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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Just Relax Freebie

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New stuff up there!  Go check it out, I KNOW you will love it!  hehe.  So, where to begin.  My pictures loaded out of order, so you get the backwards version.  Today is Thursday.  After getting kids off on the bus, I went to Julia's house and tried to teach Maggie and Julia to crochet.  I'm a lefty, and they are right handed, so they did everything opposite of me.  Yeah, that was comical.  hehe.

But we had fun chatting and hanging out.  Right as I was about to leave for an appointment, Julia's dad came over with DUNKIN DONUTS!!!  Super dad, I know!  Julia was gonna take him to the airport.  I managed to get a Boston Cream one before I left.

I went to the school and got Joe, and we headed to the West side, making it just a few minutes late.  I need to work on my tardy skills.  Or my non tardy skills, I guess.  I crocheted while Joe therapied.  I really like Ms Nance.  She's awesome. 

We swung by Savers to donate the crap in the back of my Suburban, then we swung by McDonalds drive thru, then headed back to school.  I signed Joe back in, and headed back home.  Just in time for Maggie and Julia (and Hannah now too) to pick me up.  And we all headed to Costco for lunch.

Since I'd already eaten, I just got a soda and and ice cream.  The girls got some REALLY yummy smelling grilled turkey sandwich thing.  I wanted one, but I'd already eaten.  NEXT time!

Next, we headed into Bassett mall.  Julia needed something from Target.  I found a super cute dress for $12.50, but decided against it.  Then it was on to Bath and Body works.  I almost got some lotion, but decided against that too.  Sigh.

Then the girls dropped me off at an appointment that CPT and I had.  Marriage counseling.  The dude is moving next week.  I want to go see Ms. Nance, but CPT doesn't think that we need anymore counseling.  Sigh.  How do you convince someone to go get counseling?  I don't want my marriage to be this way anymore.  We just fight all the time...

Anyway, CPT dropped me off at the bus stop, and I chatted with the girls for a couple of minutes before the bus came.  Then home we headed.  CPT was home, and we argued for about an hour before I couldn't take it anymore.  So here I am, loading me store and blogging.  Sigh.  

Now lets work backwards with some of these pictures....

Here's me on Election day.  I voted for the other guy
We pulled Tom out of class on his Birthday during lunch, and took him to Carlos and Mickey's.  He was SO happy and excited to eat lunch with mom and dad and their old people friends!!!
Yeah, I'm naughty, I know.  But I wonder how many people giggled...  This is at Target.
Lifesized nutcracker at Costco.  Julia has a membership, so I get to go a lot!
Trick or Treating in the neighborhood.  Zombie Farmer, Vampire, Civil War Dude, and Red Coat boy
 CPT and Batman
Zombie Lovers
 This was my face paint on Halloween Day.  I went to all of my appointments this way!  LOL
We went for a weekend trip to see Jake in October.  He was doing really well, actually.  He comes back after Thanksgiving, because the insurance runs out.  We want him to believe that it's because we are letting him come home, not because we have no other options.  Anyway, he got an off campus pass, and we took him shopping.  He really liked this leather jacket.  Isn't he handsome?
CPT and Jacob at the Movie theater, playing video games
Jake and I
This was my costume for the Ward Halloween Party.  Zombie!  Yeah, I like zombies.  I freaked kids out, and LOVED it :)
Tom won 1st place in the chili cookoff for church!  Way to go, Tom!!!

And yeah, that's kind of a pictorial journal of what's been up in our house.  Lots of homework and therapy appointments and errands.  And I've been watching lots of TV on my phone.  Breaking Bad is my new guilty pleasure.  I also like Revenge, Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, and Walking Dead.  I think those are the only ones that I'm currently obsessively following.  

Oh yeah, and we're switching around the kids' rooms again.  Tom is moving downstairs, and Joe and Jim are going upstairs.  And it's a FOREVER project.  My house is so trashed in the mean times.  I need a few days to just focus on it.  Too bad I don't have a few days....

I'm trying to keep a positive outlook on it all.  I really am.  But I find myself getting down a lot.  Finding it harder to look on the bright side.  Finding it easier to just wanna watch TV all day long.  And I know that is bad.  And I think I could even handle the Jacob situation, if I didn't have the marriage problems.  Or I could handle the marriage problems if I didn't have the Jacob problems.  You know what I mean.  I just find myself overwhelmed.  

Ok, so I'll stop complaining.  At least I'm good at taking my meds, right?  I never miss on those.  Because THAT would really mess things up.  LOL ;)

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Mom2mykids said...

Thanks! Tried to download from box but it's not working. 4Shared works fine, though. Thanks again!

Ardilla said...

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you blog again once in a while!! xxx

Anonymous said...

Your "just relax" freebie is excellently timed. Thank you so much for it.

I come by your blog several times a week to see if you've updated. It sounds like you & your family are going through very tough times. Except for the good moments with the Capt. (there must be some here & there) it must feel like you're almost handling stuff alone again, like you were when he was deployed. I'm so glad to hear the other kids are getting therapy, too. Em is such a sweet kid-they ALL are-and it's obvious how much you & the Capt. love them all. They are lovable, just as you both are. And you.

Please keep updating. I don't know you personally, but I care. I can't imagine going through what you've handled for going on two years. You're strong.

BTW, I love zombies, too; and the shows you've chosen aren't surprising. They're all good shows! (and Sam&Dean in SPN def. make that show worth watching, eh?)


ApriltheScrapaholic said...

Thanks Bethany, loved the photos and glad you guys are doing better. Glad you had a great time with Jake. Thanks for the wordart :) April

cal8007 said...

Thank you Bethany! I was looking for word art on google and your name popped up!

I live in El Paso too. Hubby is VA retired and we go to Ft. Bliss to pick up our meds and then go to the PX. Who knows maybe one day we'll run into each other.



Sue said...

Thanks so much for the word art! :)

mac said...

Thinking of you and your family and wanting positive things for you all :)

AnikA said...

thanks so much