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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cold Turkey, the Blog

OK, so just so there's no confusion, I posted the wordart in the last post. I was too tired to blog last night, so this is yesterday blog. See, I told you I'd get back to it. hehe.

I woke up at normal (non seminary) time on Wednesday morning, and got the kids ready for school. After the bus routine, I hustled home to get ready for the dentist. 8am dentist appointment to get my crown on.

I left Jake getting ready for the bus, and headed on over. It took about an hour, and the dentist decided that it didn't fit. Too loose on one side, and too tight on the other. Darn. So they were gonna send it back and get it fixed a little bit. We set up an appointment for next week, and I headed back to post. I was meeting the girls at the gym!

Rebecca is a person trainer, and she works on post at the gym. She wants to gain more clients, and thought that if other saw her training us, then maybe that will be good advertising. So she gave us a couple of free strength training sessions. Today was the first one :)

Maggie and Kari and I met at the gym at 9am, and we started. Yeah, I'm very out of shape. I don't have kids to carry around anymore, so my upper body is extremely lacking. SO sad. hehe. Rebecca snapped a few photos of us. hehe.

It was a good time, and I really got a good exercise session :) But I knew that I'd be sore the next day. I could feel it already :) hehe :)

I started back home, and texted Kim to see where she was. We were gonna meet up after the gym. She said that she and Tim and Corey were on their way to Chinese, and she invited me to come too. I said that I was sure that Tim was tired to seeing me. LOL. She said it was fine, so I headed over and met them there. He's me and Corey. Poor kid wasn't feeling well.

This sign never fails to crack me up. Ha!
Here's my fortune!!! Amanda joked that I would be coming to see her! Hmmm, a trip to Ft Sill WOULD be fun :)
Tim headed back to work, and Kim and I and Corey headed to Dollar Tree. Kim wanted to check out the bread. And it's my favorite Dollar Tree in town for bread.

I was so excited to find Red Solo Cups! You know that song, right??? Anyway, I'm such a dork, that I grabbed the generic ones and happily posed in a picture with it - LOL! Silly me!!!
Next, we went to Kirklands to check out the decorations. I promised myself that I wouldn't buy anything new until I put up the older decorations. Ha! But I would have gotten this Cardinal for Captain America! A Cowboy Cardinal :)
Redneck Gobblets? hehe:)

Silly, silly sock monkey!
Lovin this hat!
I actually really like this decoration!
And our last stop was Walmart. I needed some groceries in a serious way. Poor Kim's back was really hurting today.
It didn't take long, and our little cart was filled to the brim with food. We checked out, and headed back home.

I put away all of the groceries, then got Jim and Joe and Eme from the bus at 3:30. Hunter, Kim 8th grader, was gonna babysit Joe and Jim. I sent them over to his house. Eme changed real fast into her nice Christmas Dress for the choir concert later today.

Then I took Eme and Tom, and dropped them off at Guitar lessons for Tom on Main Post first, and then Eme at Piano lessons next. And I waited for her there.

Isn't Eme cute!

(um, yeah, training bra time...)

Kim went to pick up Tom from Guitar, and dropped him and Joe and Jim off at my house. And Eme and I took off to the Choir concert at the Elementary school. She looked adorable!

I sat by Crystals family, and eventually it was Eme's 4th grade classes turn. She's the tallest one there! hehe :) They really did a great job :)
Kari dropped Leo off at my house, and picked Jim up at around 5:45pm. I was taking Leo to Scouts, and she was taking Jim to basketball. It's good to have friends, you know. Anyway, this is how Jim insisted on going to Scouts. Goofball! His coach called him Farmer Jim! Ha!
After the concert, Eme and I headed back to post, and collected the other kids. I'd walked Jake through cooking some french bread pizza, and he'd done a wonderful job! He'd made the executive decision that one loaf was enough. And it was.

