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Friday, November 16, 2012


Hey there!  First off, here's the new stuff for the week.  2 brand new wordart packs this week!  Woohoo!
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by Sharon
by Henriëtte
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 by Henriëtte
by Sharon
Well, here we go.  A backwords recap of the week.  So today, I got the kids ready for school, and did a little living room cleaning while I watched Breaking Dawn part 1.  I moved the couches and swept real good and even mopped.  Which is quite a feat, because I have been having MASSIVE migraines as of late.  Anyway, my meds were somewhat working, and it wasn't that tiring.  So the living room kinda got done.

At 9:15am, Julia came and picked me up, and we headed to the Transmountain movie theater, and we bought tickets for Breaking Dawn part 2!!!  We were excited!  I had joked last year that we would go "if we were the last two people at Ft Bliss".  It sounded bad, but she knew what I meant.  And yeah, we WERE the last two people at Ft Bliss.  hehe.

Leanne met us there too, so really, we were a group of 3.  hehe.  It was a WONDERFUL movie!  I really enjoyed it!  DEFINITELY go see it.  Great way to finish off the movies ;)

After the movie, Leanne went home, and Julia and I went to Olive Garden for lunch.  And met Maggie and Hannah there.  And then I remembered to click some photos.  I've been bad as of late.  Here's me and Maggie.

And Julia and I
Julia making a face at me.  Apparently I take bad photos of people, and they get perturbed when I post them on Facebook.  Gesh!  Where's your sense of adventure???
Me and my water.  I figured between my DDP at the movie (I smuggled one in) and all of the Excedrine migraine I've been popping, I'd had enough caffeine.
Yesterday, Eme was sick and stayed home from school.  I had a migraine, and Julia had a stomach bug.  We spent the day at Maggie's house chilling and watching movies.  And dealing with her stolen iPhone.  Story to follow.  Anyway, here's Eme with Maggie's bird.  Which grosses Julia out, because of her bird phobia.  LOL.  She's a germ-a-phob!  hehe.
And that evening, after the headache cleared with the meds (I have 90 minute windows of feeling good periodically during the day), I cleaned the dining room.  Because it had been TRASHED for weeks.  Utterly trashed.  Seriously.  You wouldn't have wanted to have seen the photos....

So here's the story.  On Wednesday, after my morning stress group, I took Tom with me to family Therapy with Jake.  CPT couldn't make it, and the therapist thought it would be a good idea to have Jake and Tom talk.  Sounded good to me.  Anyway, therapy was at 1pm on the West side.

It went well for the most part.  Jake apologized for stealing his money, and Tom said that Jake seemed to have changed and seemed like a cool guy to hang out with.  So after therapy, Tom and I headed to Bassett Center to meet Julia and Maggie and Hannah.  We finally caught up with them around 2:45pm.

We went to Bath and Body works, and I picked out a ton of stuff I wanted, then realized that I left my debit card in the car.  Drat!  So I ditched it.  Then we went to another store to look around, and I did the same thing!  Talk about scatter brain!  lol.

In the Melrose clothes store, Hannah (4) wanted to show me a photo on Maggie's iPhone 5, and that's the last time that Maggie remembers seeing the phone.  We parted ways and headed back to the bus stop.  I passed her at the stop light heading towards post, and she said she'd lost her phone and was going to look for it.  I said I'd get Jake.

We don't know what happened to the phone.  We really don't.  I called it.  No answer.  Straight to voice mail.  NOT a good sign.  Someone took it.  Someone knew enough to power it off.  Ooooo, thiefs make me mad!

Finally, she came back home devastated.  She was crying and sobbing.  We were all at the park with the kids.  She grabbed her iPad and enabled "Track My Phone".  And it actually showed up!  Across town!  Up by the mountains!

She used my phone and Julia's phone to call around to her hubby (in the field) and the police and her phone company and such to find out what she should do.  They locked the phone and she called the police.  They told her to get within 3 blocks of the phone, and call them back.  The officer made it sound routine.

So I sent my kids home, had Tom babysit, and Maggie and her kids and I headed out for a "sting" operation to get the phone back!  We followed the "track my phone" app on her iPad, and unfortunately, it led us to an apartment complex.  Drat!

