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Saturday, March 17, 2012

3, 4, Knock at the Door

Good day in the Harty house. Parts of it were tense, but alls well that ends well, right?

CPT was up early going to early morning PT, and I heard him when he was coming back home to get ready to go to work the second time around.

I got up and got up with the kids. We did some chores and had some breakfast. CPT went off to work, and and Eme and Paul and Carol and ago got ready for a trip to the beauty college. And we decided that we couldn't really leave Jake at home with Tom and the little boys. That wouldn't really be responsible. So he had to come with us...

He wasn't thrilled about it, but Jim said that Jake could play on his DS, so that was good. I showered and got ready to go, and soon we were out the door. We got there, and Paul and Eme and Carol were soon taken back for their hair cuts. Jake and I hung out in the lobby. I'd brought a few Miche catalogs, which I placed in the magazine racks! Go me :)

Jake played his game, and we were done and out of there in under an hour! Sa-weet! They all looked good after their trims :) Can't beat a dollar hair cut plus tip! After the hair cut, we loaded up in the Suburban, and headed over to Bassett Center to the Jewelry Box. Carol still hadn't been there! And Eme was SUPER excited to see it :)

We looked around for WAY too long. I found 3 things, and Eme found 3 things, but then we were there too long, and I found MORE than that... Sigh, I almost got out of there with 6 items - hehe. While we were still looking around, Jake had taken Paul and Carol next door and conned them into a Sonic Screwdriver from Fye. He had $12 at home to pay them back...

As I was in line to pay, the texts started to fly in from home. CPT was at home for lunch. And he had been talking to Tom. Who had been telling on his brother. And rightfully so. Jake, apparently, had cut out the screen in his upstairs bedroom window, and had crawled on top of the landing on the garage, and had been hanging out there during the night.... Um, NOT COOL JAKE!!!

Jake had confided in Tom this morning, and Tom had told his Dad at lunch. CPT, needless to say, was NOT amused... He was going on about making Jake pay to replace the screen. It's hard to communicate through text when there is a LOT of info to cover, so I said that we'd just come home, and I'd talk to him there.

I asked Jake about it, and he got all downcast, and fessed up to it. I promptly confiscated the Sonic Screwdriver until further notice. He was sad. We talked about the screen. He said that his window DOESN'T have a retractable screen. It's built into the window. Because it's NOT designed to be removed. Hence the cutting. So he destroyed it. That's a no no. Which means he has a pocket knife. Those need to be confiscated. And I need to child lock the window.

We talked about crawling out onto the roof. He said that he'd seen the workers do it before. We talked about how they walked on BEAMS. He didn't realize that. We talked about falling thru into the garage. And replacing Dad's car. Not good.

And then when we got home, he had the SAME conversation with his dad. Who was SO not happy. CPT wanted Jake to sell off ALL of his Video games that were worth anything to pay for the cost of fixing the window. There's a game exchange place in town. Jake was fine with that. He knew which ones would be worth money. And Grandpa said that he didn't have to pay him back the $12 for the Sonic Screwdriver. So he already had $12 in his fund, too. That helped.

CPT was pretty upset about it. I knew how he felt. He had the look on his face that I had when I first realized that Jake was Autistic. How it feels when you first realize it. How it feels like someone dropped a ton of bricks on you. How you feel like your treading water, and you don't know how much longer you can make it. It's a horrible feeling. A sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. Something is terribly wrong with your child. They are NOT like other children. They are NEVER gonna figure some things out. Simple things that other children get. Like why it is wrong to cut out a screen in their bedroom window, crawl out the window onto the space over the garage, and hang out at 2am.

And he wanted to punish Jake. To make him suffer. He wanted him to sell off all of his possessions to make him pay. I knew it wasn't gonna work. But I agreed to take him. CPT went back to work, and I made lunch for everyone at home. After lunch (soup, biscuits, and left over chocolate cake (EVEN better day 2!!!)), Jake and I headed out. He took his 6 best games. And we headed to the Game Exchange place. He was a little hesitant, but did it. And was pleased with the $4 per game that he got. Now tell me that a neuro-typical 14 year old boy would be happy with that!

Anyway, I drug him to Fallas with me after that. He SO wasn't happy about that. hehe. I wanted to get a suitcase for my Miche stuff. When I went to my Monthly meeting, I learned that I needed to streamline my presentation kit. And get it to fit into a suitcase. So I bought a big one. And a cute one at that. Hehe. And I knew that Fallas had big AND cute ones! Jake helped me pick one out.

And we found a CUTE mini pool table set for $8, and a mini Air Hockey set for $15. Then we paid, and headed to Big Lots. I got a few things there, then we headed back home. Joe and Carol helped me re-tool my Miche kit, until it was JUSt right. I only have a few more things to purchase until it's Perfect! I can't wait!

CPT got home around 5:30pm, and by 6pm, we were ready to head out for Date night. Paul and Carol were holding down the fort for us. We went to Carinos for dinner. It's right next to the Comedy Club, where we were going for the 8:30pm show. My friend, Chrystal, had birthday tickets, and had gotten some for CPT and I! Thanks, my friend!

CPT and I only had to wait for about 10 minutes before we were seated. We ordered, and munched on SUPER yummy bread while our food was cooking. I LOVE Carinos bread. I would go there Just for that. hehe.

He got the chili, and I got the house salad. LOVE their croutons. He got the steak and veggies and angel hair pasta, and I got the chicken something or another. It had chicken and ham and provolone maybe bacon? I can't remember... It was DIVINE! And fettuccine Alfredo on the side. OMGosh! I was in heaven. But I could only eat about half. I was gonna take the rest home, but CPT wanted to finish it off, so I let him... Of course, I was hungry when I got home. I ate a PBJ... Not quite the same. ha!!

After dinner (which we were very slow, since we got there at 6:30, and we didn't have to be to the show until 8 to get the tickets), we headed over to the Comedy Club. We'd parked in the middle, so we just walked. And we met Chrystal outside. She introduced us to all of her other family/friends, and we went inside.

And the show was SUPER funny. Naughty, yes, but funny. Sometimes, the acts are just stupid. Like the one girl that we saw from the Northeast. She was REALLY bad. Like left the stage after about 5 minutes bad. But these guys that we saw tonight were really good. And it was JUST what CPT needed. And night of laughing. I haven't seen him laugh that hard in a REALLY long time. Laughing so hard he was almost crying. I think he felt a LOT better by the time we left.

Thanks, comedian dude! You lifted our spirits :) We headed home, and it was only 10pm when we got back. The little boys were playing Wii, Grammie was sleeping, and the big kids were playing cards with Grandpa. The poor dog was TRYING to not have to play cards. That poor dog is a SAINT. But I did notice that he had a dealt hand at the table....

We hung with the kids for a while, then after about 30 minutes, we put everyone to bed. And hung for a while ourselves, then it was time for CPT to go to bed. He wanted to get up in the morning and go Lift. Me? I wanted to blog. And watch a show. But seeings how it is 12:19am right now, and I'm feeling sleepy, I'll probably skip the show. And just go to sleep.

At 11am, we are going to "Mandatory Fun" for the BTN. It's at a park, and is a picnic. For the whole family. Should be interesting. After that, we wanna hit a few museums. Maybe I can talk everyone into doing a movie after that? We shall see....

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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Mar. 17, 2012. Thanks again.

** Belaymonkey ** AKA (Pirates Unite) said...

I thought it was shut the door?