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Friday, April 20, 2012

Trying New Things

It's Friday, so you know what time it is! New Release time! I've got 5 Brand New Wordart Packs in the store, plus an Easter Bundle for you!!! $2.00 per WordArt Pack, and only $7 for the 10 WordArt pack bundle!!! Click HERE to go to the store :)

All layouts by Sharon - Our schedules actually lined up this week! Woohoo! I've missed her AWESOME layouts!!!

So remember that big party that I closed out on Tuesday night at Kims? Oh yeah, it came in today! And it was only Thursday!!! We were SO stoked!!! Overnight shipping totally rocks! hehe.

I got the kids up and dressed and out the door to school, then made sure that Jake was moving, and took my laptop and headed to Kim's house. Her bi-polar kid was "dying", and needed to stay home today. But she still needed to get the kindergartner to school. So, I supervised the "dying" one while she drove Austin to school. Jake checked in with me before he went to the bus. Thank goodness he was happy and on time. ha!

I designed while at Kim's house, and stayed till around 9am. I had 4 Wordart packs done when I left, too! Oh yeah for me! I was on a roll! I hurried home at 9, and changed real fast for Yoga. I told the girls that if I got enough work done, that I'd go.

Erin picked me up, and she and I and Kari and Julia and I headed to yoga. We met Laura and Nicky and Jenny and her mother-in-law Shirley there. Oh yeah, there were a TON of us. That class was PACKED full of people today. And I think he was trying to kill me today. Because I'm so far out of shape it's even funny. I've totally let myself go... :( But I didn't quit. I kept on plugging on. Shaking legs and arms besides the point. ha!

My reward for yoga was going out to lunch. I told the girls that from the get go - ha! Jenny wasn't going to go, but I made the group put it to a vote, and we ALL voted that she had to come with us. And it actually worked! She came with us! ROFL! Who knew that she would listen to my crazy rantings!!!

We decided to try the Japanese place on Airway. It was $12 for the lunch buffet (that was INCLUDING the military discount), but I thought it was pretty good. All sorts of sushi and meats and soups and junk. I didn't know what half of it was. I needed someone to explain it all to me. Amanda, my dear, you needed to be my Sushi translator!!! hehe :)

Kari and Julia didn't care for it, since Kari is a vegetarian, and Julia's stomach can't handle meats. And almost everything they had was meats. So it was expensive for not much for them. Sorry, girls. It's Jenny's fault. She picked it. Erin and I were in hog heaven, though. LOL.

After lunch, we headed pack to post, and found Kim's party order in my house!!! We all came inside (minus Jenny and Shirley) and separated the orders. It was like Christmas! We all had SUCH a great time! hehe ;) Again we were thrilled with how quickly it came in!

We loaded up all the orders, and dropped Laura off at her car at the gym. Then we went to Kim's house. And dropped off her order, and 2 of the other orders. She would see Cherylynn and the other chickie at her kids' school today. We stayed and chatted for about 20 minutes, then headed home. Erin dropped of Julia, then dropped off me.

Tom was home by that point, and I worked on a project for a little bit, and sent him to the bus. And then CPT was home, and I continued working. Then headed up to the bank to deposit money from Leigh's party. We wanted to close it out around 5 tonight. Jim came with me. I don't know what he thought a bank was, but was sorely disappointed with what it actually was. hehe.

We came back home, and I met with Leigh briefly and closed out her party, then came back home. CPT and Joe and Leo went to hockey at 5:45pm, and the other kids and I hung here. After Jake's chores were done, he went to a friends house in the neighborhood across the street from ours. Nick, I think. Funny, because that was the other friends name who moved to Ft. Sill! LOL. I guess he doesn't have to remember his name, right?

Eme made Strawberry cupcakes with powdered sugar dusting, and Tom made sloppy joes for us. And I designed and loaded my store. Thursdays are my "bad parent" nights. ha! Unless I'm uber productive during the day. I was only uber productive between 7:30-9:00. And that wasn't long enough. hehe. Last week I was. But this week was SO much more fun!

It's now 7:30pm. CPT and Joe and Leo are on their way home. Jake is hanging with Boxer. I had him come home at 6:45pm. Eme is on her way home from the park with Lexie. Tom is working on a merit badge for Boy Scouts. Jim is doing something in the other room that involves singing to himself - LOL!

The girls and I are gonna go on a walk tomorrow morning, then I'm not sure what else the day holds. I DO know that come 9am, I'm placing my order for the new catalogs!!!! hehe :)

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WandaH said...

Hey Bethany, you make me smile. I wanted to let you know that your links are not active.

oshwick said...

So glad to hear that the rest of your week has gone smoothly, Bethany! Hope you have just as nice a weekend!

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Apr. 21, 2012. Thanks again.