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Friday, May 1, 2009

DSA Blog Train

First off, Happy May! How did April go by so fast??? Dang! Just wanted to let you know that the Farmers Market at the orchard is being extended!!! I may go and put some different WordArt in the market. Any suggestions???

Woohoo!!! I'm on the DSA (Digi Scrap Addicts) Blog Train this year!!! Don't you just love their new site??? I sure do :)

Anyway, either you're here because you came from Studio Tangie, OR you're here because you just like me (ROFL!!!). Either way, you're here, and that's the important part :) So, what's my freebie? Well, here it is!

layout by my CT member, Katherine :)

by my CT member, Minna
Click on the links below to go to my accounts to download the zip file.


AND, the next stop on the train is Designs by Sine (LOVE Sine!!). Have fun on the train ride. Choo Choo!!!

Wow, what a day I had yesterday :) After getting the kids to school, I checked the ole bank to make sure the paycheck was in (it WAS!!!), and headed out the door to get my truck fixed. It's a first come/first served kinda place, so the closer to opening time you get there, the faster it gets fixed. I was there 15 minutes after it opened.

We brought the stroller so that we could walk home afterwords. It was a GORGEOUS morning, and it felt good to walk. Check out these beautiful flowering bushes we saw on the way home.

OK, apparently these are deadly, and I PROMISE not to touch/eat them - hehehe. Thanks, girls, for letting me know - good thing they're not near my house, and just a decorative flowering shrub at the mechanics place :)

My white trash kid - LOL! Only one show, button undone, but crack in the back (but you can't see that - hehehe)

Jimmy liked the missles so much, he had me stop and get his picture taken with them.

30 minutes later, and we were home. Jimmy spent the morning playing, watching cartoons, and playing on the computer. After lunch, our truck was fixed. I walked about 1/2 way, then my friend Andrea picked us up and drove us the rest of the way. WOOHOO!!! My truck is fixed! And it was only $275 ish. A little lower then I was expecting. That's always nice :)

We went to the housing office next, to ask about rent. I'm still not clear on that. Any army wife veteran wanna explain it to me??? I paid for a partial month last month, and the BAH was still in my paycheck this month. I talked with the office lady, and she said that my BAH should be deducted in my June pay. OK, so what about May? I got the BAH in my paycheck. Do I just keep that? Or, 2 months down the road, after I already spent it, are they gonna want it? Should I just take it all and put it in the bank until it catches up with me? Help, ladies :)

Next, it was to the Commisary. WIC expired today, so I needed to get it :) Milk, eggs, cereal, juice, and peanut butter. A lot of the staples we were running low on. Thank goodness for WIC. We also got apples, strawberries, cucumbers, yogurt, frozen pizzas, hot dogs, bread, bologna, cheese, and margarine. And I'm sure more, but that's all I can remember. You know, it's a sad day when you grocery shop, and after spending $70, you think, WOW! That's all I spent? hehehehe.

Back home, groceries away, kids home from school, dinner, then, we went to a PTA sponsered Singning concert at the Elementary School. Eme's class was doing a song. Tom and Joe's classes weren't. Jake stayed home and babysat Tom and Jim, and Joe, Eme, and I went to the concert.

Here's Joe and I - that kid did NOT want to have his picture taken - hehehe. I did my best :) Look at that evil glare. Loathing - hehehe

Here's Eme's class. She's wearing Red with some kids yellow sign in front of her face - :)

Another class sang a Spanish song, and they were dressed SO adorable! I had to get a picture - Joe didn't like the guy with the beard - hehehe. I think he meant mustashe.

I asked Joe if he wanted to get on stage and dance and sing like the kids, and he didn't think it was funny. Shooting daggers, to be percise. ROFL!!!

Another class doing Lets Go Fly A Kite. It was pretty cute.

