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Friday, October 26, 2012

Monster Math Night at School

Hey, you guys!  I'm giving it a second change :)  It helps when your "boss" gives you a gentle nudge to do so.  hehe.  LOVE Maya.  She's a great lady, and I'm glad that she did.  I need to get back to designing.  And blogging is part of my process.  So here we go.

But first, here are 2 of my new wordart packs for the week!!!  Get excited!!!

I really can't even remember when the last time that I consistently blogged was.  Or what was going on.  I know that we were having Jake troubles.  Of course.  And yeah, we still are.  He's in a treatment center.  And only has a month left.  And we can't find a place to send him after.  Because no one will take him.  Because of his condition.  Sigh.  It's just one big struggle.

So our new strategy is to convince him that we WANT to give him another chance.  Have him thinking that he is home on OUR terms.  Then, at the first terroristic threat or aggressive behavior, we call the MP's and they take him to the mental hospital, and Medicaid pays for it.  We got him declared Disabled over the summer, and on Medicaid.  So that was good.  We have a plan, even if it's gonna be tricky.

So there's an update on that.  That happens right before Thanksgiving.  And CPT is going on a training.  So it'll be tricky.  We need to get the house all prepared for that.  We are working closely with the therapist to get a contract worked out between all parties.

A lot of my friends moved.  It was so sad.  But I've made some new ones, and there are some still here.  I'm hanging out with Julia every day.  And I see Laura, and Charlotte, and Maggie, Elaine, Leanne, Chelsey, Lesa, and Maria.  Yeah, I know there are more.  hehe.  Anyway, kids are in school, and I keep busy during the days.  Because if I didn't, I would just sleep.  That's what my meds do to me!  LOL. 

I have family therapy for Jacob once a week.  We do lunch at the school with the kids every Friday.  Joe is in Hockey.  Eme has piano on Tuesdays.  I am the den leader for Joe's den, and we do that on Wednesday.  Anyway, I can't go and catch you up on everything.  That would take forever...  Lets just pretend that I never stopped.  hehe.  Let's just pretend that you know what I've been up to.  ROFL!

So today, I got up and got the kids ready.  I now get up at 6:30am.  Because I help the kids get ready.  Instead of sleeping on the couch.  See, I've improved.  hehe.  I make sure that they have good clothes on (usually ones that I picked out the night before), and we get breakfast from the menu (we're back on a menu!).   Tom leaves at 7am, and the other kids go to the bus stop at 7:15am.  I go sometimes, and other times, I let Emeline supervise.  She IS a 5th grader this year, you know!

Today was Crazy hair day, so we use my SUPER sticky hair goo for Eme's hair.  She looked super fantastic!  Such a cutie!  Jim?  He doesn't have much hair, so when he asked to have a mohawk, I tried not to laugh.  I settled for face paint crayons in his blond hair.  hehe.  I thought it was cute :)

And KIM is at my house!!!  She had a doctors appoint at the VA hospital here in El Paso that couldn't be taken care of at Ft Hood, and flew in yesterday.  So we got ready for her appointment, picked up Julia, and headed to the hospital.

She was hurting, because she had to fast, and couldn't take her meds.  Poor thing.  She headed off to her appointment, and Julia and I hung in the waiting room, and cut out paper stuff for the "Monster Math" Halloween party that evening.  Julia had gotten roped into helping.  hehe.

After a while, we were done, and headed over to the main hospital cafeteria for a bit to eat.  We got chicken wraps.  They were super yummy.  We ate and chatted, telling stories from our lives, and then Kim was done.

We headed stopped by Julia's house to get her jacket, and then we went to Rainbow Fountain for Kim to get a shrimp cocktail!!!!  Remember those?  I'm SURE I blogged about those.  They are da bomb!!!
This is us, posing in front of the sign.  See how happy we are.  That's because I made my Suburban fit in the parking spot.  We all clapped.  The girl walking by thought we were quite funny....  hehe.  I live to amuse.

Julia and I got smoothies instead of food, because we were SO full.  I got Mango, and she got strawberry.  Yums!  We sat and ate and chatted, then headed to Bassett and the Jewelry Box.  You KNEW that was coming next, right???

Kim got a few things, Julia got a few things, and I abstained.  I know, right?  I am showing self restraint!  Amazing :)  I was trying to put the finishing touches on my grocery shopping list while the girls shopped (I had the menu done, but needed the detailed list).  We then headed to Target.  Julia needed to get Brooke a white shirt for her Halloween costume.  We wandered around for a bit, then headed out.

