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Thursday, November 12, 2009


OK, first off, I just have to say that 2 of my favoritest Twilight Fan Fics were updated recently. I just found them last night. I'm SO excited to read them :) *jumping up and down in seat*. I know you thought I was past this stage in my life. Well, my hubby thought so at least - ROFL!

Seducing Ms Swan
It's Better Wnen I Bleed For You

Yeah, these links are because I know you have nothing better to do today. Come on, I know you wanna read 'em - hehehe.

Well, it was a nice, relaxing holiday today :) Sure, it was busy, but it was good. We didn't really do many "Veteran" things, or things that remembered Veterans, but we had an enjoyable time with the family. And that's important too, right?

We were gonna get up and go to the parade, but when the "You'd better get out of bed now or be late" alarm went off, Captain America and I decided to skip it this year. It was nice to just spend a lazy morning in bed, dozing. Good times :)

We eventually got up, fed the kidlets, and go on with the day. Captain America and I worked on our budget for a while. I'm more abstract when it comes to recording our budget. Things written ALL over the paper. Yeah, probably not the easiest to read. WELL, Captain America decided to help me make a spreadsheet for it. I don't know how to use Excell, so he got it all set up for me. I really need to install Microsoft Word. I have Works, and it really bites. I have the disk sitting on my nightstand. I just haven't done it yet.

But when I do, does anyone know how to make the columns total themselves?

So after doing the budget for WAY too long (why do numbers always make my head hurt - LOL), Captain America went running, and I got the kids ready and showered. I tried my hand at threading my face after my shower. OK, probably too much info, but my lip hair is NASTY. When I was a senior or junior in high school, I started bleaching it. Because it was dark. That helped.

Then, after a few kids, I decided that waxing it would be easier (with a home kit). That was pretty effective too. And no, it doesn't grow back "manly". It's still the same consistency/thickness.

Well, a few years back, I decided that I didn't have time to mess with it anymore, so I just started shaving it in the shower. I know, that's gross. But it's SO easy. Every 3 or 4 days, when I was washing my face in the shower, just run the razor over the 'ole 'stash, and it's all good.

SO, after threading my eyebrows, and LOVIN' it, I decided to try my hand at the 'ole lip. Because you can't mess up your lip. The point is to get it all. Not like the eyebrow, where you have to leave some - ROFL!

I must say, I got most of it. But dang, girls, it was painful. That part of your skin is SO sensitive. But it looked a lot better when it was done. So, my recommendation for any of you with unsightly lip hair? Bleach, wax, shave, or thread it. I've tried them all, and they're all effective. Trust me, you'll feel better :) I sure do :) hehehe. Ok, long tangent again :)

My phone showed up about that time, and I plugged it in to charge. That was sure fast!

SO, we got ready, and headed out to lunch. Applebees was offereing a free meal to all Veterans. Score it! We got there, though, and it was PaCKED. Seriously, there were probably 30 people standing around outside waiting to get in. Yeah, a free $9.00 meal TOTALLY wasn't worth it.

We drove across town and headed to Golden Corral. The kids like buffets better anyway, and it would probably be a tad bit cheaper. Captain America's not big on crowds, so it worked out better.

It was busy, but not too bad. I had a very yummy salad. Spinach and greens and bacon bits and tomatoes and olives and cheese and eggs and ham and chinese noodles and cranberries and ranch. OMGosh. I just love salads.

I had some pork (not the best), some chinese chicken with rice (very good), some cheesey potatoes (ok), a roll with honey butter (yeah, it was SO good). I just love buffets. Just take a tiny bit of a lot of different stuff. Oh yeah, and a bowl of clam chowder. Did you know it's my favorite kind of soup? LOVE it!

Next, on to desserts. I got a piece of carrot cake, a brownie, a rice crispy treat, and a cookie. Oh yeah, and some ice cream with magic shell. But I only had a few bites of each, then shared. Really, I just wanted a taste.

I'm not sure what everyone else ate. It was a madhouse at our table. 7 people with 7 plates and cups and new plates and napkins and food they didn't like and ice and forks and spoons and the forks that fell on the floor and such. Dang! And the table clearer people didn't come around, because it was a bit busy in there. SO, we just ate with the mounting pile in the middle of the table. Really, it was kinda funny.

Here's a few pics of the lunch. Here's Captain America and I. Don't I look like I'm up to something sneaky?

Me and Eme and Joe

Eme and Joe


And you wanna know my favorite part of the meal? I know, more about food. But hey, food is kinda a big deal to me. More so than it should be, but I like it :) Anyway, the Cranberries. OMGosh they were fabulous. They were in the salad buffet line. I went and got a soup bowl, and got a few scoops to just eat. They were SO yummy. Sweet yet very sour/tart at the same time. So if anyone wants to get me a Christmas gift, Cranberries. Now you know ;)

Since Wal-Mart was right next to Golden Corral, we decided to try and get a few things that we needed. Tom and I went in, and Captain America and the others waited in the truck for us. And, of course, they were out of what Captain America wanted. Foot powder there should be about $2.00. The only kind they had was almost $6.00. I'm sorry, I'm not paying that much for it. The PX has it, and it's always stocked.

But we did get the Q-tips, the face wash cloths, the super glue, and the science experiment supplies. Yes, mom, I finally remembered. It's only been 2 weeks, I think. LOL! She's been concerned :) We got 4 little terra cotta planters, some turf builder grass seeds, and some potting soil.

Once home, Captain America went to try and take a nap, and Tom and I planted the seeds. We took pictures of all the steps, and it looked pretty good. Soil in, a layer of seeds, then a 1/4 inch layer of soil on the top. He watered #1 with tap water, #2 with diet Root Beer, #3 with light lemonade, and #4 with vinegar. We decided against milk/juice because of the bacteria. It would get moldy eventually, I think. Hopefully the grass germinates.