Ha! I tricked Joe into getting his picture taken, smiling. Oh, he was NOT happy about it when he realized his picture had been taken.
You know what was funny? 1/2 way through the performance, I looked around the PACKED cafeteria, and thought "Hmmm, good place to catch Swine Flu". Yeah, not a happy thought. Any one of these people could have taken a weekend trip to Mexico City and brought it back. Sigh. Apparently, as of Thursday night, there are 8 POSSIBLE cases of Swine Flu in El Paso. We'll find out soon wether it's that or not. Sigh. Swine flu is not fun :)

I'm SO glad that it's Friday. I don't like waking up and rushing around in the morning, and a lazy Saturday morning is JUST what the Harty's need :) Woohoo for the weekend :)


Maddie said...

Ha, I think its time for Jimmy to get some bigger clothes!

C McCormick said...

Hey Bethany,

Love your work and thanks so much for sharing! I'm also an Army wife and spent ten years on active duty as well, so here's my advice on the BAH... Put it in the bank because the Army usually takes it back without warning! I'm not totally clear on all of your details (are you living on post, etc.). Give me a holler if you want to chat about it, but you can never go wrong being cautious because the Army always finds a way to get their money back...
Good luck! And really, love your word art and thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 30 Apr [LA 07:00pm, NY 09:00pm] - 01 May [UK 02:00am, OZ 12:00pm] ).

Anonymous said...

Hey Bethany... with the BAH not being removed from his pay... you'll either have to pay it or expect them to with-hold the amount from the next pay check. This has happened many times but with the new out-sourced housing in some areas you'll need to check if you need to pay the rent for the month of May or if the government sent them their monies.

templework said...

The 'beautiful flowering bushes' are Oleanders and they poison! Poison! POISON!


Nerium oleander

Apocynaceae (Dogbane family)

TOXICITY RATING: High. Ingestion of even small amounts can kill.

ANIMALS AFFECTED: All animals can be affected.

DANGEROUS PARTS OF PLANT: The entire plant is toxic. Most animals are poisoned by consuming leaves, fresh or dried.

CLASS OF SIGNS: Gastrointestinal irritation, cardiac abnormalities, death (may be sudden).

PLANT DESCRIPTION: This plant grows outdoors in warmer regions, and in Indiana is grown as a houseplant. Oleander grows as a shrub or sometimes to the size of a small tree. The leaves are lance-shaped, thick and leathery, and grow opposite each other. Sometimes, leaves may grow in whorls. The leaves are 8 to 10 inches long, although smaller specimens will have shorter leaves. Flowers are showy, approximately 1 to 3 inches in diameter, and grow in large clusters at the ends of the branches, and can be white or any shade of pink or red.

SIGNS: Oleander contains the toxins oleandrin and nerioside, which very similar to the toxins in foxglove (Digitalis). This is a tropical plant, but is grown as an ornamental and as a houseplant in Indiana. Apparently the plant is not palatable, but will be eaten by hungry animals. It is reported that dried or wilted leaves may be slightly more palatable than fresh leaves, and the leaves are still toxic when wilted or dried. In one report with horses, it was indicated that approximately 1/4 pound of leaves (about 30 or 40 leaves) could deliver a lethal dose to an adult horse.

Clinical signs may develop rapidly, and the animal may be found dead with no prior warning. In other cases, depression coupled with gastrointestinal distress is evident: vomiting (in those species that can vomit), diarrhea (which may be bloody), and abdominal pain. Irregularities in the heart rate and rhythm will occur: the heart may speed up or slow down, and beat erratically. As the toxicosis progresses, the extremities may become cold and the mucous membranes pale. Trembling and collapse can occur, followed by coma and death within a few hours.

FIRST AID: If animals are observed eating oleander, contact a veterinarian immediately. The toxin acts quickly, and is lethal in small amounts. Emergency measures may be used to empty the gastrointestinal tract of remaining plant matter, and medications may be administered to control the effects that the toxin has on the heart. Despite emergency care, the animal may still die, but the sooner treatment is begun, the better the prognosis for survival.

SAFETY IN PREPARED FEEDS: Oleander is extremely toxic, even in small quantities, and the toxin is not eliminated by drying. Therefore, feeds containing oleander are never safe for consumption.