We dropped Julia off at Costco so she could pick up her prescription, and we circled the parking lot a few times.  And look what we found in the air!!!  I'm not sure what it is.  But I've seen it at the airport before.  Laura would TOTALLY know what this is.  She JUST got a job at the airport as a baggage handler.  How cool is that.  She used to work in Canada doing that, and now she is practically in Mexico doing that.
Next stop, Commissary.  Because I was on a menu, but I ran out of food.  So now my kids were used to following it, and I didn't have the stuff.  Anyway, I convinced Julia and Kim to come with me.  That's JUST what she wanted to do.  Fly to El Paso to go to the commissary.  hehe.  Actually, being part of her old groups everyday life is EXACTLY what she wanted to do.  hehe.

We started shopping, and I gathered the stuff on my list.  And I actually came in under budget.  But we were running out of time.  Julia volunteered to go and pick up the children, and we checked out, used her money to get her groceries, and we were waiting by the curb when she got there.  Perfect timing!

I dropped her and her kids and the groceries off at her house, and then my kiddos carried in my groceries.  My theory is, if I buy it, YOU can carry it in.  ha!  I got all the stuff put away, the kids had snack, we cleaned up a tad (and I mean a very little tad), and got ready for Monster Math night, the kid's school Halloween party.

Everyone threw on a costume from the costume box, and we called it good enough.  I should have probably looked at Jim's costume a bit more careful.  It was too small.  hehe.  I didn't know that boys could have "camel toe" until tonight.  Wait, can I say that out loud?  Too late....  Bless my heart.

My kids LOVE this event.  It's the Halloween party for the school, and they have educational games in the gym.  Bingo games, spelling activities, math activities, you name it.  And the kids get candy.  There are nachos and hot dogs and stuff for sale.  They had a costume contest, and it was just a LOT of fun.  Here's a few pictures from the event.
Here is Alex, Julia's oldest.  He's precious ;)
Emeline and her friend
Me and Kim and Delia (my behind the fence neighbor)

Jim, Jacob, and Hannah (Maggie's Kids)
Julia and Brooke (she was NOT pleased she had to wear her karate outfit.  They were going STRAIGHT to practice after the party.  She would rather have been the angel she wanted to be and is going to be on Halloween)
Emeline is SO adorable :)

After the party, we all headed home.  We left about 20 minutes before it got over.  Kim was tired, and my feet hurt.  And I think Tom was done.  hehe.  Jim could have kept going strong.  LOL.  Oh yeah, Jim and Brent were at Hockey practice.  That's why they were not at the event.

We un-costumed, and started on dinner.  Taco Pie.  I found it on Pinterest, and thought it looked good.  OMGosh, it was SO yummy!  Click HERE to go to the website for the recipe.  FABULOUS!
I didn't have the right pan, so mine didn't come up over the edge, and next time I'm gonna try and have it go that way.  And I had too much sour cream on top.  But it was delicious!!!!  Everyone at it.  Every last drop was eaten.  Definitely a keeper.

Just as I was getting ready to put kids to bed, Emeline asked if we could ready scriptures together as a family.  How could we say no to that.  She's SUCH a sweet girl.  So Kim got to experience Harty Family scripture reading.  LOL.

And yeah, don't be thinking that we're all perfect here.  I may be portraying the wrong thing.  We have problems.  CPT and I haven't been getting along so well lately.  He had surgery on his knee.  He's been on Convalescent leave for 3 weeks.  Men are made to work.  hehe.  He's going stir crazy.  And getting nit picky.  Anyway, we've been fighting.  So the fact that Eme asked for scripture reading was SO nice for a change.  It brought a peaceful spirit into the house.  So, THANKS Emeline.  I love you all the more for that.

Then the kids went to bed, CPT started cleaning our bedroom (for some reason), Kim played on her phone, and I blogged and uploaded photos to facebook and loaded my store.  See how productive I am!  And I'm done now.  It's 10:15pm.  I'm uber exhaused.  This is late for me.  LOL.  I'm not up for super late nights anymore.  I need my, well, sleep.  

We'll see how this blogging/designing/staying on top of it goes.  I want to get some freebies together too.  I don't have one today, so please forgive me.  Hopefully an update will suffice. 

Anyway, night, y'all, and I will see you tomorrow!!!


Celeste said...

Can't tell you how good it was to catch up with you!!! Still praying for you and your family!

rosepup said...

I'm so glad to see a post from you. I was hoping and praying that things were going in the right direction for your family. Good luck with everything! You can do it!

Crabcakes said...

Please tell us what that was in the sky close to the BK sign! I am dying to know! Thank you!

