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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blog Freebie Alphabet V

So, long busy crazy day today! But it was a good one! It started off kinda tense, but was good :) The mood between CPT and I had been a bit strained, but we were trying. We keep trying, and I think that means something, right?

Anyway, got up at 6:45am with the kids, and got them ready and out the door and on the bus. I had time to get all pretty, and get Jake ready, and he and I headed out. CPT went to do his exercise, and he and I were gonna meet up at 11am.

Jake and I posed for a few pictures. Look how small my head looks! ROLF!

Loving my Miche!!!

Jake had a very good session, so good in fact, that Jake got moved to every 3 weeks. He's progressing so nicely :)

I dropped him off at school, and headed over to the west side. But stopped off at Circle K first to grab a banana, a sausage egg biscuit, and a soda. Then off I went. I chatted with my Mother-in-Law until it was time for our session.
CPT and I had decided to fly his parents out for a visit, and I was chatting with his mom about dates. Soon, it was time to go inside. CPT wasn't here yet, but neither was the therapist. I was the only one on time. Go figure. lol.

The guys eventually got there, and we started the session. It was tough at times... and I thought that it was getting no where at all. Then, at the very end, it magically got better. All better. When CPT and I left, we were holding hands and happy with each other. Our "assignment" for the week was to do 3 things a day for the other person that was in their love language. CPT's is acts and mine is words/gifts.

So when we headed back to Jake's school area for his ARD, I said that I wanted to ride in his truck so he could show it off to me. That was my #1 for him. He was SUPER happy. We ditched the white suburban. We made a quite drive thru run to Wendys, then went to Jake's school.

Kim met us there, and the ARD started. It was a great ARD. We got all of the things that we wanted. Jake gets out 5 minutes before lunch to avoid the crowds. His teachers are going to be VERY literal about directions and remind him about things. I'll get notified if he's in trouble. He can wear a hood or hat in PE because of the sun thing. We fixed his locker issue. Lots of little things that should make life easier for him, and help improve communication between the school and us, and help improve his grades. It was a good, but long, meeting.

After the meeting, Kim headed home, and CPT and I headed back towards the therapists office to pick up my Suburban. CPT headed over to get some truck work done on his Suburban, and I headed back towards post. I got to the bus stop a few minutes early, ordered the tickets for my in-laws, and chatted with Julia for a few minutes. She was SUPER upset because her daughter had LICE! The neighbor girl gave it to her. It was the neighbor girls 3rd time this school year. Sigh. Poor Brooke, she was the only other one in the class to get it. Probably because she played with this other girl a lot. Luckily, there were only a few. Julia is a HUGE clean "freak" though, and had plans to tear the house apart cleaning. I let her borrow my steam cleaner, and got her some plastic gloves after the kids got off the bus.

I dropped the kids off at home, and then Eme and I headed out to Piano lessons. I designed while Eme was having lessons. Her teacher, after her lesson was over, told me that Eme was doing SO well that she really needed to be in private lessons. She's progressing so quickly that she is leaving the class behind. She recommended having 30 minutes of private lessons instead the hour of group instruction. I'll call tomorrow and see what I can do. It's $75 instead of $60 a month. Dang piano is expensive!!! For 30 minutes a week for a month.

After piano, we headed back home. CPT texted and said that he was on his way home, and that he'd found the BEST Circle K in town. And asked if I wanted a drink. OF COURSE! hehe ;)

We swung by Little Cesears on the way back to post. I still had those free pizza and bread stick coupons, and it sounded very easy. We had to leave for the church close to 6:15pm. I didn't have time to cook. I ended up doing a 3 point back up maneuver in the parking lot, and back into a wall!!! A concrete one! Luckily, it just hit the trailer hitch. Still, my heart was pounding. I hate that! Nothing was damaged, thank goodness :)

I got the pizza, and we headed home, and got there the same time that CPT did. And my kids loved me, because I was bearing gifts. And yeah, when I looked at my phone app, this was totally the reason for all of the emotions and the pizza...
We had time for dinner, and then to get ready to go to scouts. We were gonna cut out pinewood derby cars tonight. I threw on a jacket because it was getting cold, and snapped a few pictures with the kids. Here's me and Tom.

And me and Jake.
I did an opening ceremony with the boys, then we had them draw their design on the cars. Then they cut them out with Brian (Kari's hubby, Leo's dad). It was a great meeting. It did go longer than it was supposed to, because some of the boys from other dens jumped into our meeting. We may need to address that at a committee meeting...

Charlotte's hubby, Dave (Matthew's dad) kept the other kids entertained by playing some games and doing some relays with them. Good job!

Jimmy is funny - lol.
Good job, Brian! You rock!
Thanks SO much to Brian for coming and helping out! We were at the church a good hour after Cub Scouts was supposed to get over. I don't think we got the kids to bed tonight until around 10pm. Yeah, they oughta have a hard time getting up in the morning. But, we have all of the cars cut out. Our den is taken care of!

Tomorrow the girls and I might go hiking. Should be a good time. CPT and I are gonna go and watch another episode of The Office. We watched one while I was blogging, but it was SO funny, I got distracted. hehe :)

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Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Feb. 23, 2012. Thanks again.

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