PREVENTION: Be able to identify oleander and exercise extreme caution when pets (and humans) are in the vicinity of these plants. The plants should never be placed where animals can have contact with them. Extra care needs to be taken in cases where leaves can fall into a pasture or in the vicinity of a confined, bored or hungry animal.


templework said...

Ps - pardon me for writing so much but I wanted to make sure everyone realizes they are just as deadly for people/children

The sap can cause blindness if some gets it their on hands and it is rubbed in the eyes.
Whole families have died when they unknowing used dry branches to roast hot dogs/marshmallows.

Unfortunately - people tend to plant them because they are gorgeous and grow like crazy - in spite of the desert's heat.

Pruning should only be done with long sleeves and gloves
and all remains must be bagged - NEVER burned.!

Rose said...

Haha your posts always make me smile, at least your son was holding his shoe!! The button though, no excuse for that lol

Polished Peripherals said...

I came to warn you not to touch the Oleanders but see that someone else already has. We have lots of them in Australia. Unfortunately they always seem to be planted along the footpaths where kids walk. I had to learn very early not to touch them as my walk home from school went past so many :(

Jennifer said...


hold onto that BAH. ALways expect the military to take at least 3 paychecks to figure out BAH, etc when moving or changing situations. Never spend extra money until you are SURE it is yours to keep.You can always PM me at SO if you have questions, we've been doing the military thing for a while now and are used to the drill.

Silvie said...

Thank you again for your beautiful work and sharing it!

I'm happy that your truck is fixed now and you had to spend less than 300$!

Here in Bavaria/Germany there already are two persons with swine flu. A nurse got it from a patient and a roommate also probably has catched the flu... It's really not funny, I think.

Abby said...

Thank you for the freebie!

connie said...

always visit here for you!! I come here every morning just before (or sometimes during) breakfast!! You are totally amazing with 5 kids and no hubby (and finding time to design!)I only have 3 and sometimes it to much to handle. You are an inspiration! Ok-'nuf of the sappy stuff-your word art rocks- as usual!

melliel said...

The frames are fantastic. What a great way to date a picture. Can't wait to use it. Thanks for sharing.

xashee's corner said...

those pretty flower bushes look like they might be Oleander and yep they are COMPLETELY toxic, leaves and all!
oh my goodness i am sooooo GLAD your truck was fixed at such a good price!!! :)
When my boys (now 35 and almost 25 years old) were younger, i used the WIC program too! i am soo happy it is still available!!
i LOVE all your photos!!
yes there are cases in our area too of this swine flu! it has people panicking! i pray it is contained soon though!! :) Thank you so much for sharing ALL that you do!! it is such a JOY to visit you! Have a FANTASTIC Friday!! :)

Anonymous said...

The oleanders are beautiful. I've always thought it's such a shame that something so pretty is poisonous.

At least your son had 1 shoe on. It's a constant battle to get my kids to wear shoes.

Thank you for the lovely word art frames. I didn't come from Tangie's blog. I was just here, 'cause I like you!


KrisG said...

Thank you for the fabulous gift! Love the frames!

Emily said...

Super cute! TY!!!

IkeaGoddess said...

Totally love your date frame - it's genius. Thank you very much for sharing.

Phyldar said...

I love date stamps and have loads of them, but I've never seen a date frame - awesome - thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Uncategorized post on May. 01, 2009. Thanks again.

ash & diz said...

Thanks for the freebies... Just went to Scrap Orchard and stocked up lots of Word Art (and other stuff!). I check your blog daily, love the stories and pics!

Michelle from MD, USA said...

Thanks for all your fab freebies Bethany. You are SO good to us!!

Sandy_in_MD said...

This is such a cute idea - thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the date frame, and I enjoy reading your blog :)

Tina J said...

What a fun frame for dates! I used it on a layout and put a link back to your blog on mine. Thank you so much!!

TerriK said...

I ((LOVE)) date thingys!! Thank you so much.