Robin/ alarmrx2/ RMR said...

So glad to see you posting again. I was goint to leave a message on your FB page, if I remembered. Thanks for catching us up.

Sandy E. said...

Hey, Hey, Hey - look who's back! I've been thinking about you alot, especially when I go to Walmart and see odd things (here we have a new Super Walmart and there is alot of odd things). I say to myself, "Self, I wonder where that girl is, I miss her stories and pix of odd things (as I'm holding a ginormous can of tuna)." I'm very happy to hear from you again. (smile)

Elaine M said...

Oh Oh OH!! So good to see your post today - mercy I've missed you! Sending tons of hugs and smiles and prayers your way. Blessings sweetie

Candyastra said...

Oh so good to hear from you!! I was worried about you for the longest time. Sorry to hear about Jacob. It makes me so sad :( But you inspired me to start my own blog about my weightloss journey, thank you! Thinking about you!!

StarSraps said...

SOOOOO HAPPY to see you back and blogging!! I really have missed your updates and FABULOUS freebies!!

Janet Harder said...

Sorry to hear that Cpt needed surgery - hope he heals quickly! Glad to hear an update from you and we all understand the challanges your family is facing. It takes great faith to meet them and work through them and not give up, courage to share them publicly the way you do and love to know that you will all survive this, together. Keeping your family in our prays, for Jake and your relationship :)

Lesleylynn said...

Welcome back! Lovely to hear all your news. God Bless

HighDesertGal said...

Yea! I have been thinking about you the past few days and wondering what you were doing. Being former military I know transfers can come out of the blue. Glad to know that things are settling down a bit. Are you going to get up to Albuquerque before Jake comes home? The Temple is a great place to receive inspiration and strength. Glad you are back and and update is definitely better than a freebie right now. Hugs and prayers...

Hill said...

So glad y'all are still alive! I've been checking on your blog every once in awhile so it was a surprise to see an update today.

Just a thought: Whenever my husband and I are in a fighting mood (and it could be about anything), I try to serve him more, even though that is usually the LAST thing I want to do. But you know what? It always works. That is exactly what the Savior would do, He would serve, so I thought I would do the same.

SharonKay said...

Really great to hear from you, Bethany. I am praying for your family.

Peggy said...

Glad to see you back and blogging!!

ApriltheScrapaholic said...

So good to see you back. I hope your plan works. Great to see you blogging and posting pics of you,friends and family. Been worried about you. Still sending strength and prayers your way. Take care Bethany. Laters, April

Unknown said...

It's so good to have you back! I rarely comment, except sometimes to say "thank you", but I've been reading for a couple of years now. I was very worried about you and your kids. I hope all goes well in the coming months.

AZ Happy Scrapper said...

I am so glad you are back. I had not checked your blog recently but something told me I needed to look today...Surprise!!! There you were!. I know it is difficult but you have so many things going for you, primarily God's love. Prayers go out to you and your family!

Michelle said...

Glad your back and doing ok! Keep your chin up!

Dj said...

So glad to see your back! And remember, I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me, Philippians 4:13.

Stephenie said...

I am very happy to see a new post! I think of you often an say a prayer for your family. Thank you also for the taco pie link! Pinned it already!

Anonymous said...

So great to find that you are BACK! Oh happy day! I am exhausted and had not looked at my e-mail since Thursday morning. I have been tending 3 of my grandchildren while their parents are at the hospital having their 4th child. HE is SO ADORABLE! Tonight will be the 3rd night away from home so it is fun to FINALLY have your happiness back on your blog. Everything works out in the end. Sorry to hear about the Captain's injury. Remember that all men are a pain when they are down or ill. Just hang in there and spoil him while you can. Remember how much you missed him when he was deployed! You go girl! You are such an inspiration to so many of us! Glad you are back!

Beckey said...

Wonderful to read you again Bethany! I check about once a week or so, and pray for you and your family. You still have your sense of humor, and I find that is what helps me get thru a lot of times I want to just cry.

Take care girl. You have been missed!

Aznewmom said...

It's good to see you back. So sorry for all that you are going through. It must be VERY tough. :(

Crunchy_Conservative said...

It's nice to see an update from you. Every now and then I flip through my saved email, and I always say a prayer for you and your family. It sounds like you are in a better place than you were a few months ago. I'm glad to see you taking care of yourself. Hang in there. You guys are going to make it through to brighter days!


Neenee said...

So lovely to hear from you! I've missed you, and your family and you all are on my mind :) Keep on keeping on!!

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Unknown said...

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