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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

WordArt Problems from 3/15/08

OK, I think that the 4shared issues with the following posts may, at last, be fixed. Not sure, but it's worth a try. I went in, and re-uploaded them again. My thought was, if I uploaded them again now, maybe they'll go onto a different server, one that "likes me!"

So, if you couldn't get it before, try again :) Sorry it's screwy sometimes. They always tell me it's something with their servers. Who knows :)

Boys Are...

A Daughter is....

Not Before

Not Lost


Anonymous said...

Love your work!!!!!

Could you do something with the word color.

Like you are the color in my world

or you have the most colorful expressions

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for trying again. I was able to download all four of them (although I thought the daughter one wasn't going to because it took a long time but finally did work). Others would have just said "oh well, tough luck" but you are wonderful because you didn't quit! THANKS A MILL!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I was really wanting these!