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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Garden Grow

So, tomorrow is the 20th. And I'm SO excited, because that means that I can order the May catalogs for Miche!! I guess they're just doing a one month catalog thing for May. Not sure how that's gonna work. We shall see. I wonder how many I will need to order, then.... Hmmmm. I have tomorrow to figure it out, I guess. ha!

I woke up at normal time, and got the kids off to school. I was super sleepy, though, for some reason. CPT had a bunch of errands for me to do. Sigh. I told him to email me a shopping list and that I would go. But then he never did. Ha! So I didn't go. He did say to go and get the title of the 2001 Suburban transferred over before the temple trip this weekend, though. He and Tom and Jake are going. So that was a priority.

But I wanted to watch a Vampire Diaries first. So that was a priority. LOL. Then my mom called, so I chatted with her for about an hour first. THEN watched the hour long show. Then headed on up to the title place on post. Which took about an hour.

And that took me up to lunch. CPT came home, and I was SO incredibly sleepy by that point, I could hardly stay awake. What was wrong with me??? I managed to be poor company during lunch hour, he went back to work and 1, and I napped until 3:15. Seriously!

Tom came home, and asked if I'd gone and bought the modeling clay that he needed for his science project due tomorrow. Crapit! Nope, I hadn't... So I left him in charge of going to the bus, and headed out the close gate (thank goodness it's open from 2-4) to go to Target. And bought the last 2 packs of modeling clay. Then went to the Dollar Tree for some supplies for Cub Scouts. We can plan seeds! They had all of that! Perfect :)

And got home a few minutes past 4pm. We had time to shuck 15 ears of corn, and get it in 2 big old pots of water with a stick of butter. And get it boiling. And get kids changed for baseball, and the suburban loaded, and Tom started on his project. Jake was being "special needs", so he had to come to the park with me. Tom and Eme got to stay at home and wait to come to Scouts later with CPT.

The corn wasn't done when it was time to go, but I put it in a seal-able zipper cooler, and it steamed itself the rest of the way done. And it turned out PERFECT. I learned a trick to picking the perfect ear of corn at the store. And from a random stranger, none the less. Look for the ears with the nastiest silky parts coming out of the stalk. Those are the yummiest ears. It's been true every time!

Anyway, we took the corn, and headed off to the park. Jim and Joe and Jake and I. Joe went to practice, and the rest of us ate. Julia brought crissount (I know that's not spelled right...) sandwiches. With turkey and tomato and lettuce. SO freakin' good! And Kari brought drinks, and Kim brought apples and bananas and fruit snacks. Good dinner, girls! And I had the fresh corn on the cob. Oh yeah! I think the other families were jealous- ha!

We had a lot of fun sitting around chatting and laughing and making fun of people, as usual. I don't know what Julia and I are gonna do when Kari and Kim move after school gets out! We need to find 2 crazy friends to replace them! If possible - :( I don't think it IS possible - hehe :)

Kim took the little kids over to the other ball field at 6:30, and I cleaned up the ginormous mess of food that we had, and Kari and Julia picked up the uniforms. Then I took Joe and Leo and Alex (I let him come this time) to Scouts. Alex was PERFECT. Joe and Leo were naughty this week.

We did have a great den meeting, though. We spent the first 10 minutes playing freeze tag outside. And by we, I meant I watched 7 rowdy Cub Scouts, and wondered how I was gonna get through it. I decided to move our table and chairs outside. It was 85 degrees. It would work :)

Next, we had the opening ceremony. And had to deal with people jumping off chairs, and being unruly and rowdy and squirrely and junk. Dang, these kids are hyper... Maybe because I have a special needs kid at home, when you add 2 more into the mix, I get annoyed. I don't know.

Anyway, we talked about the different kinds of plants. Then passed out the planters (7 per boy). And put labels on them. Then passed out markers. And let them pick what kinds of seeds they wanted (from 12 kinds). And they labeled the planters.

Then they got the dirt, and we passed out the seeds. And they planted the seeds. And that was the 60 minute den meeting. We had the prayer, got a snack, and cleaned up. I released kids back to their parents, and headed home. I dropped Alex off, then exchanged Leo for Jim. I put kids to bed, and started blogging.

It's now 9:30pm. CPT and Tom and Jake are still at church. I'm still tired. Even with that 2 hour nap. I hope I'm not coming down with something. That would be sad :( I don't have time to be sick, you know! hehe.

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Unknown said...

i luv it beth thank you

Shelly said...

Thank you Bethany. It's perfect for pictures I will be taking of our garden that is really starting to take off in the last few days.

I love the tip about choosing good corn. I've always avoided the nasty looking silk. lol

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Apr. 20, 2012. Thanks again.

Avril H said...

many thanks :)

Tink said...

Love your art! Thanks..
Can you please do a "Sympathy" word art I really need one .. my best friends husband is dying.

marnie said...
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Bethany said...

Ok, let's talk about what I mean by "make fun". Us girls make fun of each other. Because we like each other. And we mean no harm by it. We all have special needs kids. We "make fun" of them and the situations they put us in. We can do that, because we have special needs kids. That is a right afforded to us because we couldn't survive them any other way.

There was one woman that we were truly making fun of, but she deserved it. She was being rude to our kids. We were all clapping and cheering for one of Kari's kids and she said "that WOULD have been a good catch IF he had tagged first"... Just crap like that. So rude. We called her ma'am one day, and she yelled at Julia, "Don't call me Ma'am!"!!! So behind her back, we now call her "the ma'am. THAT'S what we call "making fun". I should have clarified before. It's mostly being rude to each other.

Maria said...

I love it. Thank you! Your wordart is awesome. :)