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Thursday, June 5, 2008


So it was another day of thunderstorms. Wow! It rained really hard. And this coming from a girl who grew up in the Pacific Northwest! Our rental house has AC, which has been really nice the last few days, but we noticed that our ceiling upstairs in our bedroom (right under the AC) is leaking whenever the AC is on. So, it's off until further notice. I REALLY hope it doesn't get hot the next few days, or I might expire! Us Oregon coast girls aren't made to deal with the heat, isn't that right Madi!

WordArt request is from MaryAnn - she wanted the version that said "rent free" on the end, but I really liked it without. So, you get 2 choices today! Aren't I nice :)

Click on the images below to go to my 4shared account to download the png files, and leave some love if you like my work.

Come, like, in, my, heart, rent, free - Al Sandra
Forever - Castellar


Ginger said...

I just found you and your stuff today. I love it all. I love your designs, the quotes you choose. Everything! Thank you for your generousity!!!!!!!

Katie said...

I love your wordart. Could you do a word art for sibling pictures/layouts? something classic, for a good, more formal layout??? (Now I'm probably asking too much). I check every day! Thanks so much for all of this.

Anonymous said...

Hope you get your AC fixed soon. Can't be without one here in AZ! Love the 2 wordarts...THANKS!!

Anonymous said...

both word art pieces are great. i couldnt choose so i downloaded both. :)

Suz :) said...

Hi...just thought you might like to visit my blog. I have two layouts using your wordart. I love them all! Just click on "layouts" to find them quicker. :)

Tigger said...

Thank you so much for providing inspiration when my brain just won't cooperate. You're the best!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for another great WA. I love this sentiment. cathy

Anonymous said...

This just made me say, "ahhh." Love it! Thank you.