The older boys needed to be at the church earlier tonight than normal (6:30 instead of 7), and luckily we got out of the concert in time to make it happen. So off we went. I dropped the big kids off right at 6:30, and coasted, on fumes, into the gas station. I need to stop doing that. hehe. We got some gas, then headed back to the church.

The Cub Scouts all met together and played Volleyball. And Eme too. And apparently Jake, because he refused to go caroling with his group. Sigh. Which left him at the church from 6:30-9 with nothing to do, so he ended up bored and grouchy towards the end...

Anyway, I ended up chatting with a few girls from the ward, and had a LOT of fun talking to them. They're super sweet :) One of the girls was new to the ward, and the other's name is Amanda. I was totally supposed to go and play Volleyball with the boys, but I was having too much fun chatting with the ladies. Slacker, I know - ha!

They scouts were done at 8pm, but Tom's group didn't get back till almost 9pm. oh yeah, it was a long hour. Because Jacob was bored. And a bored Aspergers teen is NOT good. Not good at all.

He started playing around with Leo and Joe, and telling inappropriate jokes and such. Sure, for the 14 year old boy crowd, I'm sure they are funny. But not for the little old lady sitting in the lobby at church. So we had the talk about Situational Appropriatness. And yeah, he wasn't getting it. Or wasn't buying it, is more like it.

I tried to explain the concept that some actions are appropriate in some situations, and some are not. And he came back with, "Well, if I wanna do it, then I'm gonna do it"... Sigh. Self control is a good thing, Jake... This seemed like a good time to use the technique that the therapist told me about. When they won't do something for you, just drop it, and then when they want something from you, don't give it to them. And remind them that to get something, they must give something.

So, Tom eventually came back, and we headed back to post. And Jake asked if he could go to the Youth Center the next day. And I calmly told him that I didn't feel like picking him up. Just like he didn't feel like being situationally appropriate. I think he got it... I could tell that he was thinking about it at least.

We dropped Leo off at his house, and picked up Jim. Then headed home, and tried fast and furiously to get the kids ready for bed. It was slow going... Finally, by 9:45pm, everyone was in bed. Well, everyone except me. The kids wanted treats for their class parties the next day :)

So I started baking some mini cupcakes. And check out the cupcake liners. SO bad. Sure, I got 100 for $1, but is it really worth it if they are this bad. hehe

One cupcake mix made 4 pans full. But I only had 2 pans. So I had to do 2 rotations. And really, I should have made 2 boxes of cake mix. So 4 rotations. But I got tired...

Here are the containers that I bought last year after Christmas. I had enough for each kid to give out presents to 2 teachers. Or a teacher and an aid. Whatever they wanted. But just 2.

4 Mini Cupcakes fit inside :)
And then Kari texted and asked if I wanted to go to Walmart. Actually, I did! I wanted some Hersheys kisses to put on top of the cupcakes. And some frosting to attach it! Her parents had flown in for a week, and she needed pillows and a few other things for them. So, at 10:45pm, we headed out to Walmart.

And it was super crazy busy, like that night that Amanda and I went... Apparently it's not just Saturday night that is busy. ha!

We got the things that we wanted, and it took FOREVER. But Kari and I had fun. Kari's awesome :) I'm SO glad that she's my friend.

I think it was close to midnight when we got back home. Walmart is the black hole of time sucking, you know. hehe.

I brought my laptop in the kitchen so that I could assemble the gifts/treats and listen to music on my laptop at the same time. And Captain America was on Skype! So I chatted with him at the same time!!! I was up super late, and it was the middle of the day on his off day for him.

Check out the massive pile of Hershey's kisses wrappers. I wasn't tempted to eat a single one by the time I was done. hehe :)
Here's a box of cupcakes all packaged up for the kids' school parties. This is about 1:30am, when I was so tired I was ready to fall asleep.
So this is why I didn't blog for real last night. Because I was exhausted. By the time I went to bed, it was almost 2am. Dang...

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Shelly said...

Your cupcakes turned out looking fabulous! You're such a great mom.