little bit, then I headed home. Jake headed to the bus, and I grabbed my laptop and did some work on the couch. And watched a few episodes of X-files. I was originally planning on going to the Zoo with Eme, but wasn't really feeling up to it today. What with the meds change, and not having heard back from the teacher about the trip, I decided not to go. Too much stress. And I was still feeling a bit anxious.

So I stayed home. And after designing a WordArt pack, and 1/3 of the month of December's freebies, I took a nap. When I woke up, Captain America was on Facebook Messenger. So I chatted with him for a bit, and we came up with a list of a few tasks that needed accomplished tomorrow. Or today. Or just real soon. And I need a list, or else I forget. hehe. I'm good with lists :) It's fun to cross things off of them, too!

We chatted for a bit, then it was time for me to get ready for Jake's appointment for meds refills. I went and fixed my hair. I figured that it'd been WAY too long since I'd straightened it, so I spent the next 30 minutes fixing myself up. And I put on fun zebra accessories for the day. Yeah, I must not have fixed myself up in a while, because everyone noticed. LOL! That's what you do, look like crap for long enough, that when you do dress up, EVEryONE notices. RoFL!

I headed up to Jake's school, and got him out of class, then headed back to post for the doctor. We were running a few minutes behind, so I dropped him off at the door with his ID so he could pre-check in. Trying to get him to be a bit more independent. He managed just fine. By the time I parked and walked in, it was Jake's appointment turn. PERFECT timing. They got his height and weight (217 and 5'9.5) and vitals and such. Then it was on to see the doctor. We really didn't have to wait long at all.

And thannkfully, the doctor had read his file. So she knew that he was Aspergers. And didn't treat him like he was a freak like the nutritionist did. But talked with him just like being a little goofy was normal. I really appreciated her. She got his meds refilled for him, and sent them to the pharmacy. We were in and out of the drs office within about 10 minutes. Now, the pharmacy was another matter. That was about 30 minutes...

But we finally made it home. I parked at the bus stop, and Jake walked home. And I waited with my friends for the kids to get off the bus. We had a bit of trouble with the bus monitor today. She insisted that we had forms filled out for the kinders and 1st graders for pick up procedures. Um, why not the 1st day of school if that was a rule? Why now, the last day of November? Sigh. She wouldn't let me get Maggie's kinder because she was running late. I get him at least 2 days a week when maggie is late for the bus. You can't change the rules. You have to be consistent.... At least give us some warning....

Anyway, we managed to get her to tell us what the 'rules' were, and told her to bring us a form to fill out so we could list all the ladies at the bus stop as people to release our kids to. When did things get so hard??? Sigh.

We stayed and let the kids play for a bit. Until the sun went down, and we started to freeze. Cause it's cold here for us El Paso climatized people. Hehe. And just so you know the extent of my laziness, I'm blogging from my phone right now. I had my computer in my bed in the dark, but it died. And rather than crawl out of my warm bed, I installed a blogger app on my iPhone. oh yeah.... I did :). Hehe.

Anyway, once it got cold, we gathered up the kids and headed home. I had them start on chores and homework, and Kim and I made a quick run to Guitar center. It was one of those stops on the list. Captain America said that Toms guitar had dead frets. And it needed fixed or replaced. And we had the 2 year warranty. So I needed to get it taken care of. So off we went :)

I set the guitar on the counter, smiled real nice at the little dude, Ryan, said that my hubby said it had dead frets, that it needed fixed, that he was overseas and couldn't take care of it, and that I didn't speak Guitar and that it was now his job to take care of it for me. Lol. And he did a good job. He got on the phone with the warranty people, and did whatever he needed to do. And told me when to expect a call, and what to do if I hadn't heard from anyone by a certain time tomorrow. And gave me his name and hours he worked tomorrow so I could come back in and get help. Very helpful guy! Thanks, young dude! Glad you speak guitar!

It was a short trip there, and we headed back home. I dropped Kim off at her house, then headed home. And got my gang ready for basketball practice. The older kids had done their chores, and were getting ready for some free time. I grabbed Joe and jim, and we headed to basketball.

Jim practiced, and Joe played with Leo. I chatted with Kari and Suzanne. Remember the lady down the block who gave us the dresser? Her boys are on Jims team. Nice, huh! We chatted, and she's coming to girls night tomorrow! Awesome!

After practice, we loaded up, and headed home. Kim texted and said that she'd had some trouble at home with Scotty, that he'd had a bad meltdown, and that she'd got hurt, so wasn't going to the movies. Dang, I know how that goes. Sorry, Kim :(

I got the kids situated for bed, and went to pick up amanda and kari. We were gonna see Jack and Jill, that new Adam Sandler movie. On post. We got there in time to get popcorn and a drink.

And it was hilarious!!!'. I haven't laughed so hard in I don't know how long. Maybe it's because I have boys and think that bathroom humor is funny. Or that people getting hit by things is funny. Little boy humor. Rofl! I guess that's just my mentality! I'm an 8 year old boy at heart :). I laugh at farts and when people fall down....

I'd recommend it. Super good. I laughed the whole time. I'll go and see it again when it comes to the dollar theater. Definitely.

We headed home after the movie, and I dropped off the girls. The kids were already asleep, and actually did pretty good on their chores. I know, right??? I was surprised too! Hehe.

I sat on the couch and texted with Kim for a bit, and finally came to my room and got ready for bed. Which is web I decided to blog from bed. And then I had a low battery. And I'm long winded, apparently. Me? I never knew ! Hehe.

So here it is, 11;23, and my thumbs hurt from texting this blog. Lol. Maybe I should have sucked it up and gone and got the charger, right? I'd have been done by now.... Sometimes being lazy takes a TON of effort!

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GREAT Santa picture, Sharon! I love how the kids look so serious as they get older. Like they are REALLY thinking hard about what they want. Not like when they're little and they're trying hard not to freak out. LOL


Tink said...

Great page! Thank you for the word art!

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 15 post on Dec. 01, 2011. Thanks again.

deb said...

Thank you! Jake sounds like he's doing much better.

PeeJay said...

Thanks for this Bethany. Are we going to get the December calendar to match the others you've done throughout the year. They've been awesome and I'd hate not to have the full set :0)

Unknown said...

haha! I was coming in to ask the same question that Peejay did. I have Jan - Nov and I was just thinking out AWESOME it was that you did this for us and hopped to your blog. Either way, with or w/o the december strip, the frame is just perfect and I thank you for ALL that you do. You are the sweetest ever!