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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


FARMERS MARKET time!!! I put ALL of my WordArt Packs (over 200) in the Farmers Market section of Scraporchard, which means what??? It means that you can grab my WordArt packs for only $1.00 a pack! Dang, that's a good price :) There are PAGES and PAGES of deals. But hurry, it closes Thursday night :)

EDIT: Apparently, I have TOO many WordArt packs in the Farmers Market, and it can't handle all of my awesome-ness - ROFL!!! So, I've been asked to remove about 1/2 of them from the Farmers Market. All of my new stuff, from November on, should be in there. Well, it SHOULD. I can't actually get into the market to fix it - hehehe. Sigh. Again, why can't life just be easy - hehe

Next, here's the FUN NSD activities we have planned over at the Orchard:

Well, I took my truck to the Army Auto Craft place yesterday to see what was wrong with it. I was terrified that it would die on the way there, but it seemed to be running fine. I had the stroller in the trunk, just in case :) Sigh. The things we do....

Anway, they said that it was gonna be $500 worth of repairs. Well, I don't have that in my budget all at one shot, so I asked him what we could put off till the 15th, and still get my truck running. The distributor was shot, and it needed new coil and ... um... something else distributor related. Yeah, like I know what a distributor is - ROFL!!! All I know, is that it's gonna cost me $300 to get a new one put in. I THINK I have that, or will on the 30th or 1st, depending on when the paycheck clears. Only a few more days to go until I get my truck back and running.

Oh yeah, and the other $200 repair was something that Captain America can fix himself, so we're gonna hold off on that. He'll be home by the end of May, and if we can wait till the 15th, I think we can wait 10 more days and save $180. Yeah, I think we'll do that :)

So what do you guys think about this Swine Flu thing? Scary, isn't it. We live SO close to Mexico, I'm a tad bit concerned. Of course, I don't leave my house. But then, my kids do, so I guess I'm not out of the loop. Dang, and I thought I had such a GOOD excuse to be a recluse - LOL!

So, I'm considering driving my truck to the grocery store this morning. The guys at the shop said that it only dies when the part gets hot. Well, if I go in the morning, the sun hasn't heated things us yet. Right? And it'll sit for an hour at the Commisary parking lot, so it'll get cool again. Sigh. Or should I just be safe and go after my truck is fixed on Thursday. I could drive it to the place, then walk to the store. I don't have that much stuff to get. It would fit in the stroller, I bet. Maybe I'll do that. We don't NEED milk or bread, right? Or fresh fruit or veggies. Surely we can get by with what's in the cupboards for 2 days. We're tough :) Its not like we're gonna waste away into nothing - ROFL! IF ONLY I had that problem - hehehe.

While this wasn't intended to be a Twilight WordArt, it fits, don't you think? I can just see layouts with gorgeous Edwards photos.....sigh.....Edward :) Oh wait, did I say that out loud?? Sorry, honey. I still like you better :)

Click HERE to go to scraporchard to grab the zip file, and remember, you've gotta be logged into the gallery in order to get the download :) Thanks!

Look, I scrapped! AND, I found this FANTASTIC glitter style FOR FREE, on Michelle Batton's blog. I really like them :) And they worked just PERFECTLY for my layout :)

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Sarah Barton said...

You crack me up...I love the way you report life. Wish I could do that on my blog...But when I'm sleepy I just don't blog at all:-( And I have a four month old so I am always sleepy...sigh...maybe next month.

Silvie said...

Oh, I'm sorry about your car - 300$ is a lot! Hope the rest could really be fixed by your husband!

The WA really fits for beautiful Edward... *sigh* :-) But I like werewolves, too! So another *sigh* for Jacob (and my husband who is much more like Jake than Edward - hehe)!

Alison said...

I like the WA. Probably use it for the cute little girl in my house that wears sparkly Dorothy shoes and crazy blue eyeshadow.

That swine flu thing is crazy. My dad just called to say my old elementary school in TX is closed for the week because there are 2 confirmed cases. Crazy. But don't worry, that's all the way over in Dallas.

xashee's corner said...

it it WONDERFUL to have a man who can fix things!!! vehicles cost soo much to keep running safely!
the Farmer's Market sure sounds like GREAT deals! :)
the swine flu is definitely scary!! we live pretty close to Mexico border too (about 3 hrs.) and it is frightening!
i LOVE the way you write, you make me laugh and i THANK YOU for that! :) Thank you so much for sharing your AWESOME wa too!! i forgot to mention it yesterday but i do have a layout on my blog using some of you wa!! i hope you come by and check it out!! :) Have a LOVELY day, Bethany! :)

Lora said...

Thank you for all the wonderful wordart! I have used a couple of them so far and they make great additions to my pages!

Anonymous said...

We're in an agricultural area of California just north of San Francisco. Thus, we have a large immigrant population. So, yeah, I'm a bit concerned. If people would just stay home when they get sick, it wouldn't be so much of an issue. Even though I home school, I still have to shop for food, fuel, etc. My older kids go to youth group, so we still get exposed to everything. Oh, well, we can't live life in a vacuum.

Lovely word art, thank you! Off to download.

mellowbutterfly said...

Glad you liked the glitters - if you need something specific just give me a hollar :D