She called the police back, and this time, got a Woman detective.  Who was awful.  She was like, Um, what do you want us to do, knock on every door???  Poor Maggie.  She said, "No, but I'm just doing what I was directed to do by the first officer".  The woman scoffed at her.  SOOOO rude.  The woman on the phone had the nerve to tell her to go knock on doors, and if it came down to a physical violent altercation, to call 911.  Um, yeah, sounds like a good plan.... NOT!

We let the apartment manager know what we were doing, and she was SUPER excited about it.  She even came and walked around for a little while with Maggie.  I guarded the kids in the car.  But it was no luck.  The app just wasn't specific enough.  So we headed back home, Maggie just crestfallen.

I went to Cub Scouts that night with a MASSIVE migraine.  I'd medicated myself when I got home, around 6pm, and I was SO hurting.  I had CPT drive us, and luckily, Sister Caldwell was our guest teacher.  So I just had to crowd control.  About 20 minutes into it, my meds kicked in.

Anyway, the next day (the day with Eme and the bird on her shoulder), my migraine is still there.  But I take meds, and get the kids to the bus, and go with them.  Looking all hot and sexy.  With unfixed hair and a blanket and junk.  And hop in Maggie's car, and we decide to go back to the apartments.  Because Maggie has found an aerial view of the map!  Which looks like it's narrowed it down to 3 apartments!  Much better odds!

Here's what Maggie and I look like.  Oh yeah, we are DANGEROUSLY scary!
So we get to the apartments, and we know it's either the top apartment, middle, or bottom.  From the picture, it HAS to be.  So we knock on the top door.  It's a young German girl.  She is abrupt, but nice enough.  She knows nothing.  We've invented enough of an "out" for the thief to save face and give the phone back.  "I lost my phone at Bassett Center.  Do you suppose that your toddler may have picked it up by accident?  We are offering a reward.  Please help us".  Nope.  Dang it!  So we leave a note on the other two doors, because there is no answer there...

Anyway, eventually that day, the other 2 tenants call us back, and they know nothing about the phone either.  Sigh.  And the phone hasn't shown up on "Track my Phone" again either.  So it's gone.  I suggest to Maggie to call USAA insurance, and see if it's covered on Renters.  And after about an hour on the phone, she finds out it is!  Because she didn't actually see Hannah set it down, they are saying that it was Stolen!  She just has to pay a $250 co-pay, and it's to be replaced!  She was SO relieved.  Because those babies are $850 brand new!  Anyway, that's the saga of the cell phone.

Here's is a picture from Tuesday.  That morning, Julia, Maggie, Hannah and i had gone to the movies to see "Trouble with the Curve".   GREAT movie!  Who knew that Justin Timberlake with whiskers was SUCH a hottie!  Mmmmm!

I was texting Kari at one point, and we decided that we needed to celebrate something that day.  And it was between World Kindness day and Indian Pudding day.  And yeah, Indian Pudding sounds SO much better than me being nice to people.  hehe.  So Eme and I made Indian Pudding from scratch!

Here's the recipe.  And yeah, I DID go and deliver bowls to Julia's family and to Maggie's family, so I may have been NICE too.... hehe.  We used the cool whip and the raisins.

Me at Walmart.  I LOVED this bearded hat!  hehe :)
Oh yeah!  I cut bangs!  What do you think???  I thought they were nice :)

After having been in the 70's, it dipped down to the 30/40's.  Jim thought he was gonna FREEZE!  He came bundled up for the bus like this.  He told me he wanted to move some place warm.  LOL.  I didn't have the heart to tell him THIS was the warmer place :)
So yeah, that was my week.  Hockey practice, church, piano lessons, movies, cleaning, shopping, phone drama,  lots of therapy appointments, play dates, migraines, and all sorts of stuff.  It was a busy week.  And now it's Friday night.  I'm waiting for CPT to come home.  We are going on a date.  Tom is babysitting.  Thank goodness!  I don't know what we are doing, but it should be good because we are together.  We are doing better.  He's decided to stop being so serious about everything, and just let some things go.  And it's really helping :)

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Stephenie said...

Thanks for the updates. Your life is an adventure!

Robin/ alarmrx2/ RMR said...

Hope all is well with the family! You have been on my mind today, so thought I would check-in & say HI!

Sarah E said...

Been thinking of you. Hope all is well, and that your holidays are wonderful.

bethrosler said...

Are you ever coming back??!! I/we miss reading your blog!

Holly said...

thinking of you!!!