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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Miss You

First off, a little promoting :) NDS is May 2nd this year (that's my brother's, my niece's and my grandmother's b-day - hehehe)!!! I think I'm even gonna be hosting a chat! Yep, shy me, hosting a chat! You'd better all come and help me out, because it might be kinda lonely there in that chat room by myself - ROFL!! I'll post more about that as I find out more details :)

Also, a lot of us Scraporchard designers will be doing Grab Bags, starting on Friday. It's my first Grab Bag, and I'm SO excited :) I spent all weekend designing, and there's some FABULOUS stuff in there. Just ask my CT. I showed them the preview of all the goodies you can get, and they just LOVED it :) Trust me, you'll like it too!

I finally hung up some decorations yesterday, and thought I'd start off by sharing. Before we came to El Paso, when Captain America was in our first rental house by himself, he bought some decorations for us. Wal-Mart had a frame and print section (sold separately), and Captain America bought us quite a few, with some great diversity in paintings. I never got around to hanging them at our last house, and decided that yesterday was the day :)

Notice the WordArt, framed, too??? hehehe

Rrrrrgh! Ever feel like that? hehehe. My computer is acting up. Sunday, my facebook account was hacked into, and my computer has been just a bit off since then. Like last night when I went to listend to music as I blogged, nothing. No sound. And it said that all of my music files were bad. Hmmmm, not so good. I hate hackers and virus people. Not so cool! Really, not so cool! Luckily, after restarting the computer, the music seems to be working again....

Anyway, I'm feeling much better. The headache appears to be gone. Sunday was LONG day, but it's over - hehehe. Sad, that that's all I can say about it :) Church was good, except for the lingering headache. But with the pills, it was easy to ignore it. As long as I didn't make any sudden crazy head movements, I was good. (Not that I typically make sudden crazy head movements, just to set that straight - LOL!)

I was asked to teach the 5 year old class again, but then the teacher ended up coming, so I was just crowd control. There were 8 or 9 - 5 year olds in the class. Yeah, that could be a bit overwhelming - hehehe. They're super sweet kids, though, and they remembered and liked me from last week, so that was a HUGE plus :)

After church, as we were driving home, my tried died. Right in the middle of the road, right before the stoplight. Stone dead. No power. Steering wheel locked up. I managed to slightly veer it to the curb, and got it in part. Nice. Now what. Luckily, about 4 other families noticed me, and stopped to help. One of them took my kids home, where Jacob watched them. The other family had the number for USAA (our insurance company), and I called them on the cell phone to get a tow truck.

Well, come to find out, we don't have towing on our insurance for the truck. The truck that's a 1990. BUT, we do have it on the Saturn Ion, that's a 2003. Yeah, explain that one to me. So, the lady on the phone said that she'd send out a tow truck, and it would be up to an hour. That I should wait with my vehicle. Yeah, no problem. I'll just wait, in my truck, at the stoplight, for an hour. It was ONLY 81 degrees outside. Not like that HOT or anything :) Anyway, $65 to get a tow. Yeah, I have $46 in my checking account. Um, how's this gonna work???

So, there was one family that stopped and stayed to help me (sorry, can't for the life of me remember their names), and he opened the hood of the truck to see if he could figure out what was wrong with it. He didn't seen anything blaringly wrong, and thought maybe it was a computer component. Yeah, I don't speak truck, so I don't have a clue. Anyway, he thought that he could either pull or push the truck back to my house with his vehicle. Yeah, I'm sure the guards at the gate would go for that - hehehe. But then, who knows. And it would save me paying the tow truck with the money that I don't have :)

He wanted me to get in the truck and put it in neutral, so he could see how heavy it was to push. And guess what??? It STARTED!!! Barely, but after gunning it, it seemed to be running. He said "Go fast, and I'll follow you to make sure you get home ok". And it worked! I was able to keep it running, even with stopping at a stoplight, and the gate to get in, and made it safe and sound to my driveway.

I'll be without a truck until at least Friday, when the paycheck comes in. Hopefully it'll start so I can drive it to the on post mechanic. Sigh. Don't you just love it when your only vehicle breaks down, and your hubby is out of town. Good thing I'm tough :)

Then, I find out that someone hacked into my facebook account and posted a virus as me. Yep, my friends all LOVED that. And now the computer is being buggy. My virus detection software is going off every 20 minutes. Sigh. Why can't at least one thing be easy.....

Jimmy and I had a good day at home on Monday. I finished reading another Twilight fan fiction (yeah, I'm talking about Twilight again, so if it bores you, just skip the next few paragraphs - hehehe), and he and I played for a bit. We cleaned up, did some dishes, and cooked a little bit. He really liked helping me wash and cut (ok, so I did the cutting) the potatoes. And I must say, while I keep getting sucked into the fan fiction, it's SO annoying to start a story, get so absorbed and involved with it, only to discover that it's not fully written. Come on, people. You can't leave me hanging like that.

This one from today was: Edward left Bella on their wedding day. She didn't know why. The Voltari recruited him to find the cure for Vampirism, and said if he didn't help, they'd kill Bella. He found the cure, took it himself, as did all of his family. He didn't go and find Bella, because he thought she'd moved on, but they ran into each other 8 years later, and recindled the relationship. Then, the cure wears off, and he turns back into a vampire, same as the rest of his family. The story ends as their on a plane, back to Italy, to talk to the Volturi, to find a cure to the cure.

And that's it. No more updates. Not for MONTHS and MONTHS. How am I supposed to go on, without closure. Hehehe. I'm DEFINITELY not cut out for fan fiction. Thanks GOODNESS that I read Twilight AFTER the complete series was written. I don't think I could have handled that kind of wait. sigh.

When my kids got home from school, the said that they'd all gotten into a fight with some other kids. Sigh. More fun. These other kids were jumping and trying to see how high up a sign they could touch. Well, when Jacob walked by, since he's so HUGE, he was able to reach up farther than them. Well, the other kids didn't like that, and started harassing my kids. Calling them names. Taunting them. You know how kids are.

WELL, my darling angels started throwing rocks at them. Not Jacob. But Tom, Joe, and Eme. Eme said only one rock connected, and Joe wasn't any better aim. Tom said that he wasn't aiming for the head, or the crotch, but at the legs and feet. Yeah, Tom, like that makes it any better. Sigh. Tom also took a little toy whistle that Eme got from class, and blew it at the angry kids.

Yeah, that all went over really well. The biggest kid attacked Jacob. He started hitting and slapping and grabbing at Jakes face. Jake, being a HUGE child, was able to keep the kid from hurting him too bad. Jake said it didn't hurt, but I noticed a few scratches on his face, and a bump on his head.

A kid attacked Tom (Tom's size, but older), and Tom said that he was able to get the kid on the ground, and unable to hurt him. Joe tried to jump in and help Tom (yeah, Joe, the skinny 5 year old), and got kicked in the stomach to the ground. Joe seemed perfectly fine when he got home, though.

After that, the fight broke up, and they all went home. The other kids continued to taunt and yell and be obnoxious to my kids the whole way home. So, what do you do? My kids were CLEARLY in the wrong about the throwing rocks. But the other kids shouldn't have started throwing punches, either. Hopefully, since they were all boys doing the fighting (besided Eme, with her one rock), they'll be over it tomorrow. Boys are funny that way. Girls, if something like this happened, they would NEVER get over it. Boys, not so much. It's almost like a male thing. Proving who's toughest, or something like that. Once the pecking order is assigned, or the alpha thing, then life can go on as normal.

Now, if there's another incident tomorrow, well, then I might have to get more involved. But I think I'll just wait and see how it plays out tomorrow. We talked with Captain America on the webcam tonight, and he told the kids that the rocks thing was TOTALLY unacceptable, and if they saw the kids on the way home from school today, to apologize for throwing the rocks. Sounds like a good plan. Hopefully that'll end it. We don't want to be fighting. Not such a good thing. Not the kind of example we want to be setting for our neighborhood.

So, is anyone else still with me here??? I know, I know, it was a long post. BUT, yesterdays post was SO short, that I guess this makes up for it. SO, if you're still reading this, GUESS WHAT??? Farmers Market will be open on Wednesday and Thursday!!! Woohoo!!! I think I'm gonna put ALL my WordArt packs in there again. That means each one of my WordArt packs will be only $1.00. I know, what a bargin, right????? Aren't you excited :) (But hey, I don't know if I'm supposed to be telling you all that it's opening, so don't go running around posting it everywhere - hehehe - I don't wanna get in trouble :)

SO, in honor of my FUN last 2 days, I made this WordArt. Yes, sweetheart, I MISS YOU! I know it's only a few more weeks, and I SO hope that they fly by. This single parent thing isn't remotely fun. Sure, I seem to get MUCH more done when you're gone, but at what price :)

Click on the links below to go to my accounts to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work :)

WordArt - Elegant WordArt by Bethany
Greenery - Ziggle Design
Paper and flower - Bren Boone


Brenda said...

Great word art---for the virus, download Malwarebytes to see if it finds anything. It is the only thing that got the yucky junk when a virus got on my computer.

Renée said...

bethany- thank you for all of your lovely wordart :) you are extremely talented!~

I have been following you for months, but havent commented yet. I love reading about your family.. you keep it so real.

anyways.. I second Brenda's post. My DH fixes computers and he has DLd Malwarebytes onto all 31874823 computers we have. He does it for clients too. We also like CCleaner.. it removes all the silly little temporary files, cookies and everything else on your PC. you will be shocked how much faster it will run afterwards. You can get those from cnet.com

Also download the free version of AVG (I think it is 8 now) if youve not already. Set it up to run daily (mine is at 3am).. and run malwarebytes/ccleaner a lot too!

HTH :)

xashee's corner said...

oh i think your framed wa looks FANTASTIC!! :)
i agree with you on the hackers! i will NEVER understand why they don't put their smarts into something constructive and not destructive!! i am sooo sorry this happened to you! my DH and i have been preparing ourselves mentally as we are convinced we are going the Mac way with the next computer!!
i completely feel for you!! i say the same thing about NOTHINg being easy anymore!!
i read this one mystery author and it takes 2 years before she comes out with another book and sometimes it is TORTURE waiting! lol
i LOVE your layout!! GREAT job!!
Thank you so much for sharing your AWESOME wa!! Have a FANTASTIC day! :)

Anonymous said...

How funny, May 2nd is my father's birthday too! +laffs+ If you have windows - miscosoft has a scan available and that is what I used this past weekend to get rid of the virus I had. It's free & up-to-date on all the viruses known. =o)
The bingo sounds epic - can't wait for it! =o)

SAHM said...

Sorry re: the hack. Yuck!

BTW, I'm blaming *YOU* for me getting all 4 Twilight books, watching the movie online, and then renting it yesterday and watching it twice. My hubby tried watching it and said after about two minutes, "It speeds up, right?" Then five minutes after that, "I'm going to bed. You're in charge of staying awake." LOL! I'm sure the new Star Trek movie he'd stayed awake for. :-)

Anyway, have a day of some sort. :-) Thx for the word art too. :-)

Deanna said...

I LOVE reading your blog. Keep up the good work - online and in the 'real world' at home. You are such a great inspiration!!!

Sharon-shutterbug said...

thx for more awesome WA!

May 2 is a great day for a birthday - it happens to be my uncle's AND mine too!

So sorry to hear about all of your truck and kid problems. :(

Made by Mandy said...

Thanks for such brilliant Word Art. I have made a card one my blog here Mandy's Card using this one, I'd love to know what you think of it.

I also blame you for Twilight, but I also thank you, they are lovely books and I am devouring them. Even dreamt of vampires the other night. LOL

sdwrdt said...

So sorry about why you created the wordart, but thanks so much for sharing!

HaYn Mama said...

What a weekend for you!!! my gosh!
I'm glad things worked out!
I super love the "I miss you" word art. Thank you... my father-in-law just passed away and I'm going to use it for a layout of him for my hubby!


KJ said...

this word art is SO sweet! Thnx for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 28 Apr [LA 07:00pm, NY 09:00pm] - 29 Apr [UK 02:00am, OZ 12:00pm] ).

CSA Brent said...

Babygirl, I miss you, too! So much...I'll be home soon. Hang in there. Surely, it will all level out here real soon. I'm still baffled by the distributor just crapping out like that...I've never seen that happen before. VEry nice page by the way. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bethany- you're not alone!! I swear our lives are paralleling!! My boys also this week ended up in a fight at the park with some kids-something about calling names and such and next thing you know punches are being thrown!! My boys are 8 and 6 (I had the other 2 kidlettes at home with me at the time)- but wow it's amazing how often bullying actually goes on! I read a statistic today that said bullying goes on every 7 minutes on the playground and every 25 minutes in the classroom. Incredible. All we can do is supply them with direction and guidance and try to help them recognize good choices, but also support them too when they do make good decisions! Sorry to hear about your last few days- just know that it does get better- Brent will be home soon right!? So just look forward to then- keep your positive outlook, you do speak independance so you'll be fine!! Have a great week- and thanks for the wordart, it's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hope it's an easy fix for your truck. Vehicles... you can't always count on 'em, but what would we do without 'em?

My oldest son got punched out at youth group of all places. Honestly, I think it must be a guy thing. My daughter hangs out with my 3 sons and my nephew, so that's what's wrong with her - not a normal girly girl. (At least, that's what I tell myself, LOL!)

Hang in there! {{{{hugs}}}}

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bethany!

Simone said...

Great Blog, Love your word art!!!

Lady Julie said...

Thanks Bethany! Beautiful page you've done. Love the word art as always!

Anonymous said...

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