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Saturday, December 17, 2011


Hey guys, I just wanted to show you guys some of the AWESOME stuff in the Secret Santa box! Check out the gloves!

Here's Joe with his candy cane and Christmas patch. He LOVED it!
It was a normal morning in the Harty Household. I got up, and made sure that the kids were getting ready. I went in to get Joe and Jim up and going, and I found this strange thing on Joe and Jim's desk. I thought it looked and felt like a giant melted down and molded crayon...
But they told me it was charcoal. No, I told them. That's not what charcoal looks and feels like. But then I remembered that I got a bag of Charcoal from Amanda when she moved. And it was open. And sitting just inside the garage.... Those freakin' kids took one out, and dipped it repeatedly inside their Scentsy! Sigh. Naughty kids! I confiscated it immediately!

Soon, it was time for the bus. I walked the kids over, and chatted with Suzanne for a while. She drove me home after. Here's Jake getting ready for school. Jake and his dog. Aren't they cute!

My head was hurting (could have been from the 4 hours of sleep a day ago, right?), so I took some meds and went back to sleep after Jake got on the bus. And yeah, it was just what I needed. When I woke up, I had a lot of texts.

Check out Amanda's new house!!! It's a duplex, I think. Or a 4-pex. I can't remember which she said.

And a text from Kari, asking if I wanted to come to lunch with the kids at school! It was early release day, and the Kinders had lunch at 10:10 am. It was 9:45am, so I had just enough time to get ready and get out the door and get up there :)
Here's Jimmy! He was excited to see me at lunch! And I had fun chatting with his friends and him. Ever since I came and volunteered in his classroom, they all LOVE me - hehe :)
Kari and her parents came up next, and sat by us, and Josephine ate lunch with her friends. Then Joe came up. I somehow failed to get a picture of Joe and I. But I did get a picture of Cassie! hehe :)

Leo came next. Then Eme. It really was a good lunch hour. My head wasn't all the way good, and the cafeteria was super loud. So I took some more meds, and hoped that it would feel better soon.

Kari and her parents were headed to Walmart after lunch, and asked if I wanted to come along. I LOVED Kari's parents, and thought it sounded like a great time! So I went :) Cause I'm always up for a good time. We weren't gonna be gone long, because school got out early, and the bus was gonna be on post at 12:30pm.

Check out Kari and I in the toy isle! hehe :)

I'm Captain America!!!
We got the few things that Kari's parents needed, then headed to the quick check out to pay. And headed back towards post. And got there JUST as the bus arrived. Perfect timing, eh??? The kids got off of the bus, and mine had wrapped gifts!!!

Apparently, the school had provided a give for each of my youngest 3 kids! They were super excited! I'm not sure why, but they did :) Jim got a 5 pack of Hot Wheels, and some Spider Man coloring stuff. Joe got a big Army Man set. Eme got a Bratz "Laptop" thing. They were great gifts!

We all hung out at home for a bit, and the kids played with their toys. Jake went to the Youth Center, and the other kids played some electronics and watched some TV. I eventually went and took a hot, relaxing bath. It had been a long week...

Around 3:30, I texted Kim to see if she wanted to go on a Girl Trip to the Mall with Eme and I. She did! So we headed out. But stopped to do a few errands for Kim first. But eventually made it to the mall.

First stop, Jewelry box. I got 3 things, and Eme got 3 things. She was super excited :). Check out this creepy spider ring that Kim found! Ha!
Then, I surprised Eme with a trip to Claire's to get her ears pierced! I was gonna wait till she was 12, but figured that if I had to get her a bra, that she was old enough to get her ears pierced, right? hehe :)

She was SO super excited!!! Here's her ears before...
What a goofy face. I have no idea where she gets it from...

Ready, set, SHOOT!
She said that it didn't hurt! She was expecting it to be a LOT worse than it was. hehe. The 2nd side hurt a little worse because she knew what was coming and expected it. Poor kid! She was still super excited about it, and listened real close to the directions on how to care for it and everything.
She picked out the birthstone for December, because she wanted to remember, every time she looked at them, that December was the month that she got her ears pierced. Awe, how sweet :) We looked around the store for a bit more, and I found the COOLEST pair of boots, and got them. They were only $15 because they were 1/2 off. I asked the girl if there was a pair of 10's in the back. She went to look, but said they only had 9's and 6's. Then, when I was paying for Eme's ear piercing, the girl found a pair of 10's behind the counter! Score! So I bought them.

Then, Kim came to pay. And got some Christmas earrings and some hats and scarfs and stuff. And the same boots as me. She told the woman that they were right behind the counter. Whaaaaaat? Oh crap. I'd JUST bought them! Are you kidding me??? It's a good thing she likes me, right??? I told her that she could totally have them for $15!!! She wanted to try on the 9's and see if they'd work. Thankfully, they did! When we left, we saw the ear piercing lady getting a talking to for selling something that was behind the counter. Oops :)

Next, we headed to Hot Topic. Tom had asked for a hat from there. And, since he hasn't been babysitting consistently, I've just been buying him random stuff as "payment". So today it was gonna be a hat. Check out the ones that I tried on!

Is it too much? ROFL!
This is the one that I ended up getting for me.
After the sale and my military discount, they came out to $15 a piece. No too bad for a trendy hat, right? Cause those buggers are expensive usually!

We also stopped at a cell phone case store on the way out of the mall. I ended up getting 2 Otter Boxes for our iPhones. Cause I'm getting ready to get the iPhone 4S, and gonna give Captain America my iPhone 4. So I got him the Army green one, and got myself the white one. And was able to get the dude to knock off $5 per case, AND throw in the belt clip for Captain Amerca. Nice.

At first, he wasn't gonna cut me a deal. And I kept insisting. "So, what kind of deal will you cut me if I buy 2". I think I said that 3 times. hehe. I think he was getting tired of me, so he caved... ROFL! Those cases are a pretty penny! But, I guess you can throw them at the wall, and the phone is safe. Good to know! hehe :) We're a little rough on things in our house...

Then, it was time to RUN home for games. Kim's hubby called and said that he wanted to meet her at the mall. So Eme and I took her car, and we headed back to post. And got Joe and Jim, and gave Tom his Chewbacca hat. He LOVED it.
And we headed out to the games. We drove to Joe's game, and I made him run inside. He was very late, but there. Then, I drove on over to Jim's game. He was only 4 minutes late. Kari texted and said that her mom was there, and that she'd supervise him, and that I should come back to Joe's game. Sweet :)

So I drove back to Joe's game, and hung with Kari and her dad. I only got to see about 20 minutes of the game before it was over. But it was fun :) Then we headed back to Main Post to pick up Jim.

But I got a call from Kari's hubby, Brian, saying that he was at Josephine and Jim's game, and that he'd picked up Jim and take him home for me. Super nice! Tom and Eme were both home, so it was good.

Joe and I swung by the Youth Center, and picked up Jake (he'd been ready since about 5 to come home, but I'd been busy), and he told me all about his day. He'd gone Paintballing with the Youth Center, then come back and played pool. And all sorts of fun things. He talked about wanting to join the Swim team next year, and I was just so excited for him. Those new meds really are doing good things!

We got back home, and I dropped Kim's car off at her house. And we grabbed our bags, and walked the rest of the way home. I got a text from Kari asking if I was still planning on stopping by the going away party for Adela. Oh yeah! That was tonight.

So I got the kids situated, and changed clothes real fast, then texted her that I was ready. And we walked over to a different Kim's house (Adela's BFF and neighbor). She's just down the road, near where Andrea used to live. Adela and her family are moving to Italy next week. Cool duty station, huh???

A different Kim (Andrea's friend) was there too, so we got to catch up. Her son had gotten back from deployment, and had some issues with hearing and vision and PTSD and such. Poor guy. We filled each other in on kids and spouses and future plans and everything. She's a lot of fun. A few years older than Kari and I, but SUCH a lot of fun! We both love Kim! (what's up with having SO many friends named Kim, right??)

We stayed till around 10:30, visiting and chatting and eating. Well, I ate. Cause I hadn't had dinner. I guess that Kari had gone to Chili's with her family. The appetizers were really good! And I had one chocolate covered strawberry. And I brought 2 Diet Dews. The other girls were drinking (Not Kim (andrea's kim) and Kari or I), and there were kinda 2 conversational circles going on. But really, it was a lot of fun. I'm glad that I went! And Adela, I hope that you have a GREAT time in Italy, and that the 2 day travel experience is a smooth one!

Kari and I headed home, and I got my kids to bed. I told them that in the morning, that they needed to do chores and clean rooms before they got electronics. Cause the house was messy... Story of my life.

At 8am, Eme and I are going to pick up her bike that she won. Then at 9, we have a basketball game for Eme. And at 11, a game for Tom. And Kim invited me to an Ugly Christmas sweater party around 2. Should be a good time! We'll see how much energy I have, right? hehe.

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Ha! That puppy IS in the doghouse. So was mine today! Freakin' dog... But I digress... Great layout, Sharon!!!


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thanks, Merry Christmas :)

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Those were some crazy hats! Thank you for the word art!

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Great page! Thank you for the sentiment!