Any idea of how long it should take? And how often to water it? We gave the tiny pot 1/2 cup today. Is that enough? I really don't know how to grow things. Do I just keep the surface wet?

As soon as we were done with project, and had it cleaned up, Laurie texted to say that her hubby was sick, and if Captain America could come over and help give him a Priesthood blessing. I went and checked, and he wasn't asleep yet. So, we left Jake with the kids, and headed ALL the way over to Laurie's house (3 blocks - LOL). Poor Spencer looked like crap. Poor guy :(

But he seemed to enjoy chatting with Captain America and the other guy who came. He had to take them to the garage and show them "man stuff". Laurie and I joked that he wasn't really sick, that he just needed some "guy" time. hehehe. Captain America and he seem to get along pretty good. And I just adore Laurie. What a nice girl!

We came back home, and spent some time doing chores, and hanging out. Captain America took a brief nap, and then suddenly it was time for Scouts. It was supposed to be the Committee meeting, which I'm in charge of, and I really wasn't prepared. I was kicking around the idea of combining Nov/Dec pack meetings, since we'd planned on 1 den mtg, 1 committee mgs, and then the pack meeting. This would give us more den time, and more chances to work on advancement.

So, as unprepared as I was, I woke Captain America up so he'd be on time for his meetings, and got the kids ready to go. Dinner was just a quick sandwich, since we'd had buffet at 2:30ish. No one seemed to mind.

There really weren't a lot of Scouts or parents at the church. All the parents should be coming to the parents meeting to plan the months pack meeting, but it rarely happens. Granted it, it's a holiday, and I didn't pass out reminders. That would have helped ;)

But it worked out. I just ran the idea of combining things to the one parent there, and the Cubmaster, and it was all set. Worked out great.

Even though we didn't have a meeting for my kids (Jake had regular Young Mens activities, but the other kids didn't), I stayed with Kayley (her boys a Wolf) while her son worked on a project with the Cubmaster. Our other kids played in the gym, and she and I had fun chatting. Her hubby's gone to Iraq. She's the lady who's house I went to the other night for the game girls night. She's good people :)

After about an hour, I loaded up the kids and headed home. I put the kids to bed, and spend some "quality time" with my laptop. I watched the newest episode of "Lie to Me". Captain America got home at around 9ish, and brought his laptop in, so that while we were doing different activities, we were still hanging out together - hehehe.

I saw the most HILARIOUS pic in my CT forum, and had the PERFECT WordArt for it. I didn't know if Charmaine wanted a pic of her daughter posted here for all to see, so I didn't, but it was really funny. The cutest, tiniest baby (very newborn), flipping off the camera. TOO cute! Funny, because really, it's just a finger. My kids call it the cussing finger. I grew up calling it "middle man". But her hand was resting on a blanket, and all but the middle just happened to be curling in. It looked hilarious!

SO, I thought this WordArt was perfect for it.! Click on the links below to go to my accounts to download the PNG files, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!


Desleigh said...

that is funny cause Ihave a photo of my GD using the 'cussing finger' she was about 4 months old and the camera was set on burst so it is like 7 photos of the before and after of the finger rolling up and then down... I enjoyed reading about your lunch... it brings back memories when we used to go out as a family (I have 5 kids too) we used to go to a place called 'sizzler' which is a buffet all you can eat place... the only lace to go with a heap of kids

Lukasmummy said...

For Excel I could tell you how to do it but it's a lot easier to read this lol http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel/HA010563311033.aspx hope that helps. Hugs Crystal xx

sdwrdt said...

Love this - sure I have LOTS of photos to use for it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 8 post on Nov. 12, 2009. Thanks again.

Carrie said...

That's so funny! I love when I have time to actually sit down and read your blog instead of just swooping in for the word art. ;-)My family did Golden Corral this past weekend and we loved it! Great for small kids (mine ate for free since they're under 3) since they don't eat a whole lot anyway. Love the word art today! Already thinking about how to use it...

Steph said...

Great photo! :) Thanks for the word art!

Madison McShinsky said...

You can get the dried cranberries at walmart next to the raisins..I love them.

Bec said...

I love it, thank you for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 12 Nov [LA 04:00pm, NY 07:00pm] - 13 Nov [UK 12:00am, OZ 11:00am] ).

Sharon Kay said...

This a fun one...will be a fun time just finding the perfect picture or pictures for this...thank you!

Lizzy Di Marco said...

Bethany, you crack me up! Lord, I feel like I know you.
One night my DH and I were watching TV (I was playing the laptop), and I came across your blog. I spent like 2 hrs reading your stories. I enjoyed them immensely!
So, anyway thanks for your humor and your beautiful words.

Sybil said...

In excel, you can just use the autosum button( has a Σ )in the toolbar, then highlight the cells you want to add together.
if you wanted to add together all the numbers from column b rows 3-20 the formula would be =sum(b3:b20)
if you wanted to add together all the numbers in row 3, columns b-g the formula would be =sum(b3:g3)

You are doing Dave Ramsey's no more debt right? Have you checked out the no more debt forum? http://forums.delphiforums.com/nomoredebt/
They have a lot of forms and a budgeting spreadsheet geared around no more debt linked off the start page.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cute word art

Anonymous said...

tysvm for the beautiful wordart hun hugs

Ψ Aqua Ψ said...

Thanks so much, awesome wordart!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!!... I have the perfect photo of DH very upset about me taking "too many" photos.

-- dalis

Anonymous said...

hi bethany; thanks for sharing your free wordart! it is fantastic. i have to say that you resemble the beautiful demi moore; has anyone told you before? have good